Wednesday Briefs – Chapter Thirteen.

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We are family

Chapter 13


“Make mine a double,” Oliver said as he approached the bar after closing.

Carlos grinned and poured a large whisky. “Heard you had an explosive demonstration with your new boy.”

Oliver grunted, downed the drink and tapped the glass for another.

“Go easy there, you still have to drive home. You don’t want to be arrested by one of Toby’s co-workers, do you?”

Oliver glared at his friend, but sipped at the second drink.

“So, what’s wrong? I heard the demo went great.” Carlos was got himself a drink and joined Oliver at the bar.

“The demo did go great. But, apparently it had a bad effect on Silas. He freaked out and it took Toby and Daniel to calm him down. I still don’t know what happened. He refused to discuss it after. Although, I have got him to agree to talk to me tomorrow night.” Oliver sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “I just want to help the boy. He seems to be worming his way under my skin.”

Carlos was nodding. “Yep, Daniel is doing the same with me. He’s just so sweet and shy, he makes me want to wrap him up and protect him from the world. If it’s any consolation Daniel won’t talk to me yet either. But, Toby did say that Daniel seems relaxed with me and that’s unusual. So, that sounds promising.”

Oliver nodded. “Yeah, Silas seems to relax with me. He slept on my lap, so, he must trust me to at least keep him safe here in the club. I need to plan something a bit more private for tomorrow I think. That way if he panics again I can contain it and maybe get him to talk to me without his brothers. I’ll also have to build in a few more safety limits until I’m more confident of what he can actually take and what will set him off later.”

“I’m going to start Daniel’s training behind the bar tomorrow,” Carlos offered. “Tonight I just wanted him to get used to me and me to him.”

The two men continued to talk until they were interrupted by shouting coming from the office, with the music off the sound carried fairly well so, they were able to make out a fair bit of what was being yelled.

“Idiots…What were you all thinking…This is not the sort of behavior…you thought what?…I’ll show you both funny…Get out…Your membership is hereby cancelled. Don’t bother coming back…I will be informing…you won’t be welcomed anywhere.”

Tara sounded furious. Oliver shudder, he never wanted to be on the receiving end of her temper again.

The office door banged open and two subs came flying out. Both ran straight past Oliver and Carlos and out the front doors, not even closing them behind them.

Tara came out at a more sedate pace but was obviously still fuming.

Carlos poured another whisky and pushed it across the bar to her as she sat beside Oliver.

“I take it the talk went well?” Oliver asked mildly, stiffening his spine as she rounded on him.

“Well? Well? I can’t believe what those two were up to right under my nose.” She took a long drink and Oliver tried to move away slightly just in case the glass went flying.

“What happened?” Carlos asked. Oliver noticed he was staying safely on his own side of the bar, coward.

Tara sighed and finished her drink before answering. “The two that ran out were Gillian and Fion. They’ve been subs here since we opened. If you’d asked me before Toby called me after the incident with Daniel, I would have said they were the best subs we had here.

“It turns out they are now a couple—which is fine of course. But, together they seemed to think that because they are the subs that have been here the longest that they were the senior subs and therefore in charge of all the other subs. They thought it was their job to make sure all the subs acted in the same way they did. They are both into moderate pain and didn’t like it that Daniel wouldn’t accept any pain except as a punishment. Fion apparently told Daniel that, as a club sub, he should be participating in the demonstrations on the stage and that he should be sharing himself with any Dom that wanted him. After all he had to make it worth the clubs while to have him here. And seeing as he was a sub in training he needed to try out different Doms to see what he liked.”

Oliver was furious. “And you let them go? You could have handed them over to me and I would have made them regret every word they said to that sweet boy. We are family here, we should be looking after each other”

“Oh, it gets worse.” Tara tapped her glass and Carlos poured another for her. They would be sharing a cab, Oliver thought to himself, at this rate.

“How can it get worse,” Oliver asked with trepidation.

“They heard about a Dom looking for a sub to whip, a sub who could take a lot of pain. The Dom in question was looking for Silas but Gillian pointed him toward Daniel telling him that he was Silas. And we all know what that bastard did to Daniel.”

Oliver turned at a sudden movement and saw Carlos’ glass go flying into a nearby wall. The glass shattered and Carlos turned to both of them with fury in his eyes. “If I see either of them here I will make them regret the day they were conceived, let alone born.”

After that statement Carlos stormed out from the behind the bar and toward the locker room.

Not if I see them first, Oliver thought. It had been his boy the bastard had been after.

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  1. louiselyons013 says:

    I haven’t had much reading time the past few weeks, with edits and things I’ve been doing. So I’ve caught up on quite a few chapters in one go. I’m excited to see what happens next. Silas and Daniel seem sweet. I hope the Dom who’s looking for someone who takes a lot of pain doesn’t get his hands on Daniel.

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