Wednesday Briefs – Adam and Ben, New Year Special Part One

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Welcome to my last Wednesday Brief of 2015. This week I have another two parter for you. The second half will be posted on New Year’s day. This time I am doing Adam and Ben – Please note this is set before book five (so before Casey, Jackson, and Vash get together)

I want to take this chance to thank everyone who reads every week and everyone who has left comments. It really helps me to keep going knowing that people are enjoying my stories and I so love to hear your suggestions for improvement, or plot twists. Please keep all the comments coming.

The prompt I used this week was:

What’ll it be?

As always suggestions, comments, and of course corrections, are gratefully received. And don’t forget to check out the other authors posting today at the end of this post.

Adam and Ben – New Year special, Part one.

New Year’s Eve

Adam was trying very hard not to yawn, Mrs. Gregoren was a lovely lady but she could talk forever, about nothing.

“Adam!” came Ben’s panicked voice in his mind.

“Excuse me please ma’am, I need to be somewhere,” he said as calmly as he could and moved away from the vocal woman.

He just caught the “Well really,” as he got out of ear shot.

“What’s wrong my mate?” he asked as he made his way toward the exit. Ben had stayed home with Thomas and Jamie’s children as babysitter. He was too far along in his current pregnancy to be comfortable at the New Year party. Adam had promised he would be home before midnight to welcome in the new year with his mate and the children.

“Umm, I think I may be in labor,” Ben said. Then Adam felt a wave of pain flow over their link and he sped up as soon as he exited the council building. He used his vampire speed and left the Cr in favor of running home.

When he arrived he found Ben curled up on the floor with a scared five-year-old Elizabeth hovering over him.

“Beth, can you contact your da or uncle Casey? I don’t think he took his phone and I don’t think Ben is in control enough to use magic.”

“Yes, uncle Adam,” Beth agreed and Adam watched her lips move silently. There was a moments paused and Casey and Jamie appeared right beside Beth.

“really Ben,” Casey moaned. “Couldn’t you wait until after new year? I had a cute bartender almost agreeing to be my new year kiss.”

Adam rolled his eyes to himself, he really didn’t think Jackson would have liked seeing Casey kiss someone who wasn’t him but that was their business. The sooner Jackson pulled his head out of the sand the better all round.

“Sorrry,” Ben groaned and Adam dropped instantly to his side and gently started to massage Ben’s lower back. “I tried to ignore the pains earlier, thinking they were just false alarms. I mean, I am three weeks early.” A muttered spell from Casey had Ben taking a deep breath as the pain receded.

“Right,” Casey clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention. “I’ll take Ben and Adam to the clinic. Jamie you bring the kids and get them settled at our place. Then come find me. I’ll try and delay anything until you arrive, otherwise Doris is on duty tonight so either way I’ll have the help I need for the birth.”

Everyone rushed to gather up the things they needed. The kids were covered in thick coats, hats, and scarves. Adam rushed to the bedroom to find Ben’s bag.

Adam was ready first and Casey placed a hand on his and Ben’s shoulder. The world went white and when it reshaped they were in one of the examination rooms of the clinic. Ben was curled up on a bed and Casey and Adam were standing beside him.

Casey moved quickly round the room, pulling out trays of instruments, blankets, bowls, wash cloths, and more Adam didn’t recognize. He hadn’t really been very coherent during Thomas’ birth he had been too worried about Ben. This time was shaping up to be just as bad, it was too early for the baby to be born. Hat if something went wrong? What if the baby wasn’t well? What if…

“Adam,” Casey snapped, pulling his attention away from his spiraling thoughts. “Pay attention or stay out of the way. What’ll it be?”

“What do you want me to do?” Adam immediately asked. He didn’t want to just be shoved to the side again.

“I need you to—” they were interrupted by a long groan from Ben.

Casey moved to Ben’s side and held his hands over Ben’s swollen stomach while muttering quickly.

An image appeared and fizzled in and out of focus until it settled and Adam could see their baby. It seemed to be moving and stretching, each time it moved Ben groaned and tried to curl up.

“This baby is being born now, whether we’re ready or not.” Casey stated as he waved the image away and moved to the door. yanking in open he caught hold of a passing nurse. “Find senior healer Doris and get her here right now.” He instructed. The nurse nodded and rushed away.

Casey moved back to Ben and placed a hand on his forehead while muttering fast. Ben went slack just as the door opened again and an elderly women entered.

“You called Casey?” she asked taking in the room at a glance.

“Yes, we have a cesarean birth on our hands that has to happen quickly.”

Doris nodded and checking the tools that were out she moved to the opposite side of the bed to Casey.

Then Casey asked, “Everyone ready?”

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