Casey and Jackson – The Mouse that Roared – Chapter six

Where is he????

Alpha Peter Jeffersin was in a bad mood, but then this wasn’t anything different from the norm. He was a big man standing at over six and a half feet tall, he was an alpha to his bones and he kept his power wrapped around himself like a shield. He was not a handsome man, his face and body bore the scars from various fights he had been in during his fifty year life and age had not been kind to him either. His face was lined and he was going soft round his middle due to not shifting as much as he should and therefore not getting the exercise his shifter DNA needed. But his status as alpha meant he was never short of willing women in his bed. And his alpha power meant he was always able to force a pack member to submit to him. If he needed anyone taken care of then he had enforcers for that job.

He decided what he needed was a visit to his favorite adopted son.

Jeffersin smiled as he thought about the boy sitting in a room in the basement. When he’d taken the boy in as a newborn baby he’d only done it because not to have done would have drawn unwanted attention from the High Council. He given the baby to a nanny and then forgotten about him. But, he had kept hearing that as the baby got older everyone loved him and he seemed to trust everyone. He quickly realized the boy could be molded till he was always meek and easily biddable, he then started to see the possibilities of having someone like that under his control. The nanny didn’t like the idea and tried to protect her charge, Jeffersin had her dealt with swiftly. No one defied his orders, especially some female who thought she knew better than he did.

As he grew up the boy stayed slim and young looking thanks to his vampire DNA. The alpha had registered the boy’s name as Vash when the boy was one year old. He had to be called something and seeing as he was half vampire and half shifter it seemed right to just combine them to make his name. He didn’t need the special name as his parents had been going to give him, he was just an unwanted half breed. The name he had been given would always remind him of what he was. Anyway the boy’s parents were dead and had left no other family to take care of the boy.

The pack was loyal to its alpha, they would follow orders and never do anything that could harm their alpha, so Jeffersin was able to home-tutor Vash and make sure the High Council was satisfied with the boy’s progress. Once he’d passed all the exams and was no longer under the microscope of the High Council, Jeffersin had been able to start training Vash in what his place in the pack was going to be.

When he’d taken Vash for the first time he had almost howled at the pleasure. Vash’s body had been so tight around him and he knew with the healing power of the boy’s DNA he would always be that tight.

Once he had taught Vash how to please a man, he started using him as a reward to his most loyal male pack members. This served the purpose of making his pack even more loyal and any member who spoke out against the treatment of Vash was quickly reported, and silenced either by threats to their family or permanently if need be. Accidents were common at first but then the High Council started sniffing around again. So Jeffersin made alliances with like-minded alphas and they created fake records. Troublesome pack members could be dealt with and then paperwork would be made to show the member had decided to leave the pack and either transfer to another or go it alone. The troublesome members of the pack had soon fallen into line, all requests for transfers had been refused and those members were watched carefully to make sure they didn’t try to undermine the alpha in any way.

Jeffersin had instructed the school curriculum be restructured to include lessons on pack purity and how important this was. This meant the young pack members would never question the treatment of Vash and if any others were found like him, they would be treated the same.

Taking Vash to the shifter alpha meeting he had organized with a few selected alphas who shared his views had been a great success. The two men who had won Vash had treated him just as Jeffersin would have. The second man, an alpha from a neighboring camp, had even agreed to help Jeffersin with marking Vash so anyone seeing the boy would know what he was, a freak of nature that should never have been born. All Jeffersin’s previous efforts hadn’t produced the kind of scarring he wanted, the scars needed to be clear and stand out against the boys pale skin.

At first he had been undecided about marking the boy’s skin, but after speaking with the other alphas that thought the same about the half-breeds that he did, they had agreed that seeing the scars as they took the boy from behind would make it well worth the work. They also agreed with him that people needed to be reminded about what happened when they defied their alpha and produced such monstrosities.


Jeffersin headed past the guard and down the basement stairs. Pulling his keys from his pocket he unlocked the door and called out into the room, “Vash, I am in need of your services…”

He trailed off as he saw the boy wasn’t in the room. Who would dare to remove his property without his permission?

“Guard!!” he shouted. Hearing the pounding of footsteps on the stairs he turned to the door.

The guard came running in, looking around and seeing no threat he turned to his alpha, “Sir you called,” his tone was submissive as Jeffersin required of all his guards.

“Where is the freak? And why has he been taken out of his room?”

The guard looked terrified, “Sir, he was removed two nights ago by that new guard. He said you had decided to reward a pack member and that he had been told to escort the boy.”

“I gave no such order. Which pack member was he taking him too? Why has he not been returned here?”

The guard had gone white with terror. “I don’t know sir, I wasn’t on duty. It was in the reports, the order had come from you and the new guard was to take the boy and then return him.”

“And no one questioned why he hadn’t been returned? What sort of pack am I running?”

“Sir, you have allowed members to keep him longer when required. We assumed we would informed if anything was wrong.”

“Well I’m informing you now. I never gave any order for the little freak to be taken anywhere.”

With his last words he transformed his hand into a large paw with sharp claws and ripped out the throat of the guard.

Letting the body fall he stormed out the room, grabbing the first servant that passed him he demanded that all the house guards meet him in his office immediately.


Twenty minutes later three guards were unconscious and two more dead — the one that had been on duty on the night in question and the one that and taken over in the morning. But not until they had told the alpha what had happened, apparently the new guard — no one could even remember his name — had sent the duty guard off to have a break saying he was taking the boy to a pack member — the dead guard hadn’t been able to remember which pack member — and that he would be returned when the pack members reward was over.

Jeffersin paced the room, taking his anger out on anyone who didn’t move out of his way fast enough. Punching many of his guards so hard they joined their fellows’ unconsciousness on the floor.

Finally he came to a stop in the center of the room.

“Gather all the pack warriors, we are going to track the little freak and this traitor guard. When we find them, they are mine. The person to take them alive and bring them to me will be handsomely rewarded.”

Just as the room was buzzing with the idea of a reward from the alpha, a voice spoke up, “Sir may I speak?”

Jeffersin turned to find his head Beta, Horace. Jeffersin nodded and Horace continued, “Sir, I believe the nearest community to us, which is taking in these freaks, is Chapmistres View. I believe he may have been taken there. If I could take a small team, and have the help of Master Gerald, I could bring him back alive to you.”

“Why would you need Gerald?”

“Well sir, Chapmistres is run by vampires and witches. If I go in on my own, or with only a shifter team, there is a chance we will be caught before we can find the boy. If we have a witch with us that can use his magic to conceal us, we will be able to get in and out before they realize what is happening.”

“Sir,” another Beta, Remy, spoke up hesitantly. “I will volunteer to accompany Horace. I have been to Chapmistres View before and I know at least the basic layout. They would probably take him to the Clinic or to the main Council Building.”

“Fine, Horace,” Jeffersin said, as he turned to face the Head Beta. “Choose your team and you have three weeks to bring me the freak or you, and your team, will be declared as rogues and killed on sight — if any of you return.”

Jeffersin left the room amid the loud voices of the rest of the male members of the pack trying to get Horace’s attention to be part of the team.


Horace was left in the middle of the room as men gathered round him trying got get his attention. Looking round he made his choices. “Remy, since you say you know the place, you’re in. Carlos, you’re in and finally Victor. As well as Master Gerald, we will be the team to go to Chapmistres. Get what you think you’re going to need we leave at sunrise.”

The chosen men acknowledged his orders and everyone else returned to their various duties — servants entered when the men left, to clear the bodies of the dead guards and tend the ones that were hurt.


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