Wednesday Briefs – Chapter Five

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief. Today we’re back with Daniel.

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Prompt used this week:

Traces of tears still glistened in his eyes.”

Chapter Five


“Okay, what happened?” Toby asked, while he was spreading the soothing cream over Daniel’s back.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” Daniel muttered, pushing his face into the bed.

“Well, you’re going to have to,” Toby stated. “I had to come and get you at stupid o’clock in the morning. I am now looking at your back, and your lucky none of these broke the skin. Come on, Danny, I know you don’t like pain play. That’s Silas’ thing not yours. He’d have melted into the bed by now, your obviously still in pain and you’re stiff as a board. Now, what happened?” He made his tone more forceful, feeling bad, but knowing it would get a response.

“Do you know what the other sub’s call me?” Daniel said surprising Toby. Daniel didn’t wait for an answer before continuing, “They call me the ice queen.” Toby winced glad Daniel couldn’t see him. “They say I show no emotion like a frigid woman, and that I need a good whipping to teach me how to act like a human being. But, of course, I never do any pain play, and so they have started saying I’m too scared to take it.”

Toby continued to massage in the cream thoughtfully. “So you agreed to the whipping to prove a point?”

“No! I didn’t agree to the whipping at all.” Daniel burst out.

Toby froze. “What do you mean you didn’t agree at all?” When he didn’t get an answer he grabbed Daniel’s shoulder and pulled him onto his back, remembering at the last moment to settle him carefully. “Daniel, what do you mean you didn’t agree?”

Tears were running down Daniel’s face. “What I said, I didn’t agree.

“The Dom came to me and said he’d been sent to teach me some new lessons, I assumed Tara knew about it. We went through my limits, but he said that he would be pushing some of them with the scene he had planned. He spoke fast and seemed to gloss over a lot of what was going to happen. But he was in the club, and they are so careful who they let in, so I trusted him. He tied me up and was just giving me a light spanking which, okay, I didn’t really enjoy, but he wasn’t exactly going hard on me. I thought if I could take this that the other subs would lay off a bit. He kept saying how good I was and how I was going to feel so good by the time he was finished with me, I thought that it wasn’t so bad, and I liked the praise. I didn’t even know about the whip until the first strike. He timed each strike with the music and I realize now it was so the noise was mostly covered. I called out yellow to make him stop and check on me, but he didn’t. I screamed red to make him stop all together, but he still ignored me. It seemed the more I screamed the harder the strikes got so I stopped.

“He untied me at one point saying he preferred his subs to match front and back. I don’t know how but I managed to get free, and just kept yelling. Then Master Oliver came for me. The rest you know.” By now the tears were running freely down Daniel’s face.

Toby was livid. “You are going to make a police report and we are going to throw the book at this bastard.”

Daniel was already shaking his head. “You know I won’t speak to the police. Firstly, they would just say I was asking for it because I like—and I quote—to play those freaky games. Secondly, it would bring suspicion down on the club. And lastly I don’t know who the guy is. He didn’t give me a name, only told me to call him Master, and it was too dark for me to properly identify him again.”

Toby sat on the end of the bed seething, trying to sooth his brother by stroking any unhurt part he could. Unfortunately, he had to acknowledge Daniel was probably right. Even about his fellow officer’s reaction, most didn’t understand the difference between submitting and allowing someone to abuse you. By the time he had calmed down Daniel had fallen asleep curled on his side, traces of tears still glistened in his eyelashes.

Leaning down he whispered in his sleeping brother’s ear. “I will find this bastard, I promised you no one would hurt you again, and I intend to keep that promise.” Kissing the top of Daniel’s head, he tucked him in and crept out the room.

He found Silas and sent him to sleep with Daniel, in case of any nightmares. And after he saw they were both settled he headed for his home office.

He moved his open case files off his desk and opened a new folder on his computer. It only took ten minutes to type up what Daniel had told him and what he had gleaned from Silas on the way home. Looking at his watch he saw the club would still be open. Picking up the phone he hit redial.

“Hello, this is Helen how can I help you?” came a perky voice.

“Can I speak to Tara please? Tell her it’s Toby Carroll.”

“Please hold the line.” Toby rolled his eyes at the cheesy music, he just knew he was going to be humming that for hours to come.

“This is Tara,” came the familiar voice as the music cut off abruptly.

“Tara, we need to talk…”

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