Wednesday Briefs – Chapter Eleven

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Welcome to another week and another chapter. This week we are deleving into Silas a bit more, just what is in his past???

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A picture of a man wearing a pair of white boxer shorts – Woo I wish I could post it for you 😉  But you know copyright and all…

Chapter Eleven.


Silas slowly came awake. The first thing he felt was the pain in his back. he tried to stretch but was caught in the bed blankets. Wriggling he tried to kick them off but found he couldn’t move. Arms were holding him. Harold!! No, he was dead. Silas had seen him die. Why couldn’t he move????


Oliver had just sent the last Dom and sub off, after answering their questions, when Silas started to stir. He tightened his grip when Silas started wriggling. Then he started thrashing and Oliver had to tighten his arms even more, to stop him falling.

“No. No. No,” Silas was muttering.

“Silas, it’s Master Oliver. You need to calm down now. You’re okay now,” he kept the words soft but firm, but, nothing seemed to work.

A pair of feet appeared at the edge of his vision and he looked up into Toby’s worried eyes.

“I may be able to help, Sir,” the young man said. Oliver was impressed at how Toby could keep to the respectful tone when he was obviously worried for his brother.


“Let me and Daniel calm him down.”

Oliver frowned but nodded and after sending a nearby sub for Daniel he waved Toby nearer. Silas was still thrashing and muttering but there didn’t seem to be any strength in him.

Daniel came running and both brothers sat beside Oliver. Daniel started stroking Silas’ head whispering while Toby started rubbing his feet.

Slowly Silas stopped moving and his eyes fluttered open. “Daniel?” he whispered, his eyes darting around.

Daniel moved so he could be seen and Silas smiled. Then he frowned.

“What happened? I remember being on the stage and being whipped until I came, but then nothing.”

Oliver smiled. “You passed out after you came,” he said then frowned. “You started to wake up but then seemed to get agitated…” he trailed off when Silas tensed.

“May I get up Sir?” He looked imploringly at Daniel and Toby. He obviously wanted to be away from Oliver.

Toby nodded slightly to Daniel. “Sir, may Daniel and I take him to wash up? I know he’s your sub but I think familiar faces may be better at the moment.”

Oliver couldn’t think of a good argument against such a sensible suggestion, not without coming across as an arrogant, uncaring ass. Finally, he nodded and allowed Toby to help Silas up. he watched as the brothers closed ranks and moved away.


God could he be more humiliated. He had had a panic attack in front of the first Dom to try and take him on for more than one scene since he started at the club. He really wanted the earth to open up and swallow him. To have to rescued by his brothers, shit…

“Silas, you’re okay now. Sit here and look at us, please.” The plea came from Daniel. Toby would know that no one could ever refuse anything Daniel asked.

Sighing he raised his head. They were in one of the private rooms and Daniel had sat beside Silas on the room’s bed.

“What happened?” Daniel asked as he brushed hair from Silas’ face.

Silas tried to think of a convincing lie, then gave up, his brothers would know anyway. “When I woke up I couldn’t move. My back was hurting and…well, my first thought was of Harold. No other Dom has been able to take me so deep that I…” he trailed off suddenly very conscious of the sticky mess in his shorts.

At the sound of a giggle his head snapped up. Daniel was grinning and it was enough to stop the retort hovering on his lips. When had he last seen his brother smile? Now he was giggling. Fuck, he’d missed that sound.

He was so transfixed by Daniel smiling that the wet washcloth landing in his lap made him yelp. This caused both Daniel and Toby to laugh.

“Yeah. Yeah. Laugh it up you shitheads.”

After he’d cleaned up, and Daniel had put cream on his back, he laid on his side on the bed with a brother either side and a towel wrapped round his waist.

“He’s gone,” Toby murmured. “He can’t hurt either of you again. I made sure of it.”

“I know,” Silas assured him. “It will just take a while longer for the rest of me to catch up.”

“You could tell Master Oliver,” Daniel suggested quietly. “He seems like he could help if he knew what you needed help with.”

Silas couldn’t help the retort this time. “Have you told Master Carlos anything?”

Daniel shook his head and went quiet making Silas curse. “I’m sorry Danny, but as you know talking about him is hard. We’ll get there I’m sure.”

Daniel nodded and gave him a small smile.

“I suppose I have to go out and at least face Oliver once more before you’ll take me home?” Silas went for a pleading tone but Toby was already nodding.

Daniel managed to sneak out the room and get Silas a clean pair of white boxer shorts from his locker without being stopped. So, in clean clothes—sort of—Silas took a deep breath and together they headed out to face the world once more.

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