Wednesday Briefs – Chapter three

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Prompt used this week was;

A picture prompt – A naked man with a towel covering the essentials. he is muscular, with a tattoo on his left shoulder and arm. He is looking down through  window and looks like he’s just got out the shower. (Sorry copyright means I can’t post the picture 😦 )

Daniel Chapter 3


Everyone froze at Tara’s voice.

Then two voices said in unison, “Sorry Mistress.”

Daniel had been trying to sit up and Oliver moved to help him as Carlos carefully put the Daniel clone down and watched as he rushed to Daniel’s side.

“I’m fine Silas,” Daniel insisted quietly as his twin ran his hands over what exposed skin he could reach before Oliver batted his hands away to pull the blanket round Daniel’s shoulders more securely.

“How have I not seen you two around together before?” Carlos demanded. He was sure he would have remembered two such striking subs running around.

“We rarely stay near each other in the club.” Silas answered. “We both have different ways of submitting and if a Dom sees us together he or she will probably want us together.”

Carlos thought back and he started putting it together. The fact the same sub would come up asking for drinks orders but something would seem different sometimes. They were two different subs that’s why, Carlos felt like slapping his forehead.

“What happened?” Silas demanded of Daniel.

“I…Um…Got in over my head. Master Oliver got me out of it though,” Daniel looked at Oliver for help but his brother had already started talking again.

“What have you been told about being too trusting. You have to make sure you’re safe before you scene with anyone. Come on Dan, you know this.” The fiery red head was on a roll but stopped when Daniel untangled a hand to slap him up the back of his head. Carlos was stunned it was the most animated he had seen the boy since being asked to watch him.

“If you would shut up and let me speak you would know that I did go over my limits with the man before allowing him to tie me up. I also went over my slow down words and stop words. I also yelled for help when I needed to.”

If Carlos thought Silas would be cowed by his brother’s reassurances, he was proved to be mistaken.

“But you didn’t tell anyone who you were going with. It’s in our contract with the club, all scenes have to go through Mistress Tara.”

The men seemed to have forgotten the Doms were there until Tara cleared her throat in a lull in the music. Both jumped slightly and looked guiltily at her before casting their gazes to the floor.

“Silas do you think I am incapable of telling one of my subs when they have disappointed me?” her tone was conversational but Carlos wasn’t fooled and I seemed neither was Silas.

“Of course not Mistress. I apologize I lost my temper. I will work on it better, I promise.”

Tara raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment, Carlos got the feeling Silas had a lot of practice at apologizing. Carlos pitied the poor Dom who got to try and control the firecracker. He preferred the quiets ones, who wanted to be looked after and cared for. He shook off the thoughts and refocused on the conversation.

“Daniel, I will arrange for you to get home and when you are able to serve again we will go over the rules and your contract again before you will be allowed in the club. is that understood?”

“Yes mistress,” Daniel said without raising his head.

“Carlos, you alright watching these two while I arrange transport? And I think Oliver has some information to check over.”

Oliver was nodding and Carlos assumed he’d find out what was going on after closing. Meanwhile… “I can watch them. Tim’s okay at the bar for now.”

He watched as Tara and Oliver moved away before turning back to the two whispering subs on the couch.

He took a seat in a nearby chair and just watched them for a few moments. When it seemed they were both getting uncomfortable under his gaze he spoke, “So, which of you two is the eldest?” It was the first thing he’d thought of and hoped he could think of more to say that didn’t make him sound like an idiot. Small talk as not really his forte.

Silas grinned. “I’m the eldest,” he stated proudly.

“By ten minutes,” muttered Daniel.

“That still makes me older,” Silas insisted.

“But not wiser,” Daniel retorted, still speaking quietly enough that Carlos had to lean forward to hear him over the now soft music.

Before Silas could answer Daniels statement, and before Carlos could think of something to say to break up what looked to be a brewing argument, Tara reappeared. “Right, I’ve called Toby and he’ll be here to collect you both in fifteen minutes. I want you both dressed in street clothes and waiting in reception for him.”

“Yes Mistress,” both men said as they rose gracefully and moved off together.

Carlos watched them go thoughtfully. They were like two sides of a coin, the same but different.



Carlos stepped out the shower half-an-hour later and stood rubbing a towel over his hair as he looked through the mirrored window down into the reception. He saw Daniel and Silas still sitting on the lobby chairs, Toby—whoever he was—must have been longer than expected. They still seemed to be engaged in an animated conversation.

Suddenly Silas’ head snapped up and he grinned. Pulling Daniel with him they moved to the doors.

Carlos saw the doors open and his jaw dropped when he saw the person the two men were heading for…

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    Can’t wait to read the next chapter! I’m liking your twins 🙂

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