Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 29

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief.

This week I used a picture prompt:

A picture of an old family diner, with red leather seats.

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Chapter 29

“We need to find Hayley and question her. Now!” Cade stated. They had spent the remainder of the morning and part of the afternoon trying unsuccessfully to find the missing second. finally, hunger had won out and they’d returned to Cade and Louis’ place for a late lunch.

“But how do we find her?” Louis asked as he munched on a sandwich and stroked a hand up and down Cade’s arm to keep him calm.

“Who here has met this woman?” Jaydon asked suddenly.

The other three all raised their hands.

“Okay, who has touched her mind? For any reason, no matter how fleeting.” Jaydon added.

Only Craig kept his hand raised. “I had to treat her for some tension headaches once. She had to lower her basic shields to allow me to find the source of the problem.” He explained.

“Actually, that makes this even easier, since Craig and I have a mental connection already. I can find Hayley using the psychic signature Craig has already seen.” Jaydon stated.

“Of course,” Cade exclaimed. “How on earth could I forget you were on search and rescue. How long will it take you to find her?”

“It shouldn’t take long depending on her being in town of course. If she is further out I may not be able to pinpoint an exact position. I will, however, be able to get an area to start searching.”

“Great, what do you need?”

“Just peace and quiet with Craig. The less outside distractions there are the better.”

Cade nodded and watched as Craig and Jaydon headed upstairs.

“So, what do we do while we wait?” he asked leering at Louis and causing his mate to grin.

“I believe the breakfast dishes need washing,” came Louis’ innocent reply. Cade groaned but went to do as was suggested.


Two hours later the mates were going back over the current information again to see if they’d missed anything, when Jaydon and Craig entered the room looking worn out.

“Did you find anything?” Cade asked immediately.

Jaydon gave a tired nod and helped himself to a drink from the jug on a nearby table. After he’d down the whole glass he refilled it and handed it to Craig.

“Yes, we found her. She’s hiding out on that closed industrial estate near the edge of town. From what I could sense from this distance, she has about ten others with her. Her shields are strong and I couldn’t get passed them without alerting her. Her companions, however, weren’t so strong. They are plotting some sort of attack that will put you and the council in a bad light. I couldn’t get any specifics, I would need to be closer, but, I did get that the event will take place in two weeks’ time at your official introduction to the town as senior elder.”

“That bitch,” Cade snarled. “What did I ever do to her?”

“I don’t know,” Jaydon answered. “They have no intention of moving yet. I suggest we get some sleep, because I am no good to anyone until I recharge for at least five hours I’m afraid. Meanwhile contact Thomas and get him working on getting together a team to go get her. We can lead it, but, we’re going to need back up.”

“That’s fine. As much as I hate to wait I know your right. I’ll call Thomas, you two get yourselves to bed. I’ll call you when it’s time to move out.”

Jaydon and Craig left and Cade turned to Louis.

“What is she up to? She can’t take over the council, she’s only a second. if the council falls there will be chaos.”

Louis shook his head and held out the phone. Sighing Cade dialed Thomas and, when he answered, started on an explanation of what they’d found and what was needed.


Six hours later Cade, Louis, Jaydon, and Craig were gathered with Thomas, and a team, a safe distance from where Jaydon said Hayley was still holed up with her men.

“Right,” said Thomas, spreading out a schematic of the old dinner they believed Hayley was in. “Jaydon, you’re going to be going in the front with the main team. I will take the rest of the team round the back and signal to you when we’ve got all the exits covered. Craig and Louis, you’re both to wait here. If it comes to a fight you’re not trained and we may have need of you healing expertise when it’s over.

Everyone got their assignments?” There were various nods and acknowledgements. “Good, let’s go then.”

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