Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 20

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief and another chapter of Buy One, Get Two and Three.

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Slip me some of that…

Chapter 20


Carlos looked up as the office door opened and a red-eyed Daniel stumbled out. Following his instinct, he reached out to support his boy’s arm and led him to a nearby chair.

“I’ll see you same time next week, Daniel,” Anne was saying as she picked up the next set of notes and called a name that had a nervous man, who had been watching Carlos like a hawk since he arrived, jumping up and scurrying into the office.

“Thank you for waiting, Sir.” Daniel’s soft voice brought Carlos out of his thoughts.

Carlos patted Daniel’s shoulder. “My pleasure. Now, where am I taking you? Is there someone waiting for you at home?”

“No, Silas is at Uni preparing for a presentation he has to give. I suppose I could head there and give him a hand. I’m not a number geek like him but I can help sort things and help make his presentation a bit…um…brighter. Otherwise I can go home and head for my studio, or…”

“Studio?” Carlos was fascinated listening to Daniel babble. This was the most he’d heard him talk without prompting since they’d met.

Daniel jerked slightly as though he’d forgotten Carlos was there. “I—um—have a small studio at home where I can to do some painting and just generally to be alone.”

“Oh. So, if I was to ask to see it, the answer would be no, then?” Carlos really wanted to see more of Daniel’s work. The small sketches he’d seen were beautiful. Of course, having the excuse to spend more time with the young man was a huge plus as well.

“Of course you’re welcome to see it,” Daniel rushed to say, making Carlos pause and think before he agreed. Was Daniel saying that because of their relationship at the club, or because he really didn’t mind Carlos seeing his work? Damn, relationships were complicated.

“If you’re sure that’s okay, and okay with your brothers I would love to see your work. Are you free now?” He knew damn well Daniel was free, but he wanted to give the guy a way out if he needed it.

“Yes, I would be grateful of the company. Silas will be late; he always gets involved in his work and forgets the time. Toby will stop off and nag him into coming home when he finishes up with all of his meetings. I could make you a late lunch if you’re hungry.”

Carlos willed his face to not show the surprise that flooded him at Daniel’s offer. Not only would he get to spend time with Daniel, see his work, but he’d get to share a meal with him. Maybe he’d be able to get the boy to talk to him a bit more as well.

Clearing his throat, he smiled, in what he hoped was a friendly way and not a predatory as he felt. “I would love to have a late lunch with you. And see your work, I must admit to being curious.”

Daniel’s smile lit up his face and Carlos felt a rush of pride he’d been the one to put that smile there.



What am I doing? Daniel thought to himself as he led Carlos up to the front door of the house he shared with his brothers.

He could see Carlos out the corner of his eye looking over all their surroundings. The house was four stories and surrounded by a large garden. Opening the door Daniel led Carlos into a large foyer; he dropped his keys onto a small table by the entrance and swept an arm out in welcome.

“Welcome to our home, can I get you a drink? I don’t know what we have in the house for lunch; I’ll have to check the cupboards.” As he spoke Daniel led the way to the back of the house and to a very well-equipped kitchen. He moved straight to the fridge.

“It looks like we have all the making for meat and salad subs, do you—” Daniel’s question was cut off as he turned to find Carlos was directly behind him. “Oh.” He flushed red. What was he meant to do with a Master—his Master—in his home? How did he act? Was he ready for this? Why did Toby have to get called into work?

“—Daniel? Are you okay? Do you need to sit down?” Carlos’ words finally penetrated Daniel’s increasing panic and he took a deep breath.

“Sorry Sir. I’m fine. As I was saying—” he got cut off again, this time by Carlos’ hand clamping down on his shoulder, and he stared up at his Master in confusion.

“You are not fine,” Carlos stated firmly. “You’ve just had Mistress Anna rooting through your head. I’m sure she’s just as hard on you as she is on me. Therefore, you will let me help you. Now, did I hear you mention meat subs?”

Daniel stared for moment more before turning back to the fridge. “Meat and salad, Sir.” He pulled out the ingredients and at Carlos’ indication piled them into his Master’s arms.

“I am not a rabbit. Why do I need salad?” Carlos’ tone was petulant and made Daniel grin.

“Because it’s good for you, Sir.”


Daniel giggled and they worked together to fill the sub rolls. Their only conversation was “Slip me some of that please,” and “Pass the mayo, please”. They finally sat down to eat at the kitchen table.

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