Wednesday Briefs Chapter 15

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Yay – I’m mostly caught up and so I have a new chapter for you.

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Prompt used this week:

Have a pregnant silence in your story.

Chapter 15


Silas followed Oliver to an office, wondering what was going on.

“I have paperwork to catch up on tonight. So, we will be working on holding your position and staying quiet.”

Silas rolled his eyes—making sure Oliver couldn’t see him first. Great, hours spent on his knees, trying to keep still, and not fall asleep from boredom. What fun!

At least there was a soft carpet, that was some comfort.

Oliver took the big leather chair behind the desk and a glance told Silas he was expected to kneel beside it.

Silas folded himself into the required position and settled in for the long haul.



Oliver swore for the umpteenth time; the numbers didn’t balance. What a great time for his computer to break down.

Running his fingers through his hair and muttering under his breath he went back to the beginning.

“519.88+621.69+783.71=1952.82. But, 1952.82+1071.81=3024.63. That doesn’t balance with the other side. Fuck.”

“Your first calculation is wrong.” Silas’ soft voice sounded loud in the small office.

“What do you mean?”

Silas seemed to take a deep breath. “519.88+621.69+783.71=1925.28. And so, 1925.28+1071.81=2997.09. Then the sheet will balance.”


Silas stared at the floor waiting to see what Oliver would do to him for interrupting—and worse, for correcting him.

“Look at me, Boy.”

Silas raised his gaze and stared over Oliver’s shoulder. The picture on the wall was really lovely. An off-white vase with purple flowers on a…

“Boy, I said look at me, not at the wall.”

Silas jolted guiltily and moved his gaze to meet Oliver’s.

“Now,” Oliver continued, “how did you work out where I was going wrong? And—more importantly—do you think you can work out the rest of this mess?”

Silas relaxed slightly. He wasn’t going to be punished. But, how much could he get away with not telling Oliver.

“Um, I’m really good at math. And yes, I can do accounts. I keep the household accounts for me and my bothers.”

“There’s a spare chair over there. Pull it up and see how long it takes you to figure out this lot.”

Silas dragged the indicated chair over and soon he was lost in the world of numbers, while lecturing Oliver on where he’d been going wrong.



After asking around at the end of the evening Toby finally made his way to an out of the way office and knocked. Answering the bid to enter he stopped on the threshold at the scene before him. Silas sat on a wooden chair pulled up to a messy desk. Oliver was hunched over in a leather chair and their heads were bowed over a set of documents.

Toby recognized his brother’s lecturing voice and groaned. Once Silas started lecturing, nothing could shut him up.

The two men looked up at the same time and Toby was treated to two rather surprised looks.

“Is it quitting time already?” Oliver checked his watch in apparent surprise.

“Yep, time I got the professor here home.” Toby’s teasing caused Silas to blush and glare. Which just made Toby chuckle.

“Professor.” Oliver smiled and nodded. “He has taught me a fair bit tonight. Maybe I can return the favor next time.” The look he sent Silas had Toby looking away. He really didn’t need to know everything about his brother’s kinky games.

Then Toby frowned. “You do know he actually is a professor, don’t you?” he asked Oliver. His frown deepened when Silas glared at him and shook his head. But, it was too late and Oliver was already asking the most obvious question.

“No, I didn’t. What are you a professor in?”

Silas heaved a sigh, and shot another glare at Toby before answering. “I have a masters in Accounting. And I have taught a bit in various universities over the last year and a half.”

“A masters? But, you’re what? Twenty?”

Toby laughed. “We’re twenty-four. We all graduated high school at twelve. Didn’t you realize you were whipping a certified genius the other night?”


There was a pregnant pause as Oliver looked between the brothers. Silas was glaring at Toby, who was grinning like a loon.

Geniuses? All of them?

How had he not known this? Did Tara know this? Did Carlos?

“What about you then Toby? What’s your specialty?” He was curious, so sue him.

Toby turned to face him, never losing the grin. “I have qualifications and advanced experience in strategy, criminology, and Drama.”


“Yes.” Toby waved a hand and continued in a voice that almost perfectly matched Carlos. “How do you think I got so good at undercover work?” Returning to his usual voice he continued, “I’ve worked for the government in various positions since I was eighteen. My cover was blown in a big case just under two years ago and now I work on taskforces as a consultant.”

Oliver knew his mouth was hanging open, but all this seemed so unreal. A mathematician, a strategist, and…

“What about Daniel?” Oliver had to know.

Silas answered this time. “Daniel has an eidetic memory. He’s also a brilliant artist.”

“Okay, enough family secrets. It’s time we got home.” Toby’s tone was firm and Oliver realized he would have to wait until next time to see what other information he could find out. Of course he would rope Carlos in too.

“See you next time, Master,” Silas said as he headed for the door.  Oliver gave an absent nod and turned back to the papers on his desk.

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    For some reason I really loved this one. The surprised came as a shock but really adds spice.

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