Wednesday Briefs Chapter Twelve

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief. I finally decided on a title for this story. It is:

Buy One, Get Two and Three.

I was shopping online and well…

The prompt I used this week was:

A picture of an all black leather flogger.

As always suggestions, corrections, and comments are welcome. And please check out the other authors writing this week listed at the end of this post.

My thanks to Timothy M of the GA site for correcting a few typos last week 🙂 You always have a good eye for things my friend.

Chapter Twelve


Oliver watched the brothers exit the private room and saw how Toby slipped back onto his role as the Dom by separating himself from his brothers and walking slightly in front of them while Daniel kept an arm around Silas.

When Oliver met Toby’s eyes the other man nodded and headed for him.

“Sir, here is your sub back. With your permission I will pick him up from you at the end of the evening.” When Oliver nodded Toby turned to Daniel. “Come on I should return you to Master Carlos.”

When the two men had left Oliver turned to his sub who had dropped to his knees. He had never heard of Silas being so subdued. From everything he had learned Silas was a mouthy brat. Quiet wasn’t a word people thought of when asked.

“So, Boy, what should we do for the rest of the evening? I believe Mistress Delphene is giving a Shibari display. We’ll start with that and see where the rest leads us.” As he spoke he moved away and headed toward the stage again knowing Silas would follow. His question had been for himself anyway, Silas didn’t look like he was up to any more scenes and he wanted the chance to talk to the boy first before they did any more scenes.

If he reacted like that to a whip, how would he react to a flogger?

However, he didn’t want a repeat of what happened after if it could be prevented.

Oliver settled in a roomy armchair near at the side of the stage. “In my lap Boy.” Silas barely hesitated before he sat across Oliver’s knees—but he did hesitate and Oliver noted it. Oliver shifted until he had Silas’ head resting on his shoulder, then settled down to watch the demonstration. His hand found Silas’ long hair and he ran his fingers though it in what he hoped was a soothing gesture.

About halfway through the demonstration Oliver finally felt Silas starting to relax. His body molded to Oliver’s and his eyes slowly fell shut. The boy looked like he needed a good night’s sleep, Oliver wondered just how many nightmares the young man suffered from and what the cause had been.

As the demonstration finished he looked down again and realized Silas had fallen asleep again. It wasn’t exactly what he’d planned for their evening but if that’s what his sub needed who was he to argue?



Carlos watched the two men approach, the effect was uncanny. The two looked the same but you could also pick up differences if you looked hard enough. Apart from the tattoos on Toby, he also held himself straighter—more confidently. He hovered near his brother without getting in his space, as though to reassure Daniel he was there but not smother him at the same time.

“I am returning your sub Sir. Thank you allowing him to help me.” Toby gave Carlos a small nod. Daniel returned to Carlos’ lap and snuggled in, seeming to need comfort from something. Carlos pulled him in tight while still watching the other man.

“Why don’t you join us?” Carlos indicated one of the other chairs at their table.

Toby slid in and tipped his head watching them. “He relaxes with you,” he said suddenly, then speared Carlos with an intense gaze. “He usually only relaxes like that with Silas or me. He must really trust you.”

Carlos shrugged but inside he was grinning like a loon. Daniel had captured his attention since he had seen the young sub lying on the couch covered in welts. Usually, he trained a sub and found him or her a suitable master before moving onto the next. None had ever touched him in any way except as a bit of fun. Daniel was different. Carlos didn’t know why yet, but he did know he wanted to find out.

“Is Silas okay now?” Carlos asked breaking the silence that had descended on them.

Toby grinned, the bastard knew exactly why he’d changed the subject of himself and Daniel.

“Yes, he’s fine now. Last I saw him he was sitting in his Master’s lap.”

Carlos nodded, he thought Oliver may be as taken with Silas as Carlos was with Daniel. Well, only time would tell.

“So, how did you manage to pull this duty? Surely you have a conflict of interest?” Carlos asked. He had been wondering since Tara had told them Toby was joining the club undercover.

“Oh, that was easy. The detective on this case knows nothing about these sort of clubs. When Daniel was attacked he started asking me all sorts of questions. I let him think I was a member here already and that I would keep my ear to the ground while I was having fun. I did fine out the bastard we’re after is unlikely to give up. He will come back here. The profiler says once this jerk has picked a target he will obsess over that person until he has completed what he has planned.”

Carlos couldn’t suppress a shudder and he felt Daniel tense in his arms. Cursing himself for discussing the case in Daniel’s hearing after he was the one attacked Carlos tightened his arms round his sub and murmured soft words until Daniel relaxed again.

“So, what do you and Master Oliver have planned for me to see next?” Toby asked, bringing Carlos’ attention back to him.

“Nothing for tonight, I think we’ve had enough excitement for one night,” he replied. “But, there’s still tomorrow night remember.”

Toby let out a laugh and they discussed movies and music until it was time for Toby to take Daniel and Silas home.

Carlos was reluctant to let Daniel go but he knew in his head it was too soon to ask the sub to go home with him.

So, Carlos let Daniel go with the promise that they would do more the next night.

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