Casey and Jackson – The Mouse that Roared – Bonus scene

Five years later…

“I wonder how the kids are doing?” Casey said for the umpteenth time.

“They will be heading for the pack lands.” Jackson said glancing at his watch. “They told you they would call us when they’d been introduced and could get free. You also gave them that emergency spell that they only have to repeat silently and you will get a warning. So stop worrying.”

“Don’t tell me you’re not worried too,” Casey growled.

Jackson shrugged. “Vash is following them at a distance. So I’m not as worried as you seem to be.”

Casey had to grin. Vash had taken to being the alpha of their little pack like a natural. Once the adoption was finalized Helen had started calling Vash fava, when she was told Vash was her alpha and her father. She said it meant father – alpha – Vash. The other two siblings had picked it up and it stuck. Jackson and Casey just became Pa and Da.

When Kelly and Billy found their mates in two visiting betas, Vash had elected to follow them back to what would be their new pack to ensure they made the journey okay.

“Why don’t you come and distract me?” Casey asked batting his eyelashes at Jackson. He was sure he looked ridiculous but it had the desired effect and Jackson’s heated gaze ran over him.

They had just started to kiss when a warning alarm went off in the room.

“That’s the children’s warning alarm,” Casey shouted grabbing Jackson’s hand and vanishing.


When they appeared they found Billy and Zane standing beside Kelly and Eddy, Kelly was confronting a large man, who Casey assumed was the alpha.

“What’s wrong, honey?” Casey asked. “Why did you call? I thought you were meeting the pack today, and you didn’t want to introduce us yet?” He eyed the alpha warily, what had happened to make Kelly use the emergency spell?

He looked around and saw Billy and Zane. “Hi, Billy, Zane. What’s going on, guys?”

“If you stop talking they may answer you, sweetheart,” Jackson said in an amused tone, placing an arm around Casey’s waist and pulling him into a hug. Casey sent an irritated thought to his mate and flushed before shutting up.

Kelly was the one to answer, “Hi, pa, da. It seems we’re not welcome here and since I didn’t want to walk home and we came in a pack owned car. I thought I’d call you for a lift home.”


Jackson looked around and finally his gaze stopped on the alpha. He glared until the male started shaking slightly and lowered his gaze to the floor. “What does she mean they’re not welcome here? Kelly and Billy are the mates to Zane and Eddy. Mates always have the choice of which pack to choose. They can either stay with their original pack and have their mate join them, or join their mate’s pack.”

The alpha didn’t answer but Billy did. “Well, you see and I think this was a direct quote, the alpha said, ‘As you are already bonded I cannot forbid this mating and therefore I am hereby giving you notice that you have twenty-four hours to pack and be off pack lands. I will not have any faggots in my pack. You will not get the chance to spread your disgusting habits here.’ Then he tried to welcome Kelly in to the pack and she called you.” Jackson was sure Billy was leaving out some details. Kelly wouldn’t have meekly called her fathers in before at least giving the man a tongue lashing. “Where’s fava?” Billy asked.

Jackson smiled, “Oh I think he’s closer than you think.” He cast a thought out, “You’d better get here, mate. You’re their alpha after all.”

Suddenly a roar split the air and the crowd parted as a huge lion came padding toward the group. By now the alpha was whimpering. Vass’s lion shimmered casting a brilliant pattern around the clearing. When the shimmering faded Vash stood in his human form. Jackson felt Casey’s annoyance at their mate being naked and almost before the shimmering had completely faded he had muttered the spell to clothe Vash in his usual jeans and sweatshirt.

“Zane, Billy, Kelly. We will all be heading home immediately.” Vash stated, not looking at the other alpha. “Eddy, are you staying or coming with us?”

Eddy was looking between his mate and the alpha, who had raised him. In the end he seemed to make his decision, “I will follow my mate to the ends of the earth. So I will gladly come back with you, Alpha.”

“I heard everything from the edge of the clearing. By the way, their security is non-existent; I wasn’t even noticed. He not only insulted Billy but then shouted at Kelly. When she told him where to stuff his pack membership he told her she couldn’t talk to him like that.” Vash tone turned amused. “She told him if he didn’t want her brother then she didn’t want to be in the pack. She then proceeded to tell him exactly who they were and who their fathers were. You should have seen the color leave him.” Vash was positively gloating by the end of his narrative.

Jackson was still glaring at the alpha, he turned slightly to speak to Casey, “Do you have enough power to transport them all? I think I will stay and have a chat to this alpha about the High Council’s views on bigotry.”


Casey nodded, “I’ve already called Jamie, he and I are linked. Have fun but please don’t kill him unless you have to. The laundry can’t cope with more bloodstained clothes yet.”

Jackson nodded and Casey called the young shifters to gather round him. “Everyone make sure you’re touching someone.” When they were all arranged to his liking the world went blurry and then cleared to show the main living room.

Vash turned to the young shifters and then looked at Zane and Eddy. “Welcome to your new home. Where you’re free to be whatever you want to be.”

The children said their thank yous and headed off spend some time alone.

Vash turned to Casey. “How could that alpha treat them like that? I know there are still bigots out there but I must admit to thinking that being gay had never been a problem when it came to mates. We don’t choose our mates, fate does.”

“I think there will always be bigotry in the world including on our island. Some people have to hate. They will pick different reasons, whether it be species, sexual orientation, color, education, money, status, or many other things. All we can do is show them we’re better than them and that they don’t matter to us.”


Jackson came home a few hours later and went to find Casey and Vash.

“Did you leave him alive?” Vash asked curiously.

Jackson grinned, “Yes—but barely. Thanks for sending Thane with a car. It would have been hard to get the alpha to lend me a car when he couldn’t really talk to give orders.”

Casey laughed and they all settled in to watch a DVD.

“Oh, by the way,” Jackson said, staring at the TV. “Vash, you may have some new pack members arriving in the next few weeks.”



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