Wednesday Briefs – Chapter two

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Welcome to another week  and another chapter. Still no title but I have got a loose pot line slowly developing in my head (and in my trusty notebook).

As always comments gratefully received, and please check out the other authors posting this week listed at the end of this post.

The prompt I used this week was:

“I said no, damn you”

Chapter two.


Oliver moved through the club with a purposeful stride. Anyone thinking of stopping him thought better of it when they got a look at his face. He was furious. How had some wannabe sadist Dom got into his club? all new members went through him and he hadn’t approved any for at least a month.

“Who’s poked the angry bear this time?”

Oliver turned to Tara approaching with a male sub following her on a leash.

“Hey, Tara. You seen a Dom that looks out of place around? Tall, short grey hair, holding a leather whip, black vest with no shirt, black jeans not leathers…” he trailed off trying to see what else he could remember from the brief encounter. It had been too dark to see eye color and he had been focused on Daniel.

“Yes,” Tara answered pulling him out of his thoughts.

“What! Where?” he demanded.

“He was heading for the door about half an hour ago. He looked like he had the hounds of hell on his heels. He was moving so fast he nearly knocked over a few of the servers. I’m sure Greg on the desk would have his name. he would have had to sign in. what has this guy done to have you after him?”

“Whipped an unwilling sub. Thanks,” he tossed over his shoulder already heading for the reception desk.

Tara caught up within a few strides. “What sub?” she demanded as they continued to move.

“Young one called Daniel,” Oliver answered absently.

“Slim, red hair, very polite and obedient?”

“That’s him. I take it you know him. He didn’t strike me as your type.”

“I’m the mistress of the house subs remember. I hired him two months ago. He’s very popular with everyone, male and female. He doesn’t do many scenes, and is definitely not into whipping, or any heavy pain. He may like a flogger or paddle. He’s more into service. Is he okay? Where is he?”

“He’s fine, no broken skin and I put some salve on to help any pain, that’s why I haven’t grabbed the SOB that did it to him yet. He’s face down on a couch near the bat with Carlos watching over him. I wanted a word with the jerk who ignored his safe word. And I wanted to know how he got into the club in the first place.”

By this time they had arrived in reception.

“Greg, grey haired man, left about half an hour ago. Can you tell us his name please and how he got in. no one recognizes him as a member.”

Greg grabbed the signing in book and ran a finger down the names.

“Steven Hurst, he was signed in on a free pass. Remember you ran a competition in that magazine on opening week? He had the pas you sent the winner. I got him to fill in all the paperwork and sign the agreement of the rules within the club.”

“That competition was over a year ago,” Oliver exclaimed. “and the winner was a Ginny Hurst. I only remember because Carlos made fun of her name being the same as the girl in those wizard books he likes reading.”

“Well, it looks like she gave the pass you sent to someone else in her family,” Tara observed. “Didn’t you think to put her name on the pass so it couldn’t be used by someone else?”

Oliver flushed, no, he hadn’t thought of that. Now, he really wished he had.

“Come on, let’s check on Daniel. I need to find his brother. They were hired together and he would be the best person to care for Daniel.”

“Brother?” Oliver questioned, following Tara back into the club and realizing she must have left her sub somewhere before following him outside.



Carlos watched the young man rest where Oliver had left him. His red hair stood out against his pale skin. Carlos saw a shudder pass over the lithe form. Rounding the bar, he moved slowly to approach from where the sub could see him, but the young man’s eyes were closed and he was moving restlessly now.

A whimper came from the young man, “I said no, damn you…” Carlos gently shook a thin shoulder and brown eyes blinked up at him in surprise.

“You seemed to be dreaming.” Carlos said trying to make his tone reassuring. “Master Oliver asked me to watch over you for a while. Are you okay?”

“Cold, Sir,” came the hesitant, whispered answer.

Carlos grabbed the soft blanket from the floor and drew it over the boys lightly shivering form. The boys sigh of relief made Carlos smile.

“What have you done to my brother?” a loud voice demanded, and before he could turn Carlos found himself being rammed by a red whirlwind.

Finally managing to grab an arm he pulled the person to their feet and found himself face to face with an identical copy of the sub laying on the couch.

Carlos looked between the firecracker he held by the wrist and the sub in the couch who was trying to rise painfully.

Tara’s voice made everyone freeze. “What the fuck is going on here?”

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  1. Loved this. Can’t wait to read more


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