Wednesday briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 30

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief. So this story has taken in a life of its own and has ended up longer than I originally planned. But…*shrugs*…Ce La Vie.

As always comments, suggestions, and corrections are welcomed. And please don’t forget to check out the other authors at the end of the post.

This week I used prompt:

Have a vampire in your story (but I only used it very loosely 😉 )

Chapter 30

Thomas tossed the canister into the old dinner and as soon as smoke was billowing out the cracked windows he started yelling. “Go. Go. Go.”

They crashed through the doors and Cade saw six men and Hayley. At his signal he felt Jaydon send a mental command out passing over him and the rest of the assault team. “Everyone down, now.”

The men, who had been coughing when they crashed in, fell to the floor instantly. Hayley was at the opposite end of the dinner from where Cade entered. She swayed when the command went out but stayed standing.

Cade reached her first and made a grab for her. He got her arms behind her back while she was still stunned from the command Jaydon had sent out. He wasn’t fast enough, though, and she got a hand free so she could spin in his grip. He felt nails raking down his face and let out a low growl.

“Bitch, keep still. You’ve lost.”

Cade felt a mental command go out again but this time it didn’t pass him by. “Freeze!” the voice seemed to be a combination of Jaydon and Craig.

Cade could see movement out of the corner of his eye and he managed to just see Jaydon moving around them to tie Hayley’s hands tightly. Once it was done Cade felt the command fade and he was able to move again.

“Sorry, it was easier to freeze both of you rather than taking the time to separate the command,” Jaydon said apologetically.

Cade shook his head and waved a hand in dismissal. He rotated his neck and stretched his arms to try and relieve some of the stiffness. A familiar scent reached him second before a pair of arms circled his waist from behind. The scent and feel of his mate relaxed him quicker than anything.

He pulled Louis round and into a deep kiss, wanting to reassure himself his mate was unhurt. Even though he knew Louis had been nowhere near any fighting.

“I’m fine mate, but, I need to breathe,” came Louis’ amused thoughts. Reluctantly Cade pulled away and instantly felt Louis’ concern when the witch noticed the scratches.

Louis scowled. “They had better not let her get away.” he muttered in Cade’s mind as Cade felt a gentle hand on his face. A pulse of calming energy flowed through him and he felt the pain of the scratches fade to nothing.

“Thank you love,” Cade sent and kissed Louis again, because, well, he wanted too.


“Why?” Cade asked of Hayley as he sat opposite her in the interrogation room. She was wearing magically enhanced cuffs round her arms and ankles, to ensure she couldn’t get free or influence anyone else to help her get free. The force had learned their lesson after Basil escaped. The same dampening spells were on the cells, just to make very sure no one could escape using their abilities.

“What do you mean why?” she spat.

“Why, would you try and destroy the council? What were you thinking? If the council went the community would be plunged into chaos. Everyone on the council would be thrown out, and that would have included you. So, I ask again, why?”

Jaydon shifted slightly beside Cade and drew his attention. A quick flick of Jaydon’s fingers and Cade’s eyes widened. “You were ordered to do this?” he asked and Hayley’s face went white.

“I don’t know what you mean. I just wanted to make sure you and that disabled freak of a mate you have didn’t get to run the council,” she spoke is a rush. Cade could sense the lie in here tone even if hearing Louis called a freak angered him.

“Concentrate love,” came Louis’ voice in his mind.

Cade took a deep breath. “You’re lying. Who are you trying to protect?” he hoped if he got her thinking about things she wanted to hide, that Jaydon would be able to pick the thought outs of her head.

“I confess, I wanted to over throw the council and put myself in the job of senior elder. Now, I want to go back to my cell.” She refused to look at Cade or Jaydon.

Jaydon gave a slight shake of his head, but, Cade didn’t need it, he knew she was lying. She stunk of deception.

“You’re lying. I want to know who put you up to all this. A powerful second you may be, but, a leader you will never be.”

Hayley’s face went red. “How dare you. If my mate were here he would—” she clapped a hand over her mouth to cut herself off.

“Mate???” Cade asked in shock. The only species that used that term were the vampires and shifters.

“I meant Mate as in friend. My family originated in the on land country called Britain, before coming to the island.” She was babbling and her eyes were darting all over.

“Shifter or Vampire?” Cade asked sharply.

“What?” She started pulling at the restraints.

“Stop!” Cade demanded, but, she ignored him and her skin started to tear.

“STOP!” Jaydon commanded and she froze. “Answer the question. Who is your mate?”

Cade watched as Hayley fought the command, he knew Jaydon didn’t like to use his abilities for interrogation but they were getting nowhere, and if there was someone out there trying to destroy the community council, they needed to know who.

“Quinten Redwood.” The words sounded as though they were being torn from her.

“He’s the alpha of Redwood Pack,” Jadon said, speaking out loud for the first time.

Great, now the shifters were involved.

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4 Responses to Wednesday briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 30

  1. Judy Stone says:

    I did marathon catch-up yesterday, reading Buried Treasure and Let Me In. Loved them!
    Noticed a few things that drove me crazy in Let Me In, though. (short walk!) 1) Spelling on Jaydon’s name isn’t consistent throughout this book. 2) Cade told Louis the drive to their home in Witchconspy was only about 2-1/2 hours. It took over 5 hours. Little details, I know, but my inner editor fixates on inconsistencies–it’s a curse! 3) I might have been in a turkey-induced food coma, but in Buried Treasure I thought Louis spoke to Craig. Was it my imagination? Good luck on NaNo. Only a few more days to go, and you can sleep and breathe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • cazpedroso says:


      I am so sorry for the delay in replying, I wrote a reply and then forgot to post it. Mea Culpa.

      The three things you noticed have been pointed out to me and I am currently kicking myself. I corrected them on the other site I have those stories posted on and forgot to correct them on here. I am really swamped at the moment, but I plan on going through both of those stories chapter by chapter and correcting them as much as possible. Otherwise, other mistakes will be corrected when they are rewritten for submitting, I am planning on combining both stories to make them flow better.


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