Wednesday Briefs – Jamie and Andrew Halloween Special

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Welcome to a Halloween Special Wednesday Brief. This week I decided to visit with Jamie and Andrew. I am in the process of expanding their story (I’m adding approximately 20,000 words and reworking the timeline) ready to submit to a publisher.

In this short the couple are at a fancy dress party but Jamie has a surprise for his husband 😉

The prompt I used was;

“I can’t possibly go, I don’t have a costume,”

As always suggestions, comments, and corrections are welcome. And don’t forget to check out the other briefers at the end of the post.

Jamie and Andrew – Halloween Special.

Andrew walked into the club and the wolf whistles started up immediately. Clenching his teeth, he moved through the crowd, avoiding the grabbing hands and ignoring the lewd comments, until he reached his target.

“You are so going to regret this,” he hissed in his husband’s ear. Jamie just grinned and kissed his cheek.

Andrew gave his order to a leering bartender, then leaned against the bar and slowly looked Jamie up and down.

His husband had gone all out with the costumes for this party. Jamie was wearing tight black pants, and a see through white shirt with a black cape. The final piece was the plastic vampire fangs Jamie wore. His husband looked hot and Andrew felt himself getting hard. His costume didn’t have room to move let alone get hard, so he turned his attention to the crowd. This would be the last time he let Jamie pick what he wore.

“I can’t possible go, I don’t have a costume,” Andrew could still hear himself saying. He should have known Jamie would have an answer.

“Leave it to me, Babe,” Jamie had said.

The bartender shoved a drink under Andrew’s nose and he threw it back. “Same again,” he demanded, banging the glass down on the bar.

Jamie let out a chuckle and Andrew turned to glare again. “You just keep laughing it up,” he snarled. “I’ll get my own back sometime.”

He rearranged himself in his very tight red tartan shorts. The red braces attached to them kept rubbing against his only recently healed pierced nipples. The matching bow tie kept making his neck itch and he had to keep pushing up the black rimmed glasses.

He turned to pick up his new drink and a loud horn sounded making him jump.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to our first Halloween Slave auction. All our volunteers have agreed to give the highest bidder a day—or in the case of our vampire members a night—of their time. They will do chores, run errands, babysit, anything. The only rules are there are no sexual favors on offer.

“Now, our first victim—I mean volunteer—is…Andrew Langston.”

A cheer went up from the crowd, but Andrew was too stunned to hear them. The announcer called his name again and Andrew found himself being pushed up onto the stage to the sound of wolf whistles and even louder cheering.

Standing on the stage he tried to find his voice to say he hadn’t volunteered for this but he couldn’t make more than a squeak.

“Who doesn’t want a nice young school boy, who will run errands and do all their chores?” the announcer—who Andrew now recognized as Thane—called out. “Now, who will open the bidding?”

“$20,” a female voice called out.

“$30,” a male voice this time.

Andrew frantically looked back at the bar, but was shocked to see Jamie wasn’t there.

“$200,” came a male voice and Andrew’s gaze met that of the bartender. The male was definitely a vamp and big. He watched Andrew with a hungry look and Andrew started to worry. He had to remind himself about the no sexual favors rule. At least selling that was still illegal.

“$250,” came from a female.



“$500.” A gasp went round the room.

“$500, going once,” Thane called out. “Going twice…Sold” Thane brought his hand down on Andrew’s shoulder. “Eric, come claim your slave.”

The bartender grinned as he strode up to the stage and claimed Andrews hand with his own. “Come on pretty. I have lots of chores you can do. Seeing as the night has only just started you can help me out tonight.”

Andrew threw a worried look over shoulder at Thane, but only received a wink.

A list was thrust under his chin. “I need all this stock moved from stock room three to stock room two—don’t ask why, the owner makes the rules not me. By the time you’ve done that I’ll need you to top-up all the glasses and other stock behind the bar.


Andrew looked at the list as he followed Eric’s directions to get to the relevant stock rooms. He wasn’t paying attention and so the sound of a throat clearing as he entered the first room had him spinning round.

The room was almost empty. The only furniture was a desk and two chairs. Standing behind the desk was Jamie.

Jamie’s cape had been turned into a black robe and a tie had been added to the white shirt. A mortar board hat sat on his head, and a cane was being tapped on the desk.

Andrew was halfway into the room when all this registered. “You bastard,” he spat out and spun intending to leave and go home.

He let out a loud yelp, as a sharp sting spread across his right butt cheek.

Spinning around Andrew saw Jamie standing much closer and holding up the cane.

“Now, now, swearing is not allowed in front of teachers.” Jamie’s tone was condescending, and he waggling a finger back and force.

“I hear you’ve been a very naughty boy,” Jamie continued, moving closer and backing Andrew up against the door. He fenced him in with an arm either side of his head. “Do, you know what we do to naughty boys in this school?”

Andrew swallowed hard, Halloween just became a lot more interesting…

I would like to thank my friend Drew, he was the one that showed me a YouTube video that had the schoolboy/nerd costume in it. The video is below.

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