Happy New Year Everyone – Adam and Ben Special Part Two


I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and is having a wonderful New Year. May the new year bring health, wealth and happiness to all.

Here as promised is the second part of Adam and Ben’s New Year Special.

Adam and Ben New Year Special part two.

“I’m not ready!” came Ben’s plaintive voice in Adam’s mind. “It hurts Adam; it hurts so much.”

Adam frowned at Ben’s words. “I thought you numbed the pain Casey?” he asked in a worried tone.

Casey looked up. “I have don’t worry. Ben can’t feel a thing.”

“Yes I can. And I can hear everything too.” Ben shouted silently. “Stop him.”

Adam grabbed Casey’s hand making sure to get the man’s full attention. “He can hear and feel everything. He is telling me that. Now, something is wrong. You’re not cutting into him until I know he isn’t feeling any pain and that the baby is okay.”

Casey froze and he stared a moment, all the while Ben was still screaming in Adam’s head.

“Let me go,” Casey demanded his posture changing. Adam let go and Casey immediately starting muttering again. Lights seemed to flash over Ben, colors swirling and changing so fast Adam started to feel dizzy.

“What’s wrong?” Jamie demanded as he burst into the room. His gaze swept the room then he immediately went to the opposite side of the bed to Casey and joined his twins chanting.

Time seemed to stretch and Adam tried to send calming thoughts to Ben, while still watching and assessing what the twins were doing. Doris seemed just as worried and was hovering at the door.

Casey started muttering some bits that Adam could just make out, words such as; Twins, joined, and tangled, reached him. His worry escalated and his only consolation was that Ben’s pain filled cries had lessened and his mate seemed to be resting peacefully at the moment.

Then Jamie joined in; not twins, cord tangled, oxygen deprivation. Adam was getting ready to yell if someone didn’t tell him something soon.


“Adam, what is going on?” Ben sounded scared. And he had every reason to be Adam thought.

“Everything is fine love,” Adam lied. “The little one is just being stubborn and doesn’t want to leave its warm home.”

Ben seemed to relax again and Adam returned his attention to the twins.

“Right I think we have it,” Casey said stepping back and leaving Jamie muttering still over Ben. “Doris, we are going to need an incubator, more blankets, and another senior nurse so please get Flora for me and hurry.” The nurse ran out the room.

Adams patience finally broke. “What the hell is going on? Someone had better tell me something or I am going to start banging heads.”

Casey looked up in shock as though he had forgotten that Adam was even there.

“I’m so sorry Adam. I wasn’t ignoring you I promise. But, Ben needed all my attention.” Adam nodded and Casey continued. “The umbilical cord is wrapped round the baby’s neck. The baby is breathing but is starting to have trouble. We need to get the baby out and into an incubator as it is still small and will need monitoring. The extra blankets are to ensure the baby doesn’t get too cold as it’s lungs and other system will need a bit of help to start with.”

Doris came rushing back in pushing a cart and with another woman following her.

Casey instantly started barking orders. “Right, Flora set up the unit and get ready to wrap the bay as soon as it’s out. Doris I need you to stand directly by Jamie. I will open Ben up and unwrap the cord, while Jamie holds the baby still and then passes it to you. Wrap it—”

“Casey, we need to do this now. The bay’s vitals are fluctuating.” Jamie broke in.

Casey waved everyone to their posts and joined Jamie.


Adam watched as Casey used the same technique as when Thomas was born. Ben’s stomach was opened and Jamie reached in to hold the baby. Doris reached in and with a few words she removed a long rope like thing, Adam looked away hoping his stomach didn’t empty itself. Then he heard a wonderful sound. Jamie was lifting a small wriggling pink bundle, and it was emitting a low mewling squalling.

Flora rushed over and Doris took the blanket to get the baby wrapped. “Congratulations you have a lovely baby girl,” she said as she rushed over to the incubator.

Casey and Jamie started chanting together and the incision healed before his eyes. After a few silent moments Ben started to stir.

“Is the baby ok?” were his first words.

“Yes, she’s fine,” Casey reassured him before moving over to the incubator, where the little girl was really exercising her lungs now.

After a few checks he lifted her and brought her over to her new parents.

Adam had pulled a cover over Ben and was sitting on the edge of the bed. Casey set the little one in Ben’s arms and Adam enfolded them both in a loose hug.

“She’s perfect,” Ben murmured.

“Yes, you both are,” Adam whispered and laid a soft kiss on each of their cheeks.

“Let’s not do this again anytime soon,” Ben pleaded, causing a ripple of giggles to go round the room.

“I think we have our family for now,” Adam agreed.

They sat there until Casey insisted the baby needed to go back in the incubator at least for a few days for observation.

Adam pulled Ben into his arms and kissed him.

“I love you my mate, thank you for giving me a wonderful family,” he sent.

“I love you too,” Ben answered and cuddled into Adam’s body before falling into a healing sleep.

From outside he heard a cheer and shout –

“Happy New Year Everyone”

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