Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 18

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs Chapter for ‘Buy One, Get Two and Three’.

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Prompt used his week:

“Don’t try my patience,”

Chapter 18


“I can’t believe you got him up on stage.” Silas was bouncing on his toes as Toby led the way into their home.

Daniel blushed red. “I didn’t even think about having an audience. You both know that I love that song and dance routine.” He’d only remembered the crowd when the song had ended and he’d just wanted to get off the stage as soon as possible. He’d been so grateful when Master Carlos had lifted him down.

Shaking off his thoughts he turned to look at his smirking brothers. “I’m heading for bed. I’ve got an appointment with Anna and I want to be awake when she decides to start investigating my head again.” At the mention of his shrink the smirks were replaced with looks of concern. “Oh, relax guys. She’s lovely and you know she still wants to monitor me once a week.”


Daniel entered the warm reception and shed his thick coat.

“Hey, Sophia,” he greeted the receptionist. “Winter is really taking hold out there. So much for the no rain forecast too.”

“Hi, Danny. Take a seat and dry off. Anna will be with you shortly. She’s running a bit behind today, a few people arrived late. Good news is you’re her last appointment before lunch, so, no hurrying.”

Daniel grabbed a magazine and settled in to read about what the latest celeb was up to.

He was shaking his head over the revealing dress one celeb was wearing to do their shopping when a familiar voice had his head whipping up.

“I’ll see you again usual time next week, Anna. Sorry again for having to change this week. I had—” Carlos stopped speaking when he noticed Daniel. “Daniel, what a surprise—Shit—”

Daniel didn’t hear anymore. His vision was already greying round the edges…


Carlos saw Daniel slumping forward and acted quickly, automatically rushing to catch him before he could fall out of his chair. Sweeping the lithe form into his arms he turned on Anna.

“Where should I put him?” he demanded, silently sending up a prayer of thanks the waiting room was empty.

“Bring him in here; you can put him on the couch.” Anna led him into her office while calling to Sophia to bring water. “You can leave now. I’ll see you next week.” She turned to Daniel as soon as Carlos set him down, effectively dismissing him. Like hell he was being dismissed.

“Daniel is my boy. I’m not going anywhere until I know he is going to be okay. When he wakes up he can tell me to leave, if he wants to. You can’t.”

Anna drew herself up to her full height; at least a few inches taller than Carlos thanks to the heels she was wearing.

“It would do you good to remember just who you’re talking to. This is my domain not yours. You’re not a Master here. I, however, am a Mistress. Both at the club and here. I also knew Daniel before you did, hell, I sent him to the club. Don’t try my patience. Now do you want to rethink your earlier comment?” Her voice was like ice but Carlos wasn’t intimidated. Daniel was his not hers.

“I’m not moving, Mistress,” his tone was like ice. “Daniel is my boy now. I will care for him as long as he will let me, in or out of the club. Unless he tells me different. Now—”

They were both cut off by a throat clearing quietly and then a soft voice. “When you two have finished comparing the size of your egos, could you let Sophia through with my water?”

Anna and Carlos both looked over to the door and saw Sophia hovering very nervously there with an open bottle of water in her hand.

“I’ll take it,” Anna and Carlos said at the same time, and then went back to glaring at each other.

Carlos broke the staring contest when he felt something pull on his arm. Looking down he saw Daniel had moved to the edge of the couch and was using Carlos as leverage to rise. Going by the paleness of his skin if he managed it he would end up back on his ass as soon as he gained his feet.

“Sit, Boy,” Carlos commanded and when he was sure Daniel was seated properly again he moved to snatch the water from a still nervous Sophia.

Daniel downed the water then went back to warily watching Anna and Carlos.

“Ma’am, you said it was always my decision on who was in on my appointments.” The tone was respectful but reproachful as well. Anna flushed from the very polite telling off.

“I apologize, Daniel. Of course your appointments are yours to share or not as you wish.”

Daniel turned to Carlos and smiled. God his boy was beautiful. “Sir, I really am sorry for fainting on you. Seeing you here was a surprise. I promise you I’m fine now and will see you as arranged at the club.”

Carlos shook his head. “You don’t have to apologize to me. And seeing you here was just as much a surprise to me too. Where are your bothers? Surely you aren’t here alone, not with the dang—” he cut himself off, since he wasn’t sure how much Daniel had told Anna.

“I know all about the incident at the club,” Anna interjected. “Daniel is always brought and picked up Toby. His brother wouldn’t allow…” Daniel was blushing and shaking his head.

“Toby got called in to work. I agreed to ask Sophia to call a taxi and to stay in the waiting room until it arrived.”

“I’ll get you home. I’ll wait with Sophia until you’re finished. No arguments,” he added when it looked like Daniel might object.

Daniel smiled and nodded shyly. Carlos dropped a kiss on his head and left the room with a wide-eyed Sophia.

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