Progress Report – What I’ve done and What I am planning.

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I decided to take a leaf out of some fellow authors books and start a work in progress report. I will post every Monday and that way I have to try and meet my own targets.

So where to start? How about a quick round up of last year first?

August 9th 2015 saw my Goodreads story Help! My Lover’s an Alien story being made available for free download. I really enjoyed writing this one, it was my first foray into sci-fi and I loved making up the characters.

August 25th 2015 saw my first paid story “Have a Break, Have a…” being published as part of the apple bites anthology.

My thanks go to Julie and Denise for organizing, editing, and putting together the anthology. I am very grateful to them for the chance and for all the help and advice they gave me me—and still give when asked.

December 18th 2015 saw my story “Blue Knight” being released in the “Men In Uniform” anthology from Wayward Ink. One reviewer made the comment about the man in blue, referencing the alien’s skin color in this story. I have to say I didn’t even think about that when writing it. The uniform aspect was Franc’s change from crewman to ambassadorial assistant. But hey, either works.

My thanks to Wayward Ink for giving me this chance.

Blog stories for 2015 were Wednesday Brief stories “Let Me In” and a few shorts for April fools (More fool me), Halloween Jamie and Andrew), and Christmas (Cade and Louis).

Ummm, that about wraps up 2015. Now, let’s get out my crystal ball and see what the first couple of months of 2016 will hold for us all…

January 2016 – I have written a shifter story for submission into the Mischief Corner Books Quarterly. I am currently proofreading it and have to submit it by the 20th.

I am then going to work on Andrew and Jamie’s story. I have already added over 10,000 words and the aim is to add another 20/30,000 by the end. I have changed parts of the timeline and added scenes to close up gaps that readers pointed out to me.

February 2016 – I will be starting work on three stories I have due for submissions in March. One uniform based, one BDSM, and one alien.

Help needed – As always suggestions are gratefully received. I am also trying to build a small team of beta readers. These would be people who would read the stories before they are submitted to a publisher to see if they think I have missed anything out, left any loose ends, or made any obvious mistakes like changing a character’s name half way though (I think I’ve done that twice already).

If you would like to help you can comment on this post, email me, or PM me on Facebook or Twitter.

On-going projects – All through the next few months I will be rewriting the Unison Island series. As already said Andrew and Jamie are first. I will then be rewriting Adam and Ben’s story, the storyline needs reorganizing and I have a lot of scenes to add. Buried Treasure and Let Me In are going to be combined into one story. And then of course The Mouse that Roared is going to be extended. I am planning on submitting them to a publisher as soon as Andrew and Jamie’s one is finished and the other three are drafted.

Anyway that’s my first progress report. Any questions/suggestions please comment or contact me.

Bye Bye For Now 🙂

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