Valentine Surprises – Part Three

Part Three

“What are you watching?” Cade asked as he looked around to try and see what had his mate so amused.

“Well, let’s see. Jaydon has proposed and disappeared with his fiancé, Jamie and Andrew are trying to reach each other’s tonsils over in the corner there, and Eddy and Harry just pulled Thane through a doorway behind us.”

Cade spun round and saw the door to some stairs swinging shut behind a disappearing figure. Turning back round his gaze found Jamie and Andrew who were now cuddling close. The image made Cade chuckle, Jamie was a twice the size of his smaller slimmer mate but he was cuddled up on Andrew’s lap as though he belonged there—maybe he did.

“What shall we do then love?” Cade asked pulling Louis in front of him and pushing his erection into his mate’s ass.

Luis groaned silently, closing his eyes as feelings of love and arousal spread through him. “How did I get so lucky?” he sent.

Cade bit his ear, then his neck while sending, “I’m the lucky one, I helped stop a criminal, got a promotion, stopped a council takeover, but, best of all, I found my mate and got him to accept me.”

Louis melted into him and them swayed to the music.

“Excuse me,” a voice interrupted.

Cade turned to see a tall, broad shouldered, man standing nearby, as though he wasn’t sure whether to intrude or not.

“Trevor,” Louis sent, including Cade in the conversation. “I’m so glad you could make it.”

“I said I would be here,” the newcomer, Trever, replied with a smile. He turned his gaze onto Cade and Cade thought he was seeing things. The man had the same color eyes as his father and he himself had. “I haven’t seen you since you were a newborn, so I doubt you remember me. I am Trevor Grenhelm. I am also your fathers younger brother.”

Cade stared at the hand the shifter was holding out to him. After a couple of pokes from Louis he numbly reached out and took the offered hand. “But I was told I no longer had any family left,” he said, trying to get his head round what the man was saying.

“Um, well…you see…” the man trailed off and turned to Louis with a pleading look.

“Trevor was asked to leave the pack when he refused to mate with whom your grandparents wanted him to.”

“I had only just turned eighteen, I met my mate, she was one of the pack’s cooks. My mother thought she was beneath me. She wanted me to mate with a neighboring packs alpha’s daughter. She wanted to meld thee packs. When I refused she tried to get father to use his alpha powers to force me. It turned out I was stronger than him, but, I didn’t want to take the pack off him. So therefore I had to accept banishment instead. I didn’t hear about my brother taking over the pack until after the illness had killed off the alpha line. I was told everyone was dead and I assumed that included you. You had just been born when I was banished with my mate, her name is Gilly.”

Cade was shaking and he barely felt Louis guiding him to sit at one of the many tables dotting the edge of the dance floor. He had family. He wasn’t alone. Before he met Louis he had been so lonely.

A female shifter appeared behind Trevor. “Hi, is it okay for me to join you now?” her voice was hesitant but she placed a hand on Trevor’s shoulder obviously wanting the connection to her mate.

“Of course Gilly,” Louis sent. “Come join us.”

Cade shook off his shock and glanced as his mate. Louis was so calm. “What did you know about this babe?” he sent not wanting Trevor or Gilly to hear them.

“I had a private investigator looking into our family trees for a personal project I started. Imagine my surprise when he found Trevor and Trevor contacted me. I wanted to surprise you for valentine’s day. Are you happy, love.?”

“Of course I’m happy…Shocked…But happy.” Cade reassured Louis and leaned into him when Louis put an arm round his shoulders.

The new little family sat and talked in their quiet corner blocking out everything else that was happening around them.


Adam was watching Ben trying to dance with one of the young nurses from the clinic. The female vampire was holding onto Ben’s hands and spinning him all over the dance floor. Adam laughed when Ben’s face went red from all the blood rushing to it as he was spun this way and that.

He saw Ben say something to his dance partner and finally make his way back to their table. Instead of sitting beside Adam he dropped down into his lap.

“Hi, beautiful,” Adam smiled and dropped a kiss on Ben’s upturned lips.

“I have a small surprise for you,” Ben said his eyes twinkling.

“Oh, what is it?” Adam asked, the last surprise his husband had given him was their second child. “You’re not…”

Ben laughed, “No, not that.” Then grinned as Adam sighed. Two he could deal with, three? Maybe one day…in the future…the distant future.

“I spoke to Vash and he spoke to a few others. And well… I know you’ve always wanted to go camping so…”

Adam watched as Ben got red and tried to find the words he had so obviously rehearsed and had now forgotten. Love for his mate welled up and pulled him more securely into his arms. “Take a breath babe.”

Ben took a shuddering breath, then another, and another. Once Adam could hear his heart rate was nearer what it should be he dropped a few kisses in Ben’s lips, neck, and shoulder. “Now tell me.”

“I’ve arranged for us to camp out in the shifter lands for a week as a belated honeymoon,” Ben said quickly. Then added, “There will be no technology at all. No phones, computers, not even watches. A select few will know where we are in case of an emergency and Casey has taught me a spell to call for his help just in case. Vash, Casey, and Jackson are taking the kids and they will stay in the main house.”

Adam felt a rush of excitement. “You mean it will be just us? For a whole week? No kids? No interruptions when I want you?”

Ben nodded then let out a yelp as he was picked up and spun around.

“I love you, my mate,” Adam whispered in Ben’s ear as he sat back down with him on his lap. “And I am going to show you just how much as soon as I get you home later. And get the kids settled.”

Ben grinned. “I will hold you to that promise.”

They wrapped their arms around each other, oblivious to the crowds. Wrapped up in their own bubble of love.


Jackson, Casey, and Vash looked out over the crowd from their place on the balcony.

“It’s been a long time coming, but I think everyone is finally happy,” Jackson said looking down and seeing Jamie and Andrew cuddled up in a corner. He then spied Harry, Eddy, and Thane coming out of a side door looking very pleased with themselves.

“Yes I think you’re right old man,” laughed Casey, dodging Jackson hand as he went for the back of his head. He saw Jaydon and Craig slow dancing in the center of the room, and saw Cade and Louis talking to a large shifter he knew from Louis was a lost family member of Cade’s.

Vash looked out over the people he now considered part of his family and pack. Adam and Ben were sitting cuddled together on one chair deep in conversation. He hoped Adam liked the surprise.

Everything was right with their world. Love was in the air and if the three of them had anything to do with it, no one here would experience anything but happiness and peace for the rest of their lives.





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