Valentine Surprises – Part Two

Adam and Ben entered and Jackson stared at his friend in shock. Adam had opted blue and green vertical stripes with red edging around the cuffs and collar. Ben’s suit was the same color combination but instead of vertical strips his zigzagged in all directions. It looked like colored lightning bolts dancing when he moved.

“Where did you get those suits?” Andrew asked, walking round the pair.

“Susan’s Stupendous Suits,” answered Adam grinning when he saw Jackson’s face. “It’s over on Hekeon Street.”

Jackson shook his head and marshaled his thoughts before speaking. “We’d better get going or we’ll be late to greet the guests. Casey, are you sure morgana and her group are okay with all the kids? Seven children of varying species is a lot to handle.”

“They’ll all be fine,” Casey assured him and moved to pick up a light coat.

Everyone gathered what they needed and headed out chatting amicably.


“What have you two been up to?” Thane demanded as the group entered the hall and he saw Harry and Eddy standing trying to look innocent near the end of the buffet table.

Harry’s gaze flickered away and back. Thane followed where Harry had glanced and saw nothing except a coat rack and a door that must have led to some sort of closet. A closet? Ahh…

“I see, you two have been having fun, have you?” Thane chuckled at the blush staining Harry’s cheeks, and the cocky grin on Eddy’s face. “Let’s enjoy this party, sooner started – sooner over, and I can get you two where I want you.”


The party was in full swing. Jaydon was waiting for the right moment impatiently and glared at Casey when he told him to calm down for the umpteenth time.

“Do you have any idea how uncomfortable it is to keep my shields up this long?” he growled. “I am trying to block everyone at this party and I have to include Craig as well or he may get a hint of what I have planned. Now can you please hurry things along.”

Casey has the decency to look guilty and nodded before rushing away.

The music went silent and Casey appeared in the stage.

“Welcome to Chapmistres View’s annual valentine party. I know you all want to enjoy the music from our wonderful local band here—” This was interrupted by cheers from the audience. “Yeah, yeah, settle down. As I was saying, I know you all want to enjoy the music but someone wants to say something first.

Many of you know Jaydon, he came here two years ago with a group chasing a fugitive. After his mission was complete he and his partner Craig agreed to stay and join our community. I will now pass the stage over to him.”

Jaydon swallowed, taking a deep breath, he made his way onto the stage and faced the hundreds of people filling the community hall.

“Hi,” his voice came out as a squeak and he cleared his throat before continuing. “I won’t take much of your time, but I have something to say to a very important person here. Craig will you join me?”

Craig made his way up to the stage and gave Jaydon a curious look. “What are you up to? Why are your shields up to me?” he whispered. Jaydon just shook his head and turned back to the crowd. “This man has been my best friend for as long as I can remember. We grew up together, we got into trouble together, then finally we fell in love together. He has always been there for me and I will always be there for him.”

Jaydon turned back to Craig and dropped to one knee. Gasps rippled through the crowd but Jaydon ignored them and looked up into the shock face of his only ever love.

“Craig, I love you and need you with me always. I would like to proclaim our bond to all the island. Will you do me the honor of taking me as your husband?”

Craig just stared and Jaydon started to feel scared that he had made a mistake. Then a huge grin split Craig’s face and he pulled Jaydon up to him. “Of course I’ll marry you.”

The crowd cheered and whistled as the newly engaged couple kissed passionately for all to see.


Jamie wrapped his arms round Andrew from behind. “Aww, it reminds me of us when you asked me to bond with you,” he sent along with an image of how Andrew had looked when he was making love to Jamie that first time.

The music started up again and the couple swayed to the music at the edge of the dance floor. Their minds melded; feelings of love and contentment flowing freely between them.

Jamie suddenly froze and swayed slightly, not in any kind of dance move, Andrew grasped his arms supporting him.

“What’s wrong my mate?” he asked worriedly.

“Um, I think…” Jamie started but trailed off.

“Think what?” Andrew prodded.

Andrew supported him off the dance floor until they were in a secluded corner. Seeing a chair Andrew pulled it over and sat down with Jamie in his lap. Jamie laid his head on Andrew’s shoulder.

Andrew was worried but he gave his mate the time he obviously needed. He concentrated on sending feelings of comfort and love until he heard Jamie’s voice whispering in his mind.

“Look love,” Jamie sent. Andrew followed the mental path Jamie was laying and gasped. There was a tiny spark of new life deep within his mate.

“A baby?” Andrew sent not wanting to speak out loud and spoil the moment. “Love, that’s wonderful.” Then he felt Jamie sway again. Turning them so they were as much out of sight of the crowd as was possible he bit into his wrist and held it up to his mate. “Drink, you know that’s why you’re feeling dizzy.”

Jamie drank and Andrew felt the strength returning to his mate and was reassured.

“We are not staying late here. You will need your rest.” Andrew tried to sound stern but knew he failed when Jamie grinned at him.

“Yes, Sir,” Jamie laughed and snuggled in further.


“Come over here,” Eddy whispered to Thane about an hour into the party. He started pulling the bigger man by the hand. Harry he grabbed Thane’s other hand as they passed and together they pulled Thane to a set of stairs.

“Where are you taking me you little minks?” Thane laughed, not putting up a fight.

“You’ll see,” Eddy replied closing the door to the stairs behind them and dropping the lock. Leading the way down in the near dark he opened a door at the bottom.

Thane gasped. They were in what looked like an old large storage room. But it had been turned into a bedroom. A large bed draped in red covers stood in the center, surrounding it were small tables with candles of varying sizes scattered on them. The whole room was filled with the light from candles and the flickering flames made patterns dance across the plain ceiling.

Harry and Eddy stood in front of him and starting dancing together to the music that still filtered through from above. They moved with such grace, they’d obviously been practicing—usually Eddy couldn’t be called anything resembling graceful.

Moving together they reached for Thane’s jacket and slowly unbuttoned it, never stopping their seductive moves.

Piece by piece his suit was removed. Then Eddy was dropping to his knees and Harry was leaning into kiss over Thane’s bare chest.

Thane stopped them both. “I want to see you both too,” he growled. Then he added, “Besides Eddy, you’re due some relief I believe.”

Thane laughed at how quickly Eddy jumped up and started to strip, Harry wasn’t far behind him and Thane soon had two naked laughing men standing in front of him.

Thane grabbed both Harry and Eddy by their cocks and started stroking softly. “I want you both inside me,” he said, they hadn’t all been in the same bed at the same time for a few weeks with Harry busy with council work and Eddy busy with school work. Thane wanted his men, and he wanted them both. Now!

Eddy’s groan echoed Harry’s and Thane grinned then moved his grip to grab both men round their waists and hoist them over his shoulders, causing them both to let out yelps.

They’d barely bounced on the bed before Thane joined them and turned to capture Harry’s mouth in a fierce kiss. “On your back,” he growled into Harry’s mouth.

Once in position Thane found the lube on a nearby table and handed it to Eddy. “Get me ready, quickly!” he stated and leaned over to take Harry’s cock in his mouth presenting his ass to Eddy.

He moaned around Harry when he felt the Eddy’s finger enter him. True to Thane’s request Eddy didn’t waste time and soon had three fingers pumping in and out of Thane’s hole. Thane was rock hard and moaning continuously round the mouthful he had.

Pull off Harry he demanded, “Now. Get in me now.”

Harry’s hands guided him up and onto the cock he had just been sucking, he groaned in pleasure as he felt the head enter him and slide right on up in one long glide. He tried to move but Harry kept a tight hold of his hips—damn vampire strength.

“We are going at Eddy’s and my pace, my mate, not yours.” Harry growled in their minds before moving to grip Thane’s shoulders and pull him down into a long passionate kiss.

“Ready for more?” Eddy’s voice asked just before Thane felt the pressure against his hold begging for entrance. Taking a deep breath Thane consciously relaxed all his muscles and allowed Eddy to push slowly but firmly into him.

This was what he needed. Both his mates with him, in him. Connected in the flesh as they were in their minds and spirit.

They fell into their usual rhythm as though no time had passed since they were together like this.

Slowly, gently, the passion grew until Thane couldn’t tell where any of them started or stopped.

Their release when I came consumed them all and the cycle of pleasure was never ending.

They ended up a tangled mess on the bed, sound asleep. The party was temporarily forgotten; all that matter was being with each other.

Part three on V Day


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