Casey and Jackson – The Mouse That Roared – Chapter Sixteen

I Love You…

Vash drifted for a few moments before he became aware of the need and desire still flowing through their link.

“Mmmm, what about you two?” he sent. Then he had an idea. “What about this?” he asked and sent a rather detailed picture of what he thought the pair should do.

Casey let out a gasp. “Is that even possible, we’d just bang into each other.”

Jackson chuckled. “Oh, it’s possible,” he said, and lunged for Casey with vampire speed. He attacked Casey’s pants and in moments had the younger man naked.

Vash finally got the chance to see all of Casey. Since the attack on the Casey had happened and then Casey falling into his depression after bonding with Jackson, they hadn’t actually had anytime to see each other—let alone attempt anything. He was tempted by the hair that covered Casey’s broad chest, he wanted to taste it all and follow the trail leading down to a long, thick, hard, leaking cock.

While he was distracted Jackson had removed the rest of his own clothes and suddenly Vash was surrounded by bare male flesh, damn his mates were good-looking men. He could also feel their lust at seeing each other naked for the first time, it made for a heady mix.

Slowly he rose to his knees and both his mates stood and moved closer.

“I’m still not sure about this,” Casey was muttering but Vash grabbed him by the cock and pulled him in.

When Jackson didn’t move fast enough he grabbed him too and finally had them both where he wanted them. Before he would have hated being in any vulnerable position but now he was exactly where he wanted to be. He wanted to pleasure his gorgeous men.


As he was drawn nearer to Vash Casey felt Jackson caress his back in long slow strokes. Just as he started to relax he felt a warm tongue lap at his cock and he let out a moan of pleasure. Part of him was still nervous about letting Vash do this, he didn’t want his mate to have anything remind him of his past. But the feeling of Vash sucking on him and drawing him into his hot mouth soon banished any thought of stopping from his mind.

Jackson’s hand tensed on Casey’s back and Casey looked down to see Vash slowly guiding Jackson’s hard length to join his in Vash’s mouth.

The feelings flowing down the link had all merged together. He could feel Vash’s need to pleasure both him and Jackson. He could feel Jackson trying to sort through feelings of gratitude—that he was being included in their mating—and his feelings of love for both Casey and Vash. The vampire had a huge heart and he was willing to open it to both the younger men, but he was worried he wouldn’t be good enough.

“I love you both,” Casey sent along their link, causing Vash and Jackson to pause in shock at his declaration. “Jackson, I have loved you for years, and Vash, I have grown to love you as I have come to know you over the short time you’ve been here. You’re both handsome men, but also a lot more than that. You both have big hearts and wonderful—but different—personalities.” Letting out a moan as Vash teased at the tip of him with his tongue. “Ahhh, please my mates, I love and need you—both of you.”

His next groan as Vash continued to tease him was covered by Jackson taking his lips in a searing kiss that shook him down to his toes. The hand Jackson had been stroking down his back slid down and caressed his ass.

The feeling of Vash sliding his mouth down over both his and Jackson’s cocks was astounding. Casey could feel Jackson hot and hard sliding against one side of him, and the inside of Vash’s soft cheek on the other. He reached one hand out to grasp Vash’s head as gently as he could, the other hand he used to pull Jackson into an even deeper kiss. He was elated when he felt Jackson groan against his lips, taking full advantage he speared his tongue inside and explored the older man’s mouth.

The feelings finally overwhelmed Casey and he came hard and fast. But before he could pass out from the pleasure he felt a mental prod from Vash, along with a few directions.

Stilling riding his high he followed his mate’s directions, dropping to his knees beside Vash. Both were rewarded with Jackson’s hands tangling in their hair as they both went to work driving Jackson out of his mind.


Jackson was in heaven, he had to be. He had not one but two mates, and both of them were kneeling at his feet pleasuring him. He had almost cum when Casey did, just from the pleasure being sent through the link. But in his long life he had learned a few things about holding off and he had used all of them to delay his climax. He had wanted both his mates to cum before he did. Now he just wanted this moment to last forever, but they were driving him slowly mad with lust, love and desire. His head dropped back and he squeezed his eyes shut, trying to fight for control. It was made even more difficult by the feelings of joy coming from his mates as they drove him closer and closer, they wanted to pleasure him and to make him cum.

The last straw came when he felt a hand—he’d lost track of whose hands were where—run over his ass and one finger traced his crack ‘til it found his hole. When he felt a small amount of pressure on that sensitive area he lost all control and tried to pull away so as not to choke whoever was currently sucking him. But they weren’t having any of it. Another hand joined the other on his ass, pulling him closer and then pressing next to the other over his hole. He came so hard he was sure he was going to pass out and he let out an open-mouthed silent scream. Gentle hands laid him down and then he found his arms full of hot sweaty male flesh.

Vash and Casey laid their heads on Jackson’s chest, with their arms and hands entwined over his stomach and their legs tangled with his. Their breathing slowly returned to normal and Vash lifted his head before speaking. “I love you both. And you have just given me the best gift you ever could. You’ve started to replace the bad memories with good ones.”

Casey nodded against Jackson’s chest and pulled Vash’s hand to his lips for a kiss, Jackson sent a wave of love down the link as he still didn’t trust himself to speak.


They arrived back at Casey’s home in the early hours of the morning, Casey and Vash were giggling like school girls and Jackson was shushing them, so as not to wake the whole building—of course that just made them giggle more.

They settled in Casey’s big bed together, not wanting to part ways, and watched a DVD that Vash had chosen. It was about an ogre, a donkey and a cursed princess. Jackson just rolled his eyes and settled for watching his two young mates enjoying the film. He knew Vash would have missed out on a lot of things growing up, even things like watching funny movies. Casey also had missed out on a lot after his mom died. Being the older twin—by three minutes—he had always taken on more responsibility than Jamie. And now he knew the mating pull had stopped him from even enjoying dating with men his own age. Jackson hadn’t really thought about it but he himself had never really been a child, when he was young, men had to grow up fast and were expected to work and help. Well maybe they could all recapture some of their youth together.

He let his mind wander as he finally realized what an idiot he had been. Not only had he refused to acknowledge his mate—or mates, when Vash arrived—but he had almost allowed one of them to die from his own pig-headedness. He vowed to himself that he would spend the rest of all their lives making it up to them and treating them exactly as they deserved. He felt a sense of peace now that he had finally accepted them both; he wanted to finish the mating with Vash as soon as he could come up with an appropriate time and setting. He definitely wanted to plan some more dates with his mates, he hadn’t had so much fun in many years.  He finally felt he belonged and that someone—two someones—wanted him for himself and not what he had or could give them.

He came out of his thoughts as the film ended, but when he asked what they were watching next he got no answer. Looking down at his mates he found them both asleep.

While he’d been lost in his own mind they had cuddled up to him into the same position as earlier in the woods.

He chuckled silently, the pair obviously didn’t want him going anywhere, they had effectively pinned him down. Cuddling them both as close as possible Jackson settled down and slid into a peaceful sleep.


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