Casey and Jackson – The Mouse that Roared – Chapter Twenty – One

And then there were three.

Jackson scooped Casey up and strode toward the familiar bedroom, Vash close behind him.

After he laid Casey on the bed he rummaged around in the bedside locker until he found a familiar flask containing the foul smelling green potion.

“Hold him up right please,” Jackson directed Vash and the young man rushed to obey.

They worked together to get Casey awake enough to sip at the concoction and then allowed him to lay back down to sleep.

“How are the children?” Jackson sent to Jamie.

“They’re asleep again. I though it better to allow them to sleep of the drugs than to try and purge their systems. I believe they have been drugged heavily for a while and if I suddenly take the drugs away I could send their systems into shock.”

“Okay, well keep me informed, please. We’ve given Casey that green stuff, is there anything else we need to do?”

“No, just keep an eye on him and remember he’ll be confused when he wakes up and you’ll need to tell him what happened.”

“Good, thanks,” Jackson said curtly, his attention still on Casey as he cut the link and returned to the bedside where Vash had curled up next to their mate. Jackson took the opposite side of Casey and they all curled together to wait for Casey to wake.


Casey blinked and looked at his sleeping mates. How did he get into bed in his room? last thing he remembered they were in a cell with two hurt children. Slowly things started to reconstruct for him.

He had contacted Jamie and his brother had wanted to go home too, so he had asked Casey to take him, Andrew, and the children, and himself, and his mates. He must have passed out.

“Jamie, what happened when I got home?” he sent out to his twin, hoping not to wake his mates.

“Hey, Case. The kids are asleep still but the girl—you said her name is Kelly?”


“—well she is stirring slightly. I think the boy had more drugs in his system than her. If I had to guess, he took more to spare her.”

“Just like we would do for each other,” Casey added, and felt Jamie’s agreement pulse along their link.

“Can anyone join in here?” came Jackson’s voice to both of them.

“And me,” added Vash’s voice.

Jamie laughed. “I’ll let you be bro. contact me when you’re free and I’ll give you an update on the kids.”

Casey said his goodbyes and turned to his mates as he cut the connection to his twin. He suddenly found himself surrounded by four arms as they hugged him tight.

“I was scared when you fainted,” Vash whispered. Casey held him tighter and kissed him to offer his reassurance.

“I just used too much magic at once. I couldn’t take too much from Jamie; his body doesn’t allow it with him being so pregnant.”

Vash kissed him again and this time the need there was too strong and Casey couldn’t help pushing nearer and deepening the kiss. He felt Jackson’s hands running across them both and keeping them all connected to each other.

“I need you both,” Jackson’s voice whispered through their minds. Casey was shocked and felt it mirrored by Vash. They hadn’t thought the vampire would ever give in willingly to the need they all knew he had to feel, to join all three of them together.

“You do remember that unless you want Vash to bite you in lion form, after hunting you, then you need to let him top? Those are the only two ways a shifter mates.” Casey asked carefully.

“I know. I also know that I want to be inside you, Casey,” Jackson said as his hand ghosted over Casey’s ass causing shivers to go through them all.

Vash grinned and Casey found himself the recipient of a very detailed image. “This would work and I can bite Jackson’s throat while he can reach my wrist, and if he needs more blood you can both reach each other too.”

Casey nodded and turned a hungry gaze on Jackson who started to look a bit worried. Looked like Vash had learned how to hide certain things from Jackson’s mind, interesting. Casey filed that away for further thought later.

“I’ve never bottomed,” Jackson muttered in a voice so low Casey wasn’t sure at first he’d heard anything. It was Vash’s gasp that made him certain he had heard what he’d thought he did.

“You’re a virgin?” Casey tried to wrap his head round that bombshell. “OR at least a virgin at receiving?”

Jackson nodded going a great shade of red. Casey would have laughed but he could feel apprehension rolling off Vash. Turning he saw the worry in the shifter’s eyes.

“Um, I’ve never topped. My visitors never wanted to bottom, for obvious reasons.” He looked down as he spoke.

Casey tightened the hug again and giggled. “So in a way we’re all virgins. Me at both ends,” this got him an eye roll, “Jackson at bottoming and, Vash, you at topping. It means we’ll all be losing something and gaining something by the end of this.”

He felt the acceptance from his mates and mentally rubbed his hands in anticipation. “Jackson, you’re in the middle.” He relished the look of shock on the vampire’s face before he gave in and shared the image from Vash. A slow smile formed on Jackson’s face and caused Casey to swallow.


Jackson thought quickly, he may be nervous but at least he had some idea about what to expect, same for Vash. But Casey was a complete virgin and needed if not gentle handling, at least careful handling.

“Why don’t you help our mate get ready, hmmm,” Jackson sent to Vash and received a smile in return.

Jackson moved off the bed and Vash pushed a slightly stunned Casey onto his back and started to kiss him and unbutton his shirt at the same time. Jackson felt his heart clench, how had he been so lucky as to have these two wonderful men as his mates? He couldn’t believe he had ever considered refusing what fate had given him. How could he live without these wonderful men in his life? He would be living a half-life with no joy or happiness.

Shaking off the thoughts he refocused on the men on the bed. Vash had Casey’s shirt off and was busy running his hands over every bit of exposed skin he could reach while they were still kissing.

Deciding not to be left out Jackson reached for Vash. Running his hands over Vash’s still clothed back he murmured in the shifter’s ear, “While you’re helping him, let me help you, little one.”

Seeing as Vash was wearing a T-shirt Jackson just grabbed the neck and ripped it down the back. He then started laying kisses down Vash’s back leaving marks here and there as he went. He could feel the lithe body beneath him shivering and could feel the need coursing through Vash’s mind. The feeling caused the need in him to double and he bit back a gasp.

“You’re in the wrong place,” came Casey’s amused thought before he found himself between the two men. Just as suddenly his clothes—all his clothes—had disappeared, along with Casey’s and, by the feel of it, Vash’s too. He growled at Casey, who gave him an innocent smile. “What? You were taking too long.”

Jackson shook his head slightly before claiming a kiss from Casey and feeling Vash start trailing kisses down his back as he’d been doing to him just moments before. He also knew Vash was leaving marks, he just wished they’d last more than a few hours before disappearing.

“Your mating mark will last forever,” came Vash’s whispered voice.

“Promise?” Jackson pleaded in a needy voice.

“I promise,” Vash replied never stopping his kissing exploration.

The heat built until they were a tangle of hands and mouths. Each trying to make sure no one was left out and trying to show how much love they felt for the others.

Jackson leaned close to Casey’s ear. “We need lube and we need it now.”

A breathless spell later and lube appeared in Casey’s hand. What Jackson didn’t expect was to hear the pop of a second cap behind him. Casey grinned. “You didn’t think I’d forget that I wasn’t the only one that needed to be prepared, did you?”

Jackson shook his head slowly and took the tube Casey held out to him. Leaning forward he braced himself on his elbows, the move tipping his ass up and offering it to Vash who had moved to stand behind him.

Slicking his fingers up he traced Casey’s hard cock before moving to massaging his balls. Casey let out a huff. “Virgin I maybe but that doesn’t mean I haven’t played. Now stop treating me like I’m going to break and get on with it, or I’ll come without either of you.”

Vash’s amused huff was followed by a slick finger running up and down Jackson’s crack in a sensual assault. Taking his cue from them, Jackson traced a path behind Casey’s balls and rubbed firmly at his taint. At Casey’s whimper he moved further back and ran his slick fingers round Casey’s entrance. He jumped slightly when he felt Vash following his motions and then let out a needy moan when Vash breached him ever so slowly with one finger.

Trying to concentrate on Casey while need flooded his body, Jackson inched a finger slowly inside the tight heat. He gasped at the feel of silky walls and flaming heat that met him inside Casey.

“You feel the same to me,” came Vash’s voice in his head. “I can feel both of your needs. I need too, please tell me you’re ready for more.”

Jackson and Casey nodded at the same moment and Jackson joined Casey in a laugh before moaning as Vash took him at his word and added another finger.

“Me too,” Casey demanded pumping his hips up onto Jackson’s hand. Jackson forced himself to concentrate—again—and eased another finger inside Casey. Crooking them slightly he soon found what he was looking for and grinned in triumph when Casey let out a yell of pleasure and bowed his back up off the bed. His pride was short lived when Vash found the same place within him and he found himself shouting out his pleasure at the top of his lungs.

In short order Jackson had three fingers pumping into Casey and Vash had three pumping into him, both of them working in tandem.

“You first,” Vash said and withdrew his finger so Jackson could focus to slick himself up before setting himself at Casey’s entrance. Slowly he pushed forward and winced as he felt the pain of penetration go through Casey. “Just relax,” came Vash’s voice again, this time directed at Casey. “If you push out and relax into the pain it will ease and become pleasurable. Trust us, please.”

Jackson watched as Casey took a deep breath and then let it out slowly. He felt the tightness trying to strangle his cock ease and he was able to slowly start pushing forward again. Finally, he felt his balls rest again Casey’s ass. “You have all of me, mate,” he whispered.

“Your turn,” Vash whispered just before Jackson felt Vash’s fingers penetrate him again, faster and harder this time. “Got to make sure you’re still open.”

The fingers disappeared and Jackson felt something harder pressing against him. Remembering Vash’s advice not a few moments ago to Casey he took a deep breath and slowly let it out as he pushed out at the same time. Vash slid inside him with a sharp spasm of pain. But he found he relished the pain, it was his mate inside him, nothing else mattered.


Vash gasped as he felt Jackson open up to him. He had never imagined what pushing into the body of another person could be like. The tightness, the heat, and the feeling of completeness, that he knew he only felt because this was his mate he was inside. He could also feel Jackson’s pleasure at being both penetrated by him and being inside Casey.

“Oh, wow,” Vash muttered. “I definitely want to be in the middle next time.”

“Move,” came a command from Casey, who was throwing some very impatient feelings out.

Vash grinned into Jackson’s back. “As you wish.”

He wrapped his arms around Jackson. “Let me lead,” he instructed and waited for Jackson to nod. He pulled Jackson back until he was just inside Casey, while he too pulled out of Jackson. All three of them moaned at the loss but then he pushed back into Jackson causing him to push into Casey. This set off another set of moans, twice as loud as the last.

They soon found a rhythm and Vash sped them up as he felt his mates getting used to be on the receiving end. The moans got even louder—even though Vash hadn’t thought it possible, he wondered if anyone else was within in hearing range, then he decided he didn’t care—when both Jackson and Vash found the right spot and started hitting the magic spot as Casey called it repeatedly.

Vash felt a jolt of envy, he pushed it down but Jackson must have caught on. “When I am inside you, my mate, I will make sure you know exactly how pleasurable it can be to have a good prostate massage.

It didn’t take long for all three of them to be at the edge. Vash shouted his orgasm first and lunged pushing Jackson down over Casey before latching onto his shoulder, hard. His canines sunk deep, he wanted to make sure the mark he left was visible to anyone who thought to try and take what was his and Casey’s only.

Jackson was next, he grabbed Vash’s wrist as he came and bit down, causing more pleasure to flow through Vash.

Casey was last but loudest. He yelled out his pleasure and leaned up to reach Jackson’s other shoulder.


Jackson felt his orgasm flood Casey when the pleasure of Vash’s bite pounded through him and when he bit down on the Vash’s wrist the taste of his blood was filled with the taste of his orgasm. When Casey bit down on his other side the pleasure was almost too much. He was instantly hard again and on edge, all in matter of seconds. When Vash loosened his teeth and let go, Jackson released his wrist and instead leaned further down carefully and latched onto Casey’s throat.

His mouth filled with his other mate’s blood and mixed with Vash’s to create a taste that was too wonderful to describe. Jackson thrust hard and fast before letting out another muffled yell and cumming again. He also felt Casey flood the space between them a second time.


Casey’s head was spinning. He could feel his own pleasure magnified three times over. It seemed they had a feedback loop to each other. After two orgasms for Jackson and himself and one for Vash, they had to recover from a total of five before any of them would be able to have a coherent thought.

Vash moved first and flopped down on the bed beside Casey. Jackson was next and flopped to the other side. Casey wriggled over Jackson and put the vampire in the middle before snuggling up with a yawn. He raised his head long enough to see Vash doing the same on the other side and then he felt sleep take them all.

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