Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 25

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Hi, sorry for my absence but for anyone who hasn’t heard yet a short story I wrote has been accepted into the Wayward Ink Publishing’s Men in Uniform Anthology. I think the fact I have just signed my second contract (my first was the Apple Bites Anthology) hasn’t sunk in yet.

Also the summer holidays were manic and put me very behind.

But I’m here now.

This week I used the prompt;

Talk about bad timing…

As always all comments, suggestions, and corrections are gratefully received. And, of course, please check out the other authors writing this week at the end of this post.

Chapter 25

Cade and Sherry were throwing bread to the ducks on the pond when Cade heard his name being called. He turned to find elder Darrin approaching and after asking Sherry to stay put he moved to meet the man.

“I was told you were looking for me,” Darrin stated when Cade was within hearing distance,

“Yep,” Cade answered, keeping his tone deliberately casual. “Let’s move over here. I need to be in sight of Sherry, but she doesn’t need to hear the conversation.”

When they’d settled on a nearby bench Cade continued speaking without taking his gaze off Sherry.

“As you probably know Louis and I are asking all the elders and their seconds the same questions.” He waited for Darrin to nod. “So, when was the last time you spoke to the press, and what did you speak to them about?”

Darrin was silent to a few moments and Cade thought he was going to refuse to answer, he could smell the man’s nerves.

“I spoke to the press today actually,” Darrin finally said. “I had to deal with the fallout from your appointment as senior elder and the impromptu conference you held this morning.”

“Really,” Cade replied raising an eyebrow. “And how did they contact you?”

Darrin frowned. “On my cell phone. How else would they reach me? I have been out and about on personal business all day.”

“And which cell phone number would that be? Because the one the council records hold for you was turned off all day. Your second tried to reach you for us, then Louis and myself have been calling the number at regular intervals.”

Cade smelt Darrin’s fear hit hard and fast, he had to give the man a lot of credit though, nothing showed in his manner or face.

“I turned my phone on to pick up messages throughout the day. I only responded to few press calls and the calls from my second. I knew I would be finished early enough to find you and Louis then.”

Cade nodded, even if he knew Darrin was lying he could do anything without proof. He didn’t want to spook the man and so after a few more innocent questions he sent the guy on his way.

“He’s very sad,” came Sherry’s voice.

Cade turned to finds the little girl was still facing the lake, ostensibly watching the ducks. He moved to join her.

“What makes you say that little one?”

“I don’t know. I can just sense a sadness in him.”

Cade nodded as he absently ruffled the girl’s hair.

“Hey, you two look deep in thought,” came Louis’ voice.

Cade dropped a kiss on Louis’ lips and pulled him onto a hug.

“We had a visit from Elder Darrin. Seems he has something to hide and is very sad. I think we need to keep an eye on him.” Cade sent the words as well as speaking out loud so as not to leave Sherry out.

Louis agreed, then dropped the subject. They spent a pleasant hour or so playing various games with Sherry. Most of which usually ended up with one of them on the floor with the little girl sitting on them.


“Um, there was something that came up today…” Louis started but trailed off. He got into bed but didn’t otherwise move.

Cade frowned at the hesitant tone to his mate’s voice. There had only been a short time they were apart that day. What could have happened to put that worried look on his man’s face?

“What’s wrong, love?”

“Well…you see…I have been researching…um…shifters…and their traditions…” Louis trailed off again.

Cade pulled him more securely into his arms on the bed, so they were facing each other with their legs tangled, and then pulled the covers snuggly around them.

“You know if you want to know anything you can ask me?”

Louis nodded. “I found a book that told me about shifter mating practices. It said somethings about how to be truly bonded mates there has to be…well…let’s just say we need to do more than we’ve already done…” Louis blushed but continued. “It also mentioned a bite.”

Cade nodded slowly and stroked a comforting had down Louis’ back.

“Yes those things would bring us closer as a mated couple. But never think that we are any less mated without them. I wanted to give you time to settle in with me and the community before I overloaded you with more information. Plus we haven’t really had time to think let alone talk since we arrived here.

“Well, we have time now,” Louis sent smiling shyly. Then he surprised Cade by sliding his arms round Cade’s neck and pulling him in for a long slow kiss.

While they were kissing Louis sent, “Of course instead of talking we could be doing other things.” The thoughts were accompanied by some rather detailed images. “The internet is a wonderful research tool.”

Cade growled, he pushed Louis onto his back and loomed over him.

Then a phone started ringing.

“Ignore it,” Louis sent when Cade complained and pulled him down to continue their kisses.

The ringing stopped and immediately Cade’s cell phone started going off. The landline soon joined it and Cade let out a louder growl – of frustration this time instead of pleasure.

Talk about bad timing!

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