Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 28

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Welcome to another Wednesday brief. Just a short chapter today and we start to get more information and clues in the mystery.

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Chapter 28

Cade woke first and just laid there watching Louis sleep. The need to mark and claim his mate was riding him hard. But, he wanted to make it special and romantic. A persons first time should be slow and loving.

“I can feel you thinking you know,” Louis’ amused voice came to him. His beloved turned, draped his arm over Cade’s chest and tangled their legs together. “Gottcha.” Lois grinned triumphantly.

“So, what are you going to do to this big, bad, wolf?” Cade teased, snapping his teeth playfully near Louis’ face.

He froze when Louis tripped his head offering his neck. “This is what I’ll do,” Louis sent.

Cade bent and fastened his lips over the pulse point on his mate’s throat. Pulling hard he brought up a mark dark enough to last at least three days.

Banging on the door jolted Cade into letting go.

“Come on, guys. You going to let us starve out here?” came Jaydon’s voice through the door.

Cade sighed. “Our friends want breakfast,” he sent and rolled out of bed to head for the bathroom. “We’re coming,” he shouted and heard Jaydon chuckle as he moved away from the door.


Half an hour later they were all sitting at the breakfast bar enjoying the fruit and pancakes Louis had made.

“So, what do we do about this situation?” Jaydon asked, round a mouthful of food.

“Don’t eat with your mouth full,” said Cade absently, while he turned the problem over his mind. He only looked up when he heard the sniggering turn into full laughter. “What?” he asked testily. “I thought we were thinking about this problem, not acting like a bunch of school boys.”

“Um, love. Think about what you just said,” sent, amusement coloring his tone.

Cade frowned. What? All he’d was… Don’t eat with… Shit!

“Okay, okay. Fun’s over,” Cade groused and concentrated on eating the rest of his breakfast.

They cleared up and sat in the living room with printed copies of the ME’s preliminary report and the statements from the first responders and the person who called in the body.

The blood results show Darrin was drugged before he was hung. The drug in question should have dissipated in his blood long before we found him but it didn’t. The ME thinks that Darrin died so quickly that his heart was no longer beating to carry the drug round and dissipate it. The drugs is labeled as RHYNGT14264. It’s a control drug that would have meant Darrin would do whatever anyone told him for a few hours after he was injected with it. It must have been someone he trusted if they got near enough to him to inject him. So we need to look at family, friends, lovers.”

Jaydon grabbed Cade’s tablet and with a few taps had logged into the security intranet. A few more taps had Darrin’s information flashing up on screen.

“Connect it to the TV screen would you? Then we can all see.” Cade instructed and Jaydon soon had all the information scrolling on screen.

“Hang on what’s that?” Louis asked them all and made Jaydon back up a few pages to an article that had photos. “There, standing with her arm round Darrin’s shoulders in the back ground.”

“Hayley! What is she doing there?”

“Seems we’ve found out something new about our missing council second. I think it’s time we investigated a bit harder to find her.”

The group agreed to shower and meet back in the living room to then go and search out the rest of the council—again.

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