Wednesday Briefs – Chapter nine

Welcome to another Wednesday Brief.

It has been pointed out to me by a reader on GA that I missed out the reason Toby believes Daniel’s attacker would return to the club. Therefore this week we will be having a flashback to Toby and Tara’s conversation at the end of a previous chapter.

As always please check out the other authors writing this week and all suggestions are gratefully received.

Prompt used:

I’ll bet you five dollars you can’t…

Chapter nine.


Toby sat as near to the stage as he could get. He hadn’t missed the challenge in Carlos’ tone when he said they wanted Toby to have the full experience. He’d show them how he would take their full experience and show them what he was made of.

While he waited for the show to begin he thought back to his conversation with Tara, when they came up with this wild plan.


“This is Tara.”

“Tara, we need to talk about what happened tonight with Daniel. Can you tell me what you know?”

Tara explained what she knew and Toby didn’t interrupt until she mentioned the name of the so called Dom.

“Steven Hurst? Does your doorman check ID? Are you sure it’s his real name?”

“Yes the door man checks ID, and yes, the ID matched, so as far as I am aware it is his real name. But, we both know ID can be faked.”

Toby grunted as he tapped on the computer keyboard. Logging into the police network he inputted the name and clicked search.

“But, even an alias may be in the system…” he said as he watched the timer icon flash.

The results flashed onto the screen. “No entries that are an exact match, but, three entries that match similar names.” He read off as he clicked on the link.

“Ah, what have we here?”

“I wouldn’t know as I’m not psychic,” Tara replied sarcastically.

Toby chuckled, “Sorry, I was thinking out loud. The new results list three other names similar to your guy’s. Also, each of those names is related to an open murder case in various cities. Stephen Nost in New York, Steffen Hith in Boston, and Stevie Hope in LA. They all took place in Clubs according to the case summaries”

“Oh my god, do you think he’ll come back to the club to finish what he started? Will he come after Daniel?”

Toby clicked on the first case and skimmed the notes before moving onto the next. “From what I can see here, in the New York case the guy returned four times targeting the same young man each time. In the Boston one he visited twice. Oh, hang on.” He skimmed the final case. “The LA case was in a BDSM club, similar to yours. He visited several times and seemed to be just an observer until two young men went missing. One was found severely injured; he’s in a coma. The other was found dead. When the cameras were checked it showed him watching those two men on each visit. On the last visit the three played and then left together. The descriptions of the guy vary. Dark hair, light hair, glasses, moustache, even a beard. But, the photos taken form the security cameras are always the same face. Gotta love facial recognition software. He obviously isn’t already in the system or the computer would have found him.

“Look if he thinks he got away with what he did he may return. What are your feelings about me putting someone undercover at the club?”

“A cop would stand out a mile. Well, except the few police members we already have of course.” Tara sounded skeptical.

Toby ignored the last comment and thought. “You take on trainee Doms don’t you?”

“Yes, all members wishing to be Doms have to complete a training period and test before being allowed to play in the club, unless they already have their own sub, and that sub is willing to sign a waiver to say the club has no responsibility—other than to listen out for their safe-word, of course. We wanted to make sure the unattached subs were safe and that everyone understands the rules.”

“Okay, you’re going to have a new trainee.” Toby scribbled notes as he spoke.

Tara chuckled “I’ll bet you five dollars you can’t get an officer to do this.”

Toby took a deep breath. “That’s why I’m going to do it myself…”


Toby was brought back to the present by Oliver walking onto the stage. Let the show begin…


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2 Responses to Wednesday Briefs – Chapter nine

  1. louiselyons013 says:

    I really enjoyed this. I skipped back to read the previous few chapters as I’ve been MIA for a few weeks 🙂 Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

    Liked by 1 person

    • cazpedroso says:

      Thank you 🙂

      I am writing this story as it comes, which means the characters are writing it themselves LOL. Some of them are being argumentative but so far they’re behaving. 😉


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