Wednesday Briefs – Chapter Seven

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief – Toby is going undercover this week, how do you think he will fare? 🙂

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A picture of a chess board with a game in play.

Chapter Seven


Toby looked in the full length mirror and grimaced. Silas had insisted that the black leather pants and open vest with a bare chest was the look he needed to be an undercover Dom. Toby just thought he looked like a child playing dress up. Since he and his brothers were identical he was just as slim and fragile looking as they were. He had added piercings and tattoos over the years to make himself an individual but essentially he looked like a twink, there was no other word for him. This role was going to stretch his acting to the limits but he needed to make sure his brothers were safe.

The door to the changing room opened and a big man walked in. he was dressed similarly to toby—at least Silas had been tight about the mode of dress then—and he was muttering under his breath. He saw toby and stopped in his tracks, show time…

“Silas what are you doing in here? This changing room is only for Doms and you know that. And what the hell are you wearing?”

Toby took a deep mental breath and straightened his back, he had to start as he meant to go on. He leveled the man with a glare that had been known to have harden criminals shitting themselves and spoke in a low growl. “I don’t know who you are and I have no desire to know. But, I do know that this club has rules of behavior, I had to read and sign them when I became a member. You will speak to me with respect or not at all.”

The Dom had gone red in the face and Toby wondered with amusement, if he was going to blow his top like in one of Silas’ favored cartoons.

“I’ll show you respect you little brat,” that man thundered. “I’ll tan your hide until you can’t—”

His rant was interrupted by Oliver entering the changing area. Toby had been introduced to him and Carlos when he arrived and had been told they would be looking after his brothers while he checked out the club for them. they all believed the wannabe Dom would make a reappearance.

“What is all the yelling in here? It can be heard outside.” Oliver’s voice was low but it carried the edge of command that toby had heard in many superior officers on the force. He turned. “Toby there you are.” He looked toby up and down slowly. “Silas was right those pants really show off your ass. The subs are going to be clamoring for your attention.” He swung back to face the other man. “Trever what were you shouting about tanning someone’s hide?” the question sounded casual but there was an undercurrent of displeasure that couldn’t be missed. Trever obviously didn’t miss it but he also obviously hadn’t listened to a word Oliver had just said to toby because his next words were.

“Oliver you know subs aren’t allowed in here. I was just asking what this brat was doing in here and offering to teach him a lesson in how to act around a Dom.”

Toby tried not to grin, he really did, well…okay so maybe he didn’t try that hard.

Oliver turned to fully face the Dom and Trever wilted under that gaze. “I think you should be taught a lesson in listening,” Oliver stated. “This is Toby Carroll. He is a new member in the club and is a Dom in training. I shudder to think what he has learned from you in the last few minutes. I would advise next time you check whom you are talking to before you open your mouth. Oh, and before I forget you’re on restricted membership as of now. Maybe after a few months of being monitored you will remember how to act. I was actually going to speak to you tonight anyway, I had a complaint from Silas that you were rude to him after a scene when he asked for aftercare. I think his words were you told him if he wanted all that sissy stuff he could go find someone else to coddle him. Do I need to remind you that part of your training is in how to care for a sub after a scene? In that raining you are told exactly what to look for to make sure the sub is able to function properly before being allowed to leave your sight. If for any reason you are unable to provide said care then you should arrange for someone else to do it for you, but you do not send a sub away what they are asking for help. Is that understood?” the last statement came out in a growl. Trever was already nodding frantically and backing toward the door. “You won’t be allowed full membership here until you complete the training, remember that,” Oliver stated coldly just before Trever made it to the door and through it.

“So, Toby, what do you think of the pace so far?” Oliver turned back with a grin on his face. Toby would never have guessed he had just dressed down a man a few moments ago.

Unable to hold it in any longer Toby started laughing, and it wasn’t long until Oliver joined him.

“Come on, Silas is waiting for us and Daniel should be arriving soon with Carlos. We’ll introduce you around, it will hopefully stop there being any more issues with mistaken identity.”

Still chuckling the two men walked out the room side by side. All the pieces were on the board and they’d made their move. Now, all that remained was to wait and see what move their opponent would make.

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