Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 24

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief. This week we are continuing the story of the Boys past.

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Trigger warning – Please note this chapter may be upsetting. Read with caution.

Prompt used:

Buy one, get one free.

Chapter 24


Silas kneeled at Oliver’s feet and tried to make sense of his swirling thoughts. How could Toby say such things to Daniel? Toby knew most of what had happened to them at the hands of their so called guardian and the Master he sold them to. Silas was furious with his brother. Toby had been out of state somewhere—hell for all Silas and Daniel knew Toby could have been out of the country—and so Silas and Daniel had only had each other rely on.

Giving in to a sudden urge Silas tugged on Oliver’s pant leg. When he had his Master’s attention he asked, “Master, would it be possible for us to find master Carlos and Daniel?”

“Why, Boy? Is there some wrong?”

“Well…We may have had a disagreement…And I may have lost my temper slightly earlier today.”

Oliver shook his head and stood. “Carlos said he was working from his office tonight. Let’s go and put your mind at rest.”

When they arrived at the office Silas was shocked to see Daniel in tears on Carlos’ lap.

Silas dropped to his knees beside the couch. “What happened? Danny, please talk to me.”

Carlos answered, “Daniel was telling me about after your parents died. He just finished telling me about Kevin, and was about to start telling me about a man named Harold.”

Silas flinched at the mention of those names. “Kevin is gone and Harold is dead. Why pick at old wounds?”

Carlos gave him a penetrating look. “Because these men obviously hurt you and Daniel badly. As your Masters Oliver and I need to know at least the basics of what happened so we can either avoid things that may be triggers for you both, or help you get over things that could impact your daily lives.”

“Fine. I’ll tell you both the rest. Danny has obviously done enough for now.” Silas dropped so he was sitting on the floor and wrapped one hand round Daniel’s ankle wanting the connection.

“I assume Danny has given you an overview of Kevin already?” He waited for Carlos to nod before continuing. “Good, you can fill in the blanks later for Master Oliver, that way I don’t have to stretch this out too much. My experiences with Kevin weren’t much different than Danny’s. The beatings started a lot earlier for me, because I always had to answer back instead of following orders—some things never change. I also got lessons in pleasing men sexually. Kevin never touched me personally, but my tutors”—he spat the word— “gave me some special lessons that weren’t given to Daniel. I won’t go into detail I’m sure you get the idea.

“Anyway when we turned eighteen things got worse. We were summoned to Kevin’s study. He introduced us to Harold and said that we now belonged to him. I—still being the mouthy one—told him that we were eighteen now and that we weren’t going anywhere with anyone. They laughed at us and Kevin waved his hand. This must have been a signal because our tutors who were behind us grabbed our arms and before we could fight we were cuffed wrists and ankles. The final thing I remember is a collar being put tight round my throat before a cloth was put over my nose and mouth and I lost consciousness.

“When I came round Daniel and I were in a bedroom. It had all the basic furniture and there was an open door showing a bathroom. I woke Daniel up and we tried to find out where we were. The other door in the room was locked, so I yelled and banged on it until someone finally opened it.

“Harold came in and backhanded me telling me I would learn to follow his rules quickly or I would regret it. He said he had paid Kevin a lot of money for me, and that he got Daniel on a buy one, get one free deal. He said we were going to do everything he said or else. When Daniel said that Toby would eventually come looking for us he laughed. ‘He’s dead. Killed in action.’ Harold took great pleasure in telling us. We didn’t want to believe him but as the months and then years went by with no contact we came to believe him.

“When he found I was aroused by pain he was ecstatic. He used it against me to bring me to the brink, again and again. He would then stop the scene and fuck me instead. After the pain of the whip—or whatever he was using that day—the pain of the penetration wasn’t enough and he made sure to never give any pleasure. If it had just been me there I would have ended things. But, he had Danny, and I had to protect him. I got punished a lot for trying to redirect Harold away from him. He knew Daniel didn’t get off on pain and he also worked out pretty quickly that Daniel liked to be praised and to please people. He would give Daniel impossible tasks and then beat him as a punishment before fucking him over whatever flat surface was handy. He didn’t care who was watching either. He often had like-minded friends round and we were the entertainment.”


Oliver couldn’t bear to hear anymore and he hated himself for it. These boys had lived it—for years. Finally, he had to ask the question that had been niggling him. “You said Harold is dead. How did he die? And, how did you get away?”

Silas had just opened his mouth when a cold voice from the office doorway spoke instead. “I killed him. Just as I will kill anyone who fucks with my family.”

Oliver spun to see Toby standing in the doorway glaring daggers at him and Carlos.

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