Wednesday Briefs – Chapter Four

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs.

We get to meet the last main character in our lineup this week. I realized I have a lot of POV’s going on. So I have added the character’s name when it changes so you know who’s thinking what. I have also added it to the previous chapters too. Hope this helps keep things clear.

Please feel free to send/comment with any suggestions, corrections, or general suggestions. And please check out the other authors writing this week at the end of this post.

The prompt used this week was:

“You can jump in anytime,”

Daniel Chapter 4


Toby angrily pushed the doors to the club open. He had only just gotten to sleep after a long shift before being woken up by his phone. He so didn’t need this crap right now.

“What have you done now Silas?” he demanded as soon as he saw the two men.

“Hey this wasn’t my fault, not this time,” Silas insisted as they both stood to greet him, Daniel hung back as he always did. “Daniel’s the one that can’t follow the rules.”

“Huh,” huffed Toby. “All Danny ever does is follow the rules. So, what happened?” He hugged Silas but frowned when Daniel moved back before he could hug him.

“Um…Well…You see…” Daniel was looking anywhere but at him.

“What’s happened? Why can’t I hug you?” Toby was getting worried now. “I got a phone call saying you were hurt and that I needed to come and get you both. You can jump in anytime with an explanation”

“Daniel got himself tied up by the wrong Dom and whipped.” Silas piped up.

“WHAT!” Toby yelled at both of them, causing Daniel to flinch and Silas to roll his eyes.

“This is a BDSM club Toby. You do know what happens here, don’t you?”

Toby slapped Silas up the back of his head and turned his attention back to Daniel. “Well?”

Before Daniel could answer they were interrupted by another voice.

“I may be able to answer for him,” the approaching big man said.

“And who you might you be? No, don’t tell me, you’re one of those people that gets off by whipping defenseless young men. Sorry, but, I don’t want to hear whatever excuses you’re going to spew at me. I’ve had a long day and tomorrow isn’t looking much better.” Toby turned his back on the man and looked at Daniel. “Are you okay to sit in the car? Or do you need to lay on the back seats?”

Daniel shrugged and Toby almost snarled. Daniel always drew into himself when someone was angry with him but he couldn’t act calm at the moment, he was too tired and worried. Then he heard Silas speaking to the man behind him.

“Sorry Master Carlos. My brother is rather protective of us, especially Daniel, and well…”

Toby spun round. “No! You do not apologize for me. Now, move both of you.” He herded them both toward the doors but was stopped by yet another voice calling out.

“Wait, Please.” This voice he recognized from the phone call. Groaning inwardly over the fact he just wanted to get home and back into bed he turned and faced the dark haired women he assumed to be Tara who was moving gracefully toward them. Mmmm, now she was easy on the eyes, he mused. That hair would look good spread out on his pillow while he… He shook off the thoughts as she spoke to him.

“Toby, sorry to meet you under such circumstances,” she said as she stopped beside the little group. “We always hope we won’t have to use the emergency contact our members give us, but there are always going to be exceptions. I have some salve that will help Daniel be more comfortable. Silas knows how to apply it.” She held out a small tub and Toby nodded his thanks as he took it.

He continued to order the other two men out the door and into the car. He carefully helped Daniel into the back seat and let him lay on his front. There wasn’t much traffic at this time of the night—well morning actually—and Toby hoped they wouldn’t get stopped on the way home by any of his colleagues. That would be all he needed. How would he explain to a fellow officer why he had one man lying on his front on his back seat unable to sit up properly?

“Well, are you going to explain?” he asked Silas as he pulled out of the parking lot.

“Um, from what I understand a Dom approached Danny and they agreed to do a scene. The Dom got him tied up and then ignored him when he said stop.”

“And no one stepped in? What happened to all your precious safeguards you’re always going on about?”

“They’re called safe words.” Toby corrected irritably. “And Daniel had a safe word. I told you the Dom ignored him. Master Oliver heard him calling out and rescued him. Mistress Tara also teared him a new one, because he is supposed to clear all scenes through her first.”

Toby grunted, he didn’t trust himself to answer without giving the same lecture he’d given a hundred times before.



“Who the hell was that?” Carlos asked as the men headed out the door.

“That is Toby, Daniels and Silas’ brother. Why?” Tara was smirking at him.

He growled. “You could have warned me.”

“Why? I said I was getting them transport home. You know we have emergency contacts for all the members here.” She was trying to look innocent but Carlos could see through her act.

“Do you know the heart attack I nearly had when I saw him come through the door? Next time warn a guy, please.”

“Okay next time I call a family member to pick up an injured member I’ll be sure to tell you all about their family ties.”

Carlos growled again and turned to face her smug face. He knew she hadn’t told him or Oliver deliberately. She had obviously planned this hoping one of the men would be there to witness the pick-up.

“I don’t care about their family ties. But you can warn us when that family member makes our only set of twins into a set of triplets! Very hot triplets”

Tara doubled over laughing at his outrage.

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