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Welcome to a New Year and a New Wednesday Brief story.

I have decided to branch out into something entirely different and so I am starting a BDSM story. I am hoping to try my hand at it in preparation for a story I am writing later this year. Please be aware that this is the first time I have written about this subject and so I would welcome all comments, suggestions, and corrections on any part of the story. I have done as much research as I have been able and of course there will be my own twists on things as well. Also any suggestions on a title would be great as well.

The prompt used this week was:

“Just leave me alone,”

Please remember to check out the other authors writing this week at the end of this post.

Daniel, chapter one.


“Just leave me alone,” Daniel cried as he cowered in the corner, wishing he wore more than the skimpy leather shorts.

“Get back on your feet, Boy,” the Dom yelled advancing on him whip still in hand.

“Red. Red. Red,” Daniel yelled, hoping there was someone near enough to hear him over the music in the club.

“What’s going on here?” a deep voice sounded over the music. Daniel looked up enough to see a large man standing at the edge of the secluded area he was in.

“Nothing, the boy just wants to play the brat today, that’s all.”

“Is that right?” The man turned to Daniel and Daniel noticed the red armband that indicated the man was a monitor.

“No, Sir. I called red, I want to leave, please.”

The man nodded. Turning back to Daniel’s Dom of—bad—choice he said, “Sir, you know the rules, if a sub calls red the scene is finished. Come here boy.”

Daniel uncurled and moved to the monitor’s side, a hand on his neck gently guided him away and toward the rest area in the main club space.

He soon found himself sat on a leather couch, wrapped in a warm blanket, and being handed a cup of sweet hot chocolate.

“Who was the wannabe Dom you were with? I don’t recognize him as a regular,” the man who had rescued him asked as he sat beside Daniel.

“I don’t know, Sir. He just told me to call him Master. We went over my limits—I made sure of it—but when he had me tied up he didn’t listen to my slow down word, or my safe word. The music was too loud for anyone else to hear me. He only untied me to change my position. I’m still not exactly sure how I got out of his grip, but, I knew as soon as I had my back to the wall he wouldn’t be able to get to me as easily. Then I starting shouting and you arrived…Sir,” he added on the end of his rambling explanation.

The man nodded. “I’ll find out who he is. His membership will be suspended pending an investigation. Now, if you’re up to it I need to check your back.”

Obediently Daniel dropped the blanket and presented his back.


Oliver drew in a silent breath; the boys back was crisscrossed with red welts. None had broken the skin, however, the boy was going to be feeling the pain for at least a few days, if not more. He ran a hand lightly over the marks and heard an indrawn breath of pain. Reaching into a nearby alcove he grabbed a few sachets of cooling cream.

“Hold still while I put this on, it will help the healing.” As he spoke he ripped the first packet open.

“Yes, Sir,” the boy replied.

Oliver started at the shoulders and worked his way down, coating every mark and changing sachets as needed. Except for a few small whimpers the boy made no sound, and Oliver saw no movement what so ever. The boy was well trained, he wondered who had let such a well behaved submissive go.

“I should have asked, what’s your name, boy?”

“Daniel sir.”

Oliver nodded. “Well, I’m Master Oliver. I want you to lay on your front and let that cream soak in. Stay here until I return.”

He waited for Daniel to nod before he moved off the couch.

He made sure Daniel was laid out as he wanted and then made his way to the bar area.

“Hey, Carlos,” Oliver called to the bartender. The big bear of a man turned and lifted a hand to acknowledge him before finishing the order he was serving. Making his way down the bar Carlos lifted an eyebrow in question.

“What can I do for you, boss?”

“Cut the boss crap. I need you to keep an eye on the young sub on the couch there. I’m going to go and find the so called Dom who almost tore up his back even after he asked for a break and then safe worded. I want to have a little word with the jerk.”

Carlos looked over at the couch. The marks on Daniel’s back were clear against the young man’s pale skin. It looked like he had relaxed and trusted Oliver to return as he had said he would.

“I’ll watch him. But, are you sure you don’t want some help with your conversation? You said the boy said slow down and stop?”

Oliver nodded, “He says he said his slow down word and the Dom ignored it, then carried on, even ignoring his safe word too. He only got away coz the guy untied him to change positions. He then yelled and I heard him as I passed on my rounds. I don’t think he even realizes that the place the ass had him tied up in wasn’t a scene area. He only got away with it because it’s so quiet tonight. No one wants to come out in that rain storm. Oh, thinking of the fact I only just heard the boy, turn the music down will you? I want to make sure no one misses someone calling out again.”

After getting Carlos’ agreement to everything Oliver went hunting. He wanted to have a very definite conversation about safe words and about the fact the jerk would no longer be welcome in his club. He had a reputation as a safe place for subs to come and play. He would do everything in his power to make sure that reputation remained intact.

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