Wednesday Briefs – Valentine Surprises Part 1

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Hi, welcome to another Wednesday Brief – we’re taking a break from Daniel this week to celebrate valentines day.

So I have gathered all the characters of Unison Island and decided to have a great big party. The first part is today and the rest will be posted by Valentine’s Day.

The prompt I used was:

What time is it?

Don’t forget I welcome all comments and please check out the other authors writing this week at the end of the post.

Valentine Surprise Part 1

“Has everyone arrived yet?” Jamie called out as he opened the door to Casey’s half of the main house.

“No,” came his brother’s voice from behind him causing Jamie to jump and spin in one move.

“Shit, Case. Do not do that.”

Casey doubled over laughing as Andrew joined them frowning. “What are you two up to now?”

Casey waved a hand in the air, unable to get air into his lungs through his laughter. Jamie crossed his arms and scowled. “My brother, decided it would be fun to appear right behind me as I came in the door. He scared the crap out of me.”

Andrew shook his head and brushed past them both. “You’re both as bad as one another,” he said then added. “Casey I saw that.” Casey had poked his tongue out but was now walking away in a huff. Jamie chuckled.

They found Jackson and Vash in the living room. Vash was sitting on the floor between Jackson’s feet as the vampire brushed the young shifters hair. A few more brush strokes and Vash’s hair was braided neatly down his back.

Jamie looked around at the group. All the men were dressed in varying colors of three piece suits. Jackson’s was dark blue with a grey tie, Vash’s was the same orange as his lion fur, with matching tie. Casey and Jamie both wore light tan suits to set off their dark skin. Andrew had opted for yellow and managed to pull it off well.

“So when are the others due?” he asked, but before anyone could answer the doorbell rang.

Case ran off and returned with Craig, Jaydon, Cade, and Louis. Respectively they were wearing pale blue, pastel lilac, red rose, and pale green, suits with ties that each had matched to their eyes.

A magical chime from the door leading the clinic indicated someone had put in the ode and was on their way in. Thane entered the room, and everyone stared for a whole minute before they starting giggling, then outright laughing.

Then stood there scowling, with his arm crossed which accentuated his muscular chest. The chest that was wrapped in a hot pink three-piece suit.

“Look,” he growled. “I lost a bet with Eddy and Harry. I still say those two cheated as well.”

Casey wiped away tears of laugher and looked around. “Where are Eddy and Harry?”

“They’re meeting us there. They wanted to make sure the decorations were finished in times and that the caterer didn’t mess anything up.”

What about Adam and Ben?”

“They’ll be here,” Jamie assured him. The bell rang as though on cue

“About time,” Casey groused, then yelped when a pillow hit him square in the face. Jackson was grinning and looked ready to run at the first sign of retribution. Sighing Casey rested back on the couch.


“Harry that doesn’t go there,” Eddy shouted from his perch on a ladder. “What time is it, anyway?”

“It’s three o’clock”

“We’ve got about an hour until people start arriving.” Eddy sighed as he tweaked the banner he was hanging into a better position.

“Good we have time to play then. You need to relax.” Harry called out. “Now get down here.”

Eddy climbed down the ladder and Harry pulled him into the nearest closet. Shutting and locking the door his hands went to Eddy’s pants. “And I have a great way to help you relax.”


Harry leaned back against the door as Eddy quickly free him from his pants and boxers. He’d been hard most of the day watching eddy climbing up and down the ladder in his tight fitting jeans. “We don’t have time for this,” he managed to gasp. “We still need to change into our suits.”

Eddy dropped to his knees and grinned up at him. “Well then that means you need to take these pants off. So I’m helping you get ready.”

Harry went to retort but it died on his lips when his aching cock was encased in eddy’s slick, hot mouth. “Oh yes. Your mouth is sooo gooood.” He slapped a hand over his own mouth to stop the sounds of his moans reaching anyone near the door.


Eddy did everything he knew his mate would love. He sucked and nibbled, he pulled off and sucked on Harry’s balls—one at a time and both together—he ran a finger past Harry’s balls and rubbed at his taint. When he felt the cock in his mouth hardening ready for release he slid his finger back further, now slathered with spit, it slid straight into the welcoming hole waiting there.

Harry let out a muffled scream and came down Eddy’s throat in long, hard spurts. Eddy loved the taste of Harry and really loved being able to make him come apart at the seams. He quickly caught the half vampire as he slid down toward the floor, lowering them both slowly to sit side by side.

“We need to get dressed,” Harry said, his voice muffled in Eddy’s shoulder.

“Lucky I grabbed our suits on my way in here then isn’t it?” chuckled Eddy.

“What about you?” Harry asked obviously having finally got his brain in gear again.

Eddy shook his head. “You and Thane can make it up to me in bed later. I helped him relax in the shower this morning while you did breakfast.”

Harry laughed. “That’s a deal.”

They helped each other to their feet and went about getting dressed in the crapped space without getting too distracted by each other.

“This is going to be so much fun.” Eddy said as he admired Harry in his white suit and smooth down his own dark green jacket.

“Yep,” Harry agreed and kissed Eddy one more time.

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