Wednesday Briefs – Chapter Eight

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief. This week Toby gets a firsthand look at his brother’s in their submission. What will his reaction be?

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Prompt used this week:

“Curiouser and curiouser”

Chapter eight.


Toby followed Oliver to a table set near a stage had to stop himself from freezing at the sight that met him.

Daniel was curled comfortably on the lap of a big man. Toby was almost sure he was the Master that Silas had called Carlos. Daniel looked relaxed for the first time in as long as Toby could remember.

Silas in the other hand did not look relaxed or happy. He was kneeling on the floor on a plush cushion. He was glaring daggers over Toby’s shoulder presumably at Oliver and Toby was sure Silas would have been yelling at the top of his voice if he hadn’t also been wearing a large red rubber ball gag.

His arms were cuffed behind him but, Toby could just see from the vantage point of being above him that he held a small ball in his hand. Research told Toby that if Silas dropped the ball he would be released; therefore, his brother obviously wasn’t that angry. Toby bit the inside of his lip to keep in his amusement but Silas’ glare transferred to him so he must not have been that successful.

Daniel opened his eyes at their approach but didn’t otherwise acknowledge them in any way. Toby sat in the free chair and Oliver took the chair by Silas’ cushion.

Gripping Silas’ hair Oliver pulled until Silas met his eyes. “Will you behave if I remove the gag now?” The question sounded gruff.

Silas nodded as much as he could and Oliver reached behind his head and loosened the straps. Silas immediately opened his mouth but Oliver shook his head and Silas snapped his mouth shut and piuted instead.

After a tap to Silas’ cheek Oliver turned to Toby. “So, what has Tara told you so far, about what’s expected of you as a Dom here?”

Toby looked first at Silas and then back to Oliver, the Dom was smirking and that got Toby’s back up immediately, he took a calming breath before speaking.

“She gave me a copy of the rules and a list of websites to research so I could fit in as well as can be expected for a newbie. It’s not like I am actually going to do anything with anyone. I’m here to observe.”

He saw a look pass between the other two Doms and saw Silas roll his eyes. What was going on? Why did he get the feeling he was being played? Curiouser and curiouser.

The big Dom holding Daniel spoke next. “No, we can’t have that. You’re our guest here, it’s up to us to make sure you get the whole experience. By the way, I don’t think we have been properly introduced, I’m Carlos, you know, one of those people that gets off by whipping defenseless young men.” Carlos was grinning as Toby mentally went through every curse word he knew. He should’ve known that his words would come back to bite him in the ass. The glare he shot Silas who he knew would be trying not to laugh said, you wait till I get you home. I’ll make you regret laughing at me. The cocked eyebrow he got in return said, Yeah? I may just enjoy that.

Breaking the staring contest he was having, he turned to face Carlos. Time to eat humble pie. “I should really apologize for my behavior that night. I had just finished a long shift and had only been asleep about twenty minutes when Tara rang. Then to find out that Daniel was hurt? Well, I may have overreacted.”

Carlos looked down at Daniel who had closed his eyes and smiled. “Actually, I can understand. When I saw him hurt I wanted to punch someone but the jerk had already gone. Maybe we’ll get another chance.”

Their conversation was interrupted by an announcement on the club’s pa system.

“The next Demonstration will start in fifteen minutes. This will be performed by Master Oliver.”

“That’s our cue, Boy,” Oliver said rising and clipping something to a collar round Silas’ neck. When he moved away Toby saw it was a leash. His brother was wearing a fucking leash. He gritted his teeth as Silas gracefully rose to his feet keeping his head down at all times. Oliver waved a hand and moved away through the crowds.

“What is the demonstration they’re doing?” Toby asked still looking after them.

Carlos looked up again. “Oh, Oliver is a Master of the whip. He’s doing a demo on how to properly restrain yor sub so they can’t be hurt. And then he’s going through three basic techniques.”

Whip techniques? He’s going to…

Toby counted to ten before speaking again. “And Silas has agreed to this?”

Carlos looked sharply at Toby. “Of course he has. No one does anything in this club without the consent of all concerned. Don’t even think about throwing Daniel into the mix either. We both know that was planned outside the rules of the club. Now, why don’t you go and watch?”

“Aren’t you watching as well?”

Carlos looked back at Daniel and Toby saw he had opened his eyes and was darting his gaze around as though scared. “No, I’m not going to watch, Daniel doesn’t like the whip and so we are just sitting here enjoying the atmosphere tonight.”

Daniel had closed his eyes and relaxed again at Carlos’ touch and words. Toby shook his head at his own stupidity and rose to follow where Oliver and Silas had gone. Of course Daniel wouldn’t want to watch a whip demo! Get your head out your ass idiot.

Toby arrived at the stage and found a seat, let the show begin…

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