Wednesday Briefs – Chapter Six

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Welcome to another wesneesday brief. since I have been very bad at doing any Monday updates, here’s a quick one.

I have finished on story and am just proofreading before I send it to my beta reader – thank you to the lovely lady who has volunteered to help me. I also have one other story nearly finished and I am still rewriting Jamie and Andrew’s story.

Now onto Daniel. This week we start to see a plan coming together for the boys. Tara will see to it everyone stays in line 😉

As always suggestions and such are always welcomed and please check out the other authors at the end of the post.

Prompt used this week:

A picture of a falling house of cards.

Chapter Six


Tara looked around the room at the two men bickering like a pair of teenager. Really, she thought, they were thirty years old now, they needed to grow up.

“Guys, come on please I need to talk to you both.”

They sobered instantly and turned their full attention ono her.

“Right,” she said as she gathered her thoughts. “We need to discuss Daniel and Silas. I thought I should fill in some basics for you both as you don’t usually have anything to do with hiring the subs that work for us.

“When a sub applies here for work, or training, the first thing I do is interview them personally. I want to know what, if any, experience they have in the lifestyle. I want to know what they’ve tried wither at other clubs or at home with their partner. I then ask if they’re looking of training or work.

“The subs that work for us—such as servers, cleaners, etc.—are off limits to the Dom’s during their work hours. If a sub lets a Dom play while they are meant to be working, we could be done for prostitution or some other crap. Therefore, all play is off the clock. Of course part of the pay package is free membership to the club.

“The subs that want training pay for membership but are not allowed to have sex with any of the dos—same reason as before, we are not a brothel. The only Dom’s that are allowed near the trainees are the experienced Dom’s that have passed another interview with me, hence the reason all contracts go through me for staff and trainees.

“Now, Daniel and Silas are special projects of mine. Both have had a very bad past experience in the lifestyle—and no I will not go into detail if they want you to know they will tell you—so they are both very vulnerable. I was careful to go through their limits in fine detail and add a few extra safeguards.

“Silas terms himself as a pain slut. I have seen him take a beating that made even me cringe and yet he shot so hard he must have been seeing stars. Of course, the rules of no broken skin or permanent marks is always adhered to. What I worry about is if he says he needs pain to feel pleasure.

“Daniel on the other hand is a service sub to the core. All he wants is to please, he will serve drinks, do chores, run errands. Although he doesn’t like pain he has agreed to spanking for punishments, but, only with a bare hand. He is very wary of any penetration, or bondage, of any kind.”

“Why would he let himself be tied up and whipped then?” Oliver interrupted.

“Ah, I received a call from Toby last night just before we closed. He said Daniel told him that some of the other subs have been telling Daniel he is weak because he can’t take any pain. Needless to say I will be fully investigating this. But, because of those remarks Daniel felt he needed to prove himself. I will be having a strong word with him next week. You’ve spoken with Daniel, Oliver, I bet he hardly said two words.”

“No, he just agreed to everything once I got him away from that jerk,” Oliver agreed.

Tara nodded. “So, I have a proposition. I know you both are between subs right now and I would like you to take one each to work with. You’re both experienced and at least I know they would be safe with you two.”

The two men nodded and she continued.

“Oliver I would send Silas with you. You’re an expert with pain play and I think you would have a good chance of breaking through to him. Plus, I know you love a challenge and Silas is definitely that.

“Carlos I would like you to take on Daniel. You’ve got the patience and he can always help you behind the bar. You could train him to make drinks.

I want regular reports and they still have to check in with me when they arrive and before they leave the club. Is that okay with you two?”

Carlos shrugged. “You’re the expert on these two. That’s why we agreed with you being in charge of the subs. Oliver is better with the Doms and I am better bartering with the suppliers and dealing with the accounts. If you think we can help then I’m up for it. As long as the boys agree to it of course.”

Oliver was nodding too. “I do it if you think it best. Also I think I need to rethink the rules regarding the Doms. I never want a repeat of what happened. I went over the surveillance tapes but I can’t get a good picture of the bastard’s face, and I don’t know what we could do even if I could.”

“Ah, Toby had an idea for that too. Toby is a detective with the local PD. He has offered to come in undercover and keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour. He is familiar with the lifestyle a bit through his brothers, so…”

When she trailed off Carlos spoke up, “So he’ll join his brothers. Are you going to take him on?”

“Um. No. He’s coming in as a Dom.”

Oliver and Carlos just stared. She cleared her throat. “Just coz they’re triplets, doesn’t mean they’re identical in their personalities too. Look at Daniel and Silas.”

Oliver both started talking at once and Tara sat back letting them bicker about what they should do, she’d tell them what the plan was when they’d talked themselves out. This was going to be some interesting times coming up. Hopefully their plan would hold up and not topple like a house of cards.

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