Casey and Jackson – The Mouse That Roared – Chapter Fifteen

Date night part one…

Vash dragged Casey into Molly’s Diner, in time for the nightshift lunch, and ordered him to sit down.

“You have got to calm down,” Vash said.

Casey started gnawing on one of his fingernails. “What if he changes his mind? What if something comes up and he can’t come? What if —” Casey stopped when Vash pressed a finger over his lips.

“Firstly, it was his idea to meet here so he will show. Secondly, if something comes up he can link with both of us and let us know. Now calm down and breathe.”

Casey took a deep breath and ended up breathing in Vash’s scent from the finger still over his lips. He was still adjusting to the changes in his body from both bondings. His sense of smell had increased and of course he now had fangs that made an appearance at odd times. His eyesight had improved and seemed to be continuing to do so, along with his strength. Lastly—at the moment at least—his appetite had been affected. He could no longer stomach solid food much and had had to turn to nutrition shakes and smoothies. And of course he had to supplement that with blood. Vash smelled like a summers evening, there was the scent of flowers, grass, and clean fresh air. The scent made Casey want to stay close to Vash all the time, preferably within physical contact.

His thoughts were interrupted when a hand came down on his shoulder making him jump.

“Away with the fairies?” a familiar voice asked with amusement.

Casey jerked round to see Jackson standing behind him with his other hand on Vash’s shoulder, connecting all three of them. Casey blushed. “I was just thinking about recent events,” he said honestly, simply feeling glad that Jackson had arrived and not stood them up.

Jackson took the seat opposite them, but before any of them could speak the waitress appeared to take their orders. Jackson of course ordered nothing, Casey ordered a fruit smoothie, and then she turned to Vash.

“Well sweetness, what would you like to order? Other than me of course, you can order me to do whatever you want.”

Casey was surprised at the jealousy that flowed through him at her words. Jackson had let out a muted growl but otherwise nothing showed on his face. Vash obviously heard though because he glared at the waitress for a moment before turning to look at his mates.

“Actually I don’t see anything I like on this menu, I prefer a bit more meat in my food. Let’s head somewhere else.”

“Aww, come on cutie, ditch the old vampire, and the health freak, and come let me show you what I can do,” she said and grabbed Vash’s arm as he slid out of his seat. This seemed to snap both Casey’s and Jackson’s control. Casey pulled Vash back into his arms, Vash’s back to his chest, and Jackson smacked the girl’s hand away, flashing his fangs.

“If you want to keep that hand you will keep it off our mate. Now move!”

The waitress went white and shrank back. “Mate?” she whispered.

But the three men were already heading out the door, Vash had grabbed both Casey and Jackson to ensure neither of them decided to turn and teach the girl any lessons.

It took three blocks ‘til Casey and Jackson had calmed down. Casey couldn’t believe the gall of the girl, who acted like that when they were at work? And especially calling customers names, Casey would definitely be contacting Molly before bed. He doubted the girl would still have a job the next night.

He looked up to see they were passing the twenty-four hour convenience store. “I have an idea. Wait here,” he told the others and darted into the store.


Vash looked after Casey as he rushed off.

“Think he’s trying to run away from me again?” Jackson asked and Vash saw him watching Casey through the window as he ran up and down the aisles.

“I don’t know what he’s up to, but if he were going to run he wouldn’t have gone into a store with only one door,” Vash pointed out, proud that he didn’t roll his eyes like he wanted to.

Before Jackson could respond Casey was back outside carrying two brown paper bags. “Let’s head for the woods, I got us a picnic.”

Vash’s lion perked up at the thought of going to the woods. He wanted to run and play.

They walked along chatting about inconsequential topics until they reached the edge of the woods. Vash started looking around and some of his eagerness to run must have shown on his face because Casey started chuckling.

“If you want to run wait ‘til we get to the clearing and then you’ll know where to come back to.”

Vash nodded absently already looking around trying to see everything at once.

Vash stripped and shifted as soon as Casey had declared they were where he wanted stop for their picnic. The moon was high and almost full, casting a bright glow over the clearing. Jackson and Casey sat side by side as they watched their lion mate darting in and out of the bushes and trees, every now and then he would run up to Casey and either knock him flat on his back or lick whatever part of him he could reach before running off again. Jackson would laugh until Vash managed to sneak up on him and do the same.

Casey picked up his bottled smoothie and took a sip before speaking. “So what do you want to know about me that you don’t already know?” he asked.

Jackson seemed to think for a moment. “Well why don’t we start from the day you began shutting me out? I think we need to clear the air on that before we can move forward.”

Casey thought for a moment then nodded.

Jackson continued, “Well how about you tell me why you didn’t even tell Jamie what was wrong back then? I know he was as worried about you as I was. Except after a while he stopped talking to me about it.” Jackson was frowning as he said the last part and Casey had to grin. “He worked it out didn’t he?” Jackson said incredulously.

Casey chuckled, “He’s my twin, remember. Of course he worked it out. He never said anything to me—he knew better than that—but I would catch him watching me when you were around. And of course he stopped trying to get me to go out with you, or have dinner with you both.

“As for why I didn’t tell Jamie, I was ashamed and embarrassed as all get out. I had a crush on a man who was to all intents and purposes my guardian. On top of that he was/is a council elder, a vampire, and over two thousand years old, what he would want with a sixteen-year-old boy?”

Jackson winced when Casey threw his own words back in his face but Casey hadn’t meant to hurt him. He was just trying to explain how he’d felt back then, or at least what he had told himself he was feeling. Now he just thought maybe he had been too scared to say anything and therefore pushed everyone away instead.

“Jamie used to tell me you were out on dates when I came round for dinner. It hurt to think of you in someone else’s arms. As soon as I touched you as a baby that was it for me. A male vampire’s physiology won’t allow cheating. Once we meet and touch our mates for the first time we are bound to them. To put it crudely a male vampire cannot get aroused by anyone else.” Jackson refused to meet Casey’s eyes as he spoke and Casey thought he knew what Jackson was asking.

“I’m still a virgin if that’s what you’re trying to ask in a roundabout way.” Jackson’s head shot up to lock gazes with Casey, the hunger and possessive feelings Casey felt through the bond almost made him moan. “I went on dates but I could never find anyone who could keep my attention for long enough, nor anyone who sparked any desire in me.”

Jackson smiled smugly before asking, “So what did you get up to in the rest of your spare time?”

Casey laid back on the grass. “I read a lot. As you know I researched vampires once I was old enough to be granted access to the records. Before that I used the books my mom left me and of course I studied up on healer techniques, looking into how they could be updated.”

Casey grinned. “Of course I did a lot of what all teenage boys do as well…Want to know what I used to think about when I was alone?” Casey was chuckling silently as Jackson nodded his head. He then sent an image along their mind-link. He watched with delight as Jackson’s face went red.

“How did you know what I looked like naked?” Jackson asked in a strained voice.

Casey shrugged. “I guessed. I’d seen you with no top on lots of times and the shorts you wear for training don’t leave a lot to the imagination. Plus of course I snuck looks at you whenever I could, I had to take what I could get.”

“You do both know I can see that too?” came Vash’s voice over the link. They both turned to see the lion sitting near them with his head tilted. “Of course if that’s what you look like naked, Jackie, Casey and I are lucky men.” Vash had his tongue lolling out by the time he was finished and Jackson continued to get redder as Vash got involved in the conversation about his body and when he heard Vash and Casey’s nickname for him

Casey giggled. “You do know you look adorable when you’re blushing,” he said and leaned over to kiss Jackson on the cheek.


Jackson froze as soon as Casey’s lips touched him. Then it seemed his body just took over, he used one hand to turn Casey’s face so he could take the younger man’s lips in a kiss that stole their breath. A hand on his shoulder told him Vash had shifted back, without breaking the kiss he used his free arm to pull Vash into the tangle of arms, lips and hands.

In short order Vash and Jackson had Casey laid out on the grass beneath them, writhing and moaning at their actions. Vash had managed to pull Casey’s shirt off and Jackson had yanked his own off so they could all feel skin on skin.

When Jackson could feel Casey becoming a bit overwhelmed he flashed a very quick thought to him and they both pounced on Vash.


Vash’s first instinct was to panic, he had been pinned down many times and it had never been for anything good. But before he could react he felt Jackson in his mind with Casey close behind. “Calm, little one. We just want to give you the pleasure you deserve,” came Jackson’s voice.

“Yes, let us pleasure you, sweetheart, I want to feel your pleasure through our bond,” Casey’s voice added.

Vash laid back at their urging and let his mind merge with his mates. The merging may have been deeper with Casey but Jackson was still there and he felt the love emanating from both men flowing through him and reflecting back. As hands starting roaming his body he felt the desire rolling off Casey, but he also sensed the hesitancy as though Casey didn’t know what he could or couldn’t do.

“Move your hand further, my mate,” Vash sent to him and moaned at Casey made contact with his hard length. Casey’s hands were smooth and soft, so different from the touches he was used to. Casey’s hesitancy had changed to awe, Vash laid back and enjoyed the new sensations.

Meanwhile Jackson was keeping himself busy by scraping his fangs very lightly over Vash’s sensitive nipples. Vash used to curse how sensitive they were as any weakness was exploited and he usually ended up with sharp-toothed clamps on them. The feel of Jackson’s fangs though was the best sensation he had ever felt.

He made sure to send every sensation he was feeling through the bond to Casey and so to Jackson, vowing to himself that Jackson would be marked soon so their connection would be stronger. He grinned to himself as he heard Casey moan. But then let out a moan of his own as Casey’s hand tightened around his arousal pulling him closer to the edge.

He had no warning as his orgasm ripped through him with what he could only think of as hurricane force. He opened his mouth to scream but found Jackson’s lips covering his. The vampire kissed him ‘til he could barely breathe, then a hand stroked his face as their lips parted.

He opened his eyes to see two smug faces, but he couldn’t summon the energy to think of anything witty to say so he settled on, “Thank you.” And let his eyes close again as he drifted off into a daze.


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