Wednesday Briefs – Chapter Fourteen

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs.

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A picture of a cute kitten ❤

Chapter 14


The next night Daniel was trying to remember every coping technique his last therapist had taught him. Yes, he liked to serve people. But, not twenty at a time all clamoring for his attention. Asking for drinks he’d never heard of and complaining when he took too long.

He could feel Carlos watching him and he was determined to not show any weakness, he didn’t want to disappoint his new temporary master.

“Boy, hurry up”

“We’ve been waiting ages down here.…”

“Move your ass you useless….”

At the last comment Daniel heard a growl and flinched looking around to see who’d he upset now.

He was stunned when Carlos stormed passed him and grabbed the obnoxious jerk by his leather vest.

“You will learn respect in this club or you will leave. Is that understood?” Carlos’ voice was quiet but it still carried easily over the soft music that was playing.

“Yes Sir,” the scared man yelped.

“Oh, and if I so much as hear a whisper that you’ve been rude to my boy again I will personally give you an up close demonstration of my punishment techniques before you’re shown the door.” Carlos dropped the man on the floor. “Now, get lost. You’ve had all your drinks for tonight.”

The man scrambled away and the other men at the bar stayed silent.

“Okay, who’s next?” Carlos called out cheerfully. After a few tense moments a shaky hand was raised. Carlos turned to Daniel. “Come on boy, those drinks won’t serve themselves.”

“Yes Sir,” Daniel murmured and got back to work.

This man confused him. The talk amongst the subs was that Carlos was heavy handed, loud, and demanded instant and perfect submission. But, he’d been nice and patient with Daniel. He’d been gentle and hadn’t demanded anything Daniel didn’t want to do. Was he just biding his time? Getting Daniel to let down his guard?

“Can I have some service here…Please?” a voice broke Daniel out of his thoughts and he rushed to take the man’s order.


Carlos watched as his boy shook up cocktail and blushed as the man he served it to said something to him.

He couldn’t help remembering the previous night. Daniel had been like a kitten curled up in Carlos’ lap. The boy had responded to the lightest touch and seemed to love being petted and held.

Now he seemed tense as he moved. Carlos assumed he didn’t like new situations. He’d had the sub come in three hours before opening so he could teach him the basic of the bar and how to ix a few simple cocktails. He also told him to remember to stamp the hand of anyone having an alcoholic drink. Two was the club limit and Carlos and his partners wanted it adhered to.

Daniel was now moving between the tables collecting glasses. Carlos was glad he’d talked the young man into wearing a temporary collar. It showed he was taken and would stop the Doms from trying to get him into any scenes. Well, unless they asked Carlos first, and his answer would be a resounding, NO. He was the only one allowed to touch his boy. He was the only one who going to hold him. He was the only one who…

Shit, he was really getting attached to the beautiful man. He was so screwed.

Shaking his head then turned his attention back to the bar and watched as Daniel served the next customer.

“How’s he doing?” Oliver asked coming up beside him.

“So far, so good. I’ve only had to chase off one rude jerk. I swear we need to vet our member better. We have really let things go since we opened and some real idiots have got in.”

“I know,” Oliver sighed and rubbed his face. “I’ve given a copy of our membership list to Toby and he’s going to run all the names on it for us. Anything pings he’ll let us know.”

“Where’s your boy? I thought you’d be keeping him close.”

Oliver grinned and nodded toward the bar. Carlos turned to see the two identical men speaking while being watched in fascination by every other man and woman waiting to be served. Carlos noticed that Silas too mow wore a collar. Great minds think alike.

“I asked him to get me a bottle of water. Shall we go and hurry them up?”

Carlos nodded and the two Doms headed for their boys.

“Where’s my water boy?” Oliver boomed causing both subs to jump.

“Coming Master,” Silas hurriedly replied making Carlos grin from behind him.

“Actually I think I’ve changed my mind.” Oliver had tilted his head when a new song started. “Let’s dance boy.”

He gripped Silas’ arm and pulled the smiling boy onto the dance floor.

“Can you dance boy?” Carlos asked Daniel when he saw the way his boy was watching his brother.

“I-I-I…um…well. It’s been a long time since…”

Carlos cut off Daniel’s stuttering and lifted the slim man clear over the bar and headed to join the crowd. He signaled to a couple sitting at the bar and the Dom nodded before taking his sub to work the bar.

It was good to have friends around, Carlos thought as he pulled his boy close.

Hmmm, tonight was going to be good.

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