Wednesday Brief – Christmas Special

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Welcome to a Christmas Wednesday Brief – This week I am posting the first half of a Louis and Cade short. The rest will be posted on Christmas day.

As always suggestions, comments, and corrections are welcomed. And please check out the other authors posting at the end of this post.

Louis and Cade – Christmas Special, Part one

Christmas Eve

“Calm down love she’ll be here soon,” Cade says, grinning at the way his mate is pacing around the living room, straightening the cushions for the umpteenth time.

The adoption had taken months to sort out. They had had to make completely sure that there was no family willing to take in the little girl and then they had to prove they were capable of caring for her with their job commitments. Cade being the senior elder didn’t mean they didn’t have to follow the rules. As much as the rule chafed they wouldn’t have had it any other way. The safety of a child being adopted was always paramount.

“But, what if she isn’t happy here? Or what if some family pop up and decide they want her? Or—” Cade cut off Louis’ thought by kissing him until he melted in Cade’s arms.

Sitting Louis on the couch Cade put his hands on his shoulders. “You need to calm down and breathe. The social worker said they would be here at midday. You have made enough food for lunch to feed an army. You’ve cleaned, and dusted, decorated, and cleaned again. You. Need. To. Calm. Down.” He placed a kiss on Louis’ lips between each word. “We have done everything that has been asked of us. We’ve answered their questions. We’ve let them poke into all the corners of our lives. We’ve even taken medical tests to prove we are who we say we are, and that we have no diseases. All the forms are signed, sealed and delivered. She is coming. She is staying with us. She will be ours.” Cade was gripping Louis’ shoulders hard by the time he stopped talking.

Louis smiled up at him. “I know all that love. But I need to keep busy or my mind is going to explode. Until now I’ve believed that I would never have a partner, never have a family, never even be loved or wanted. Now I have you my mate. I have a home and job I love. And lastly I almost have the family I have always wanted. This is everything I dreamed of but never thought I would have.”

Cade sat beside Louis and pulled him into his lap. “I will do everything in my power to make sure all your dreams will come true,” he whispered into Louis’ ear. “Tell me more. What other dreams did you have?”

Louis snuggled into him and answered, “I dreamed of taking family holidays to the beach. Watching children playing in the sand and water. Of romantic dinners and long mornings lying in bed.” Louis turned to face Cade, tears in his eyes. “I want to give you and our children everything. To make sure any child we take in never knows a moment of true fear. To make a loving home where we will grow old together.”

Cade sniffed and wiped the tears from his face before pulling Cade into a long sensual kiss. “We will give our children all that and more. Just you wait and see.”

He was just leaning in for another kiss when the sound of a car approaching reached them.

“They’re here,” Cade grinned.

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