Book Review – Tears of the Neko By Taylor Ryan



Title: Tears of the Neko

Author: Taylor Ryan

Publisher: Self Published

Length: 439 print pages



A younger brother buys his brother, the Duke and heir to the throne, a surprising gift for his brother’s birthday–a young, very skittish neko slave. But ,Damien has no use for a personal slave. But a bet with his two younger brothers has Damien keeping the boy at his side as a matter of pride. When attempts on his life begin, Damien discovers just how protective the cat-like human can be.

This is the story of a young neko who wasn’t given the choice to become a slave. Having been captured by hunters who killed his parents and sell slaves illegally to the mines, Kayden grew up with the hunters torturing him into submission, until they finally sold him six years later to a slave market. It is here where the young neko is bought on a whim by a peer of the realm as a birthday gift–and his life begins to change.





Taylor Ryan is the pen name for Sharon Hunter’s M/M novels. She also writes young adult fiction as well. She lives in the northeast with her two daughters and her husband as well as their many sugar gliders. She loves reading as much as she loves to write, and she also works as an editor for other authors.

Visit her at

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 First let me say I love this story. It was the first one by this author that I read and I have now read all of her work.

The characters are wonderful.

From the beginning you will fall in love with Kayden. With everything he has been through before the story starts, and everything he goes through during, you can’t help but want to gather him up and protect him from the big bad world around him.

Damien is lovely, but, he is so buried in his work that he doesn’t even really take notice of Kayden at first. There are points when I wanted to reach into the book and smack him round the back of the head.

Harrison is the typical little brother, however, I do think he sees more than others give him credit for.

And of course lastly you have Roman…well let’s just say he would be better minus certain parts of his anatomy and leave it at that, shall we??? I’ll let you come to your own conclusion about him when you read the story.

My favorite bit had to be Kayden playing with shaving cream, I could almost imagine it in my mind. I laughed so hard.

Overall a great story full of ups and downs.



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