Monday Update

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Hi all,

A quick Monday update—see I can get things on the right days sometimes… 😉

I finally finished my first story of the year in time for a submission call from Wayward Ink. It is currently with a beta reader and will be sent off soon. I have also finished another story for the same publisher for a submission call of theirs that is for later this year. The last of their current open calls is not due until September but I have a great idea for it and so will most likely get that done soon too.

I am currently editing ‘Help! My Lover’s an Alien’ from the Goodreads event. I have decided to self-publish it on Amazon, both in eBook and print. Amazon won’t allow me to list either for free, but any royalties I do receive (it will be a minimal amount per book) will go to charities supporting LGBT (suggestions are welcomed).

I will then be concentrating on getting Jamie and Andrew’s story rewritten and submitted.

Of course there is my ongoing Wednesday Brief story and I will try to write something for all special occasions, the next one will be Mother’s Day on Sunday (UK).

Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement and I hope you all enjoy what I have planned so far.



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