Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 16

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The prompt used this week:

A picture of a man in the witness box, with his hand on a bible.

chapter 16


A genius? His boy—temporary boy—was a fucking genius! What was he meant to do with that information? An eidetic memory? He’d had to look up what that even was. If the site he found was correct then Daniel would remember almost anything he saw or read—or was that photographic memory? Carlos shrugged to himself, the site said the names could be interchangeable or not depending on which expert you asked.

Moving to the bar he started checking the stock levels. A flash of white caught his eye and made him frown. Moving a couple of bottles he found a paper serviette folded and carefully placed at the back of the shelf.

Unfolding it Carlos let out a gasp. On the square of tissue was a wonderfully detailed drawing, in black biro, of himself. The artist had caught his profile perfectly. The shading picked out the shape of his face and even managed to show a hint of a smile. He wondered what he’d been thinking about when this was drawn.

Sounds from the front of the club jolted him out of his inspection of the drawing. Moving quickly he refolded it and put the bottles back. He was fairly sure he knew who’d drawn it but on the off chance he was wrong he didn’t want to embarrass anyone—including himself.

Laughter preceded Silas and Daniel entering from the changing rooms. Silas was wearing tight red leather shorts and Daniel wore blue. Silas had also dyed various colored strips into his hair. Carlos huffed; it made the sub look like he had a rainbow hat on. He couldn’t wait to see what Oliver thought of the new look.

“Boys,” Carlos called out. “There’s a table set with some food. Sit and eat before the evening starts and you’re too busy.”

“Yes, sir,” both boys replied. Carlos watched as they settled.

Oliver arrived next, dressed in his usual black leather. The Doms joined their subs and together they went over the schedule for the evening.

When they’d finished their food Silas spoke. “Sirs, Daniel and I were wondering if we are allowed to ask questions about you both. You know a bit about us.”

Carlos shared a look with Oliver before they both nodded. “Ask away.”

“How did you meet?” Silas asked looking at Oliver.

Oliver grinned. “We grew up together as neighbors. Then Carlos abandoned me for the army. When he was discharged Tara and I had already started the club and we nagged him until he came in as a partner.”

Carlos chuckled. “Nagged? Harassed more like. You were at my door almost before my shrink signed me off.”

“Shrink?” Daniel’s hesitant voice snapped Carlos’ attention to him immediately.

“Yes. I was discharged from the army because I was deemed unfit for duty. An IED saw to that. I suffered flashbacks and other PTSD symptoms. I was given a pat on the back, a fat check, and told ‘Thanks for the hard work, but, goodbye’.”

When the boys gasped he stopped speaking.

“What did you do in the army?” Daniel asked, his eyes wide.

Carlos shifted. He should have seen the question coming but he hadn’t thought before he spoke. That was a time of his life he didn’t like speaking about and he definitely didn’t want to go into it with Daniel. He didn’t want to see the disgust in his boy’s eyes, nor have him be afraid of him.

“Um, I’m afraid it was classified.” He saw the disappointment in their eyes but he also saw acceptance of his answer. He wasn’t sure if he felt pleased they hadn’t pressed the issue, or guilty for having misled them. He was glad he hadn’t been holding a Bible or anything when he spoke, he likely would have been punished for lying.

“Time to open I think,” Oliver said with a false cheer only Carlos—hopefully—would be able to detect.

They all rose, and the boys set about clearing their meal away.


Later that evening Carlos sent Daniel for a break and took over the bar.

“What can I get you?”

“A Pretty Young Thing,” the big Dom replied with a smile.

Carlos laughed. “Wouldn’t we all like that. Now, what can I get you to drink?”

The Dom frowned. “A Pretty Young Thing. That is a drink. The cute redhead usually makes it for me. I told him I wanted a drink like him. Something red, sweet, and that could give you an unexpected kick.”

Carlos raised an eyebrow and asked the Dom to wait. He found Daniel doodling on a napkin at a side table. Moving silently Carlos peered over Daniel’s shoulder and saw another sketch of himself taking shape.

After watching a few seconds Carlos cleared his throat and suppressed a grin as Daniel scrabbled to hide the drawing.

Deciding to address the drink first Carlos put on his best straight face. “what’s this I hear about a new drink? I have a Dom asking for A Pretty Young Thing. When I said I hadn’t heard of it he told me, and I quote, ‘The cute redhead usually makes it for me.”

Daniel had gone so red Carlos thought he almost matched his hair.

“Um…Well…The Dom didn’t like any of the drinks on the menu…and I didn’t want you losing business…So I adapted another drink I had read about.” Daniel dropped his gaze to the floor. “I’m sorry sir, I will of course come to you first next time. I shouldn’t have—”

Daniel stopped when Carlos gripped the back of his neck. “Never apologize for doing what’s best for this club. I don’t want you—”

Carlos was cut off by shouting coming from the stage area, the lull in the music made the sound echo all the more.

“Now what?” Carlos ground out as he started moving, looking back only once to check Daniel was following.

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  2. Dihmar C. says:

    I love reading blog stories from authors and I just found your blog through twitter so I decided to give it a shot. I was blown away! I am now obsessed with the triplets story. I hope you make this to a series. I would definitely purchase them^^ Keep up the good work 🙂


  3. Dihmar C. says:

    I love reading blog stories from authors and I found your blog through twitter and decided to give it a shot. I was blown away! I am now obsessed with the triplets story. I hope you make this into a book or series. I would definitely purchase them^^ Keep up the good work 🙂

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