Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 17

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Another week and another Wednesday Brief, let’s see what that noise was about, shall we?

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I sure didn’t see that coming

Chapter 17


Oliver caught up with Carlos halfway to the stage.

“What’s happening now? I thought we were going to have a quiet night tonight.” Carlos just grunted and kept up the fast pace. Oliver continued speaking breathlessly. “I mean tonight is a meet and greet munch night. There are no scenes allowed except the organized demos and those haven’t even started yet. I should know; I’m first up with Silas to demo some rope work.”

Carlos cast a glance behind them to make sure their boys were keeping up then turned his attention back to the front as they came up to the stage area.

A large crowd had gathered off to one side, Oliver and Carlos worked their way through using orders to move and where that didn’t work they used their elbows. A chorus of complaints was left in their wake but they made it to the front of the crowd, only to stop in shock and stare…

Toby was in the middle of the crowd but he definitely didn’t look like himself or very happy.

“Is that a pink tutu?” Oliver whispered in Carlos’ ear. Carlos just shook his head stunned at the sight before them.

Both of them spun round when they heard laughter behind them. Silas was holding onto Daniel just to stay up right.

“I…Can’t…Believe…He…Did…It…,” Silas panted.

Carlos looked to Daniel for answers.

“Toby lost a bet with Silas.” As though that explained everything.

“What was the bet? And what was the forfeit – besides the tutu.”

Daniel finally smiled. “Dancing.”

“Dancing?” Oliver joined the conversation. “What dancing?”

Before the brothers could answer the music started up and Toby headed for the stage.

Swan Lake, Carlos recognized the music after a few bars.

Everyone watched entranced as Toby danced, and danced well. He spun and dipped using all the stage.

At a pause in the music he glared down at his brothers and then grinned.

The music changed and Carlos heard Silas cheer. Daniel was smiling and the most animated Carlos had seen him since they met.

“Come on, Bro. If I have to, so do you.” Toby held his hand out to Daniel.

“May I, Sir?” Daniel asked and Carlos nodded bemused and wondered just what he had agreed to, but was willing to wait and see.

The music faded out and when it came back up it was a much faster beat. Daniel held his hand out to Toby and was pulled effortlessly onto the stage.

What followed was a fast-paced dance that resembled the hand jive from Grease but a lot more complicated.

It was obvious Toby was the better dancer but Daniel held his own and kept up beautifully. The crowd gasped as Toby grabbed his brother and threw him up in the air then caught him and swung him around.

When the music started to wind down their movements sped up. They ended with Daniel sitting on Toby’s shoulders; they were both panting but smiling.

Everyone was cheering and Oliver muttered to Carlos. “Well, I sure didn’t see that coming.”

Carlos shook his head as Daniel moved to the edge of the stage, after Toby put him down, and confidently held his arms out to Carlos, clearly expecting his master to help him get down. Carlos covered his pleased surprise at the trust that implied and easily lifted Daniel by his waist and set him down on the ground. He wrapped an arm around his boy and kissed the top of his head.

“You were wonderful, little one.” Carlos’ words caused Daniel to blush and Carlos almost groaned.

Watching Daniel dance with Toby and then seeing him blush had pushed all his buttons but he needed to keep control. He didn’t want to scare his boy away. He wanted to gain Daniel’s trust and maybe even his affection. Carlos hadn’t thought much past that yet, but he knew he had a long road ahead of him. He was confident the end result would be wonderful.

He wanted Daniel and he meant to get him—and keep him.

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