Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 31

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief. Sorry for the late posting but these last two months have been very hectic.

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Chapter 31

“So what happens now?” Louis asked as they cuddled in bed.

It had been a long evening. “Well, now that all the statements have been taken and collated, they will be sent to the High Council and, if we play our cards right, we can wash our hands of the whole mess.” He pulled Louis even closer. “At last, I can focus my attention where it should be…on. My. Very. Sexy. Mate.” He interspersed each of the last words with a kiss on Louis’ lips.

Louis grinned and wrapped his arms round Cade’s neck. “Does that mean you’re going to mark me? Make me yours… Please?”

Heat flooded through Cade at the thought of claiming his mate. It seemed they had been together so long when in reality it hadn’t been long at all. The need to mark Louis and make sure everyone knew who the witch belonged to rode Cade hard. But, he didn’t want to hurt Louis, that was the most important need to Cade. The need to protect what was his and to ensure his mate didn’t feel any pain.

Kissing Louis Cade pushed him back on to the bed and leaned over him. “Once I mark you that’s it. You will be mine permanently. There will be no backing out and no separating. We will be linked and being apart for long lengths of time will be painful. Are you sure you’re ready for that?”

Louis rolled his eyes. “I have been ready for ages. But, every time I get close to getting you where I want you something interrupts. This time I am not letting you out of this bed until I am properly claimed and marked and well and truly fucked into the mattress. Is that clear enough for you?”

Louis’ words made Cade impossibly harder and he started to growl.


Louis felt the vibrations, it made him grinned and he reached between them to palm Cade’s cock through his boxers.

Stroking slowly, he looked deep into Cade’s eyes reaching out with his mind and feeling the rising pleasure taking over Cade.

Pushing further he meshed their minds and felt a slight shock from Cade before a feeling of safety and acceptance flooded through Louis’ whole body.

He watched wonder filling Cade’s eyes. “I can feel you in me,” Cade gasped. “I can sense you, feel everything.”

“Now, use our link to see the truth of what I said about how ready I am.”


Cade started exploring. “Wow, this is extraordinary. Your mind is completely open to me.” He touched on memories from Louis’ childhood and quickly moved away from those not wanting to ruin their moment. Then he happened on a memory of the first time Louis saw him. He smiled at how shy Louis had felt when Cade had tried to tease him. Further exploration sowed Cade that he wasn’t the only one who had been looking, appreciating, and even fantasizing.

Cade’s exploration was interrupted when Louis stroked him again drawing a pleasured gasp from him.

“Touch me,” Louis whispered in his mind.

Cade did and gasped again as the feeling was doubled. “I can feel my hand on you,” he said in wonder.

“Yes,” Louis grinned. “Now, imagine what it’s going to feel like when you’re inside me.” Cade moaned quietly. “It also means you’ll know if I’m in pain.”

Cade chuckled. His mate had obviously worked out his biggest fear of hurting his mate. With that fear squashed Cade started exploring Louis’ body. It took a few moments to get used to the extra feelings but when he did he groaned in pleasure and doubled his efforts.

He pulled back and reached for the bedside drawer. Pulling out the lube he held it up for Louis to see.

“You aren’t leaving this bed without my mark on your shoulder and my scent all over and inside you.” He sent in a low growl.

Louis laid back and spread himself out on the bed. “Take me….”

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