Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 22

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Prompt Used:

A picture of a UK penny.

Chapter 22


Daniel rolled his eyes. “Master Carlos is with me, Tobe.” He led Carlos back down the stairs as he spoke.

Toby glared at Carlos and Daniel tensed. “What is he doing here? He’s only supposed to see you at the club, not turn up at our home.”

“He didn’t turn up here. I ran into him at my appointment and he brought me home.” Daniel hoped Toby would leave off.

But, apparently that was wishful thinking. “Your appointment was two hours ago. Why is he still here?”

Now Daniel was starting to get annoyed. Between Anna trying to chase Carlos off and now Toby insinuating things, Daniel had had enough.

“I asked him to stay for lunch. I then offered to show him some of my art work. do you have any other questions or can we go now?”

“Daniel, this is our home. We agreed not invite strangers into it. You don’t know who we can trust, what if he is like—”

Daniel slapped his brother hard to stop his talking. He wasn’t going to think about that man now—or ever again, if he had anything to say about it. But, who was he kidding, Toby had said enough to have the memories surfacing. And that made Daniel livid.

“How dare you. How dare you bring him up now. You know I had an appointment with Anna today. Don’t you think that one hour of going over the past and trying to deal with it is enough? But, no, you had to bring it up again—now.

“What right have you to try and imply Carlos is anything like Harold or Kevin? Silas and I were the ones who lived with them. We were the ones they beat and raped. We were the ones they trained and humiliated. We’re the ones who have been in therapy for over a year. We’re the ones who haven’t had any sort of relationship or intimacy for over a year.

“So, tell me brother. Who are you to tell me who I can and can’t invite into my own home?”

All at once the anger left him and Daniel realized what he’d said. Oh, God, what had he done? What would his Master think of him now? Why did Toby have to bring this up?

“I’ve got to go.” With those words Daniel ran for the stairs, ignoring Carlos and Toby calling after him to stop.


Toby watched his brother vanish and swallowed before turning to face Carlos. Attempting to keep his arrogant front up he glared at the other man. “What are you still doing here? Haven’t you got some sub to beat somewhere.”

He winced at the withering look Carlos gave him. Even Toby knew that was uncalled for. But, he’d had a bad day and all he’d wanted was to come home and spend some time with Daniel to make sure his brother was okay after his appointment. Instead he finds a Master in his home, and worse, that Master is going up the stairs with his brother. He panicked so sue him. Now, he needed to get this guy out of their home and go grovel to Daniel.

“I’ll leave,” Carlos’ voice interrupted Toby’s circling thoughts. “But, only because I think it is best for Daniel that I do. Tell him I will expect him at our usual time on Friday evening.”

When the door had closed behind the angry Dom Toby drew a breath.

Thinking he was going to need backup, he pulled out his cell phone and hit the speed dial.



Silas was laughing at something Tom had said, while trying to not glance at the time and wondering how soon he could make his excuses and leave. He’d been working quietly in the library when five of his colleagues had turned up and decided he needed a break.

They were always trying to bring him out of his shell. Apparently he needed to put his books down and live a little.

He nearly sang the hallelujah chorus when his phone vibrated on the desk flashing Toby’s picture.

“Sorry, guys,” he said scooping up the phone and his bag then answering the phone with a terse, “Hang on,” and heading out the library entrance.

Finding a bench to put his stuff on, he sat and spoke again. “Hey bro, thanks, you just got me away from Tom and his group. I swear those guys will never grow up. Penny for your thoughts.” The saying had been a favorite of their British mother and Silas loved to keep her memory alive by using it.

Toby’s voice was subdued. “I think I fucked up and I need you to come home and help me calm Daniel down.”

“What did you do this time?” Silas demanded as he gathered his bag up and started heading for the parking lot. “He had an appointment with Anna today, didn’t he? You were meant to be picking him up and making sure he ate and rested after. You know how badly those appointments can hit him.”

“I know, I know,” Toby said, and Silas would almost swear his brother’s voice was cracking. “But, I got caught up at work, he was meant to get a cab home. Instead I come home to find Carlos here with him, and they were half way up the stairs. I may have gone off at both of them, and then I sort of…kind of…maybe made a reference to Carlos maybe being like…well…you know who.”

“You did what?” Silas couldn’t help the yell, he was furious. How could Toby bring up that bastard to Daniel, in front of a stranger, on the same day as he had just had an appointment with someone who had most likely got him to talk about those things already? “When I get home you are due a kick up the ass. Now, let me drive and I’ll be home soon as possible.”

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