Happy Mother’s Day from the UK

Happy Mother’s Day from me in the UK. Here is a little short piece I wrote to celebrate all the mums out there that work so hard.

Casey and Jamie plan Mother’s Day.

“What are you two up to?” Ellie asked as watched her twins.

They had been acting shifty for days and she knew they were plotting something; she just couldn’t find out what. She hoped this wasn’t going to end up with her at the school again getting a lecture from the teacher. Last time Jamie had played a trick on the teacher and both had gotten into trouble as the teacher didn’t have a clue which one had done what.

“Nothing mom,” Casey innocently replied batting his eyelashes. She laughs and carries the washing basket outside, the warmth summer sun hit her face. Ah, this is a wonderful day for curling up outside with a good book. But, alas housework and two kids come first.

The main door opens and closes echoing through the house.

“Hello,” Jackson’s booming voice echoes.

“In the garden,” she calls back and soon the laundry is being taken from her and Jackson had taken over hanging up for her.

“The boys should be doing this for you on Mother’s day.”

Ellie laughs. “I would only have to redo it anyway so it’s easier to do it myself in the first place.”

“Well I hate to bring up work on your day off but Mr. Graham is feeling under the weather and his wife is worried. They were wondering if you would be able to do a home visit for them. You know you’re the only healer they trust.”

“Fine, just let me change,” Ellie sighed.


“She’s gone,” Casey called out and Morgana came to the kitchen grinning.

“Right let’s get this done. She won’t be gone long. Where do we start?” Jamie was bouncing on his toes.

Morgana scanned the room. “Let’s start with the table…” Rolling her sleeves up she started snapping out orders to the twins.


Ellie came home and closed the door with a sigh. Mr. Graham had been fine. All he had was a touch of indigestion but of course she had to do a full examination and every magical test she could think of. His wife insisted it could be something serious; a heart attack, stomach ulcer, cancer…The list went on…And on…

Silence. There was no noise coming from the house at all.

What were the twins up to now?

Sighing again she went to find out what trouble was waiting for her. So much for her relaxing day.

She heard giggling as she approached the dining room so she carefully pushed the door open.

And stopped in shock.

When she’d opened the door tiny lights had started appearing. They covered every available surface and some even floated in the air. The table was covered in a white cloth and more candles were in the center. Gleaming cutlery had been set with white plates. The kitchen door opened and Jamie and Casey entered both dressed in waiter uniforms, they looked adorable.

“Dinner will be served shortly ma’am. Would you allow me to help you change?” She smiled at Casey’s formal tone.

“Thank you, sir,” she nodded.

A few muttered words and she was dressed in her favorite going out dress and heeled shoes. Jamie answered a knock on the dining room door and revealed Jackson dressed in one of his smart council suits.

“I was told there was a lady in need if a dinner companion,” he smiled with a florid bow.

Dinner passed with pleasant conversation and a great three course meal—that tasted suspiciously like her favorite diner that she frequented.

By the end of the meal she couldn’t have been more pleased with the end to her day. But there was one question she had to ask.

“How did you do all this?” she asked Casey gesturing around the room and to the lights.

Both twins blushed and answered in unison, “Morgana may have helped a small bit.”

Ellie looked around at her family. Yes, this was a great Mother’s Day.


Happy Mother’s Day from the UK.


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