Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 32

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief and the final chapter for Let Me In.

I want to thank everyone who has read this story and please any ideas you have for what should be next let me know.

As always all comments are welcomed and please check out the other authors posing at the end of this post.

The prompt I used this week was:

“Don’t ever doubt how much I love you,”

Chapter 32

Cade looked at his mate, spread out like a feast, just waiting to be eaten.

Well, he was starving. He picked up his phone from the bedside cabinet and held it up so Louis could see him turning it off.

“No interruptions,” he sent firmly. “We ignore everything until you are mine.”

He placed a knee on the bed and slowly he crawled up and over his soon-to-be lover. He could feel the tension rising in Louis and himself as he neared his prone mate.

His heart beat faster and he could feel sweat beading on his forehead, but he had no intention of stopping, no matter how nervous he may feel.

Covering Louis’ mouth with his own he drugged them both with long slow kisses, as he started running his hands up and down Louis’ body. Thrusting his hips he rubbed his hard shaft against his mate’s and drew a gasp of pleasure from him. He then starting laying meandering kisses down Louis’ body heading steadily for his ultimate goal.

He reached Louis’ navel where a small puddle of pre-cum had accumulated. He swiped his tongue across the damp skin and got his first taste of his mate. The unique flavor that was Louis burst across his senses. He was immediately addicted and craved more. Moving fast he swooped down and engulfed half of the hard length, that had been prodding him the chin, in one gulp.

Louis went rigid under his hands and his back bowed off the bed, ramming his cock further into Cade’s mouth and part way down his throat. Cade concentrated on not gagging, it had been a long time since he’d had a cock in his mouth, let alone in his throat.

“Sorry,” came Louis’ voice as he pulled back. But Cade grabbed his hips, pinned him down and swallowed his entire length, causing Louis to scream. Two more swallows and Louis was pouring cum down Cade’s very willing throat.

“You taste divine, my love,” Cade sent and chuckle as Louis tried to form a coherent response.

Flicking the lid of the lube Cade slicked up his fingers and while Louis was still relaxed from his orgasm he slid a finger smoothly inside him. Louis flinched but Cade felt no pain coming from his mind.

Crooking his finger slightly and after a few moments of searching he found what he was looking for. Louis screamed again and Cade felt the pleasure flow. Using the distraction Cade added another finger and thrust hitting Louis’ prostate until he’d relaxed again.

By the time Cade had worked up to three fingers Louis was begging and pleading in Cade’s mind.

“now…Now…Please…I’m going to cum again…I want you inside me when I cum…pleeeease…”

Cade watched in wonder as his mate writhed and pleaded. He looked stunning and Cade wanted to watch this forever.

“You will be seeing this for the rest of our lives. That is of course if you hurry up and finished this mating before I die of pleasure overload.”

Cade stifled a laugh at Louis’ dramatic speech, but he did take heed and remove his fingers. This earned him more pleading until Louis felt him replace the fingers with his cock.

Pressing firmly, but slowly, Cade slid into the tight hot sheath of his mate. He felt complete for the first time ever. This was where he belonged. This was what he had been unconsciously searching for his whole life. This was who he needed to keep by his side.

Keeping his senses open to Louis he sped up, unable to resist the slick smooth slide of his own hard flesh inside Louis.

When they were both right on the edge he released some of his control on his wolf. The animal side of him had been clamoring to get free and claim their mate but until then he had kept it on a tight rein.

His canines grew in and claws broke through his fingers. He carefully pinned Louis to the bed and just as they both started to come he leaned down and bite hard into Louis’ shoulder.

When he felt Louis go slack beneath him he eased his teeth out and pulled gently from Louis’ body. He flopped down beside his mate and smiled when the smaller man sniggled up to his side.

“I’m yours now,” came Louis’ happy thought.

“Don’t ever doubt how much I love you,” Cade sent just as he felt Louis drift into sleep.


The next morning Louis woke up to the sun shining in his eyes. He realized they’d forgotten to draw the curtains and squinted until his eyes got used to the light.

He frowned, something was different. Suddenly he clapped his hands over his ears as an alarm sounding finally registered, echoing through the house. It was quickly followed by the smell of burnt food.

He followed the smell to the kitchen and saw Cade frantically running cold water over a smoking frying pan.

“Shit…Fuck…Why can’t I cook a simple fucking omelet…”

It took Louis a moment but he finally realized what must have happened.

“Burnt breakfast again babe,” he sent to Cade.

Cade spun. “Ah, sorry. I didn’t know you were awake to see the alarm lights.”

“Oh, I wasn’t awake. Not until the alarm woke me that is. You know you really need to learn how to do at least—”

That was as far as he got because Cade had let out a yell and was swinging him round in circles.

“You can hear? You can really hear?” Cade was asking over and over.

“Yes I can hear and your voice is beautiful,” Louis sent in amusement.

“The mating healed your ears. That great love. Now I have the rest of our live to show you everything you’ve been missing.”

Louis grinned. “Hmmm, I have missed music. What have you got on your iPod?”

The two mates abandoned the burnt breakfast and headed off to explore a whole new world…Together.

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3 Responses to Wednesday Briefs – Let Me In, Chapter 32

  1. Maggie says:

    Are they adopting the little girl? Are you finishing they mouse that roared next?


    • cazpedroso says:


      First thank you for commenting.

      Firstly, I am glad to say that Mouse that Roared is actually finished. it is just being beta’d and edited and I’ll post the last chapters. Sorry for the delay but I have been ill and then busy, then my beta reader moved and her computer broke, then my editor went out of town on business and was offline. It seems everything has been conspiring against me these last three months.

      But, I am getting back on track and should be around much more often.

      As for the end of Let Me In, I am thinking of adding a few shorts from prompts on the GA site to fill in the gaps. The story had already ended up longer than I planned and I wanted to finish before Christmas to allow for a Christmas short next week. Don’t worry I won’t leave Cade and Louis as they are.


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