Wednesday Brief – Chapter 26

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Prompt Used:

One is the loneliest number

Chapter 26


Three of them? Why didn’t that bastard warn him there are three of them? How is he meant to know which one he’s supposed to be taking?

He slapped his hand down on the table causing his empty coffee cup to rattle. Was it too much to ask to find a boy that could take a whipping without begging for mercy after less than five minutes. The guy in the bar had promised that the boy called Silas at the local club could take anything he could dish out and not make a sound.

Said he’d whipped the boy bloody himself and Silas hadn’t even whimpered, just asked for more at the end.

To have a boy like that at the end of his whip would make all the searching worthwhile. All those boys who said that they could take anything but all they did was scream, they all screamed in the end.

Would he be able to break even this infamous Silas? He’d give it his best try.

Picking up a remote a screen flickered to life showing the inside of the club. Twenty minutes of flicking through the cameras and he finally saw his prey leaving a room with his brothers, and two of the clubs Masters. How was he to get the boy away from his body guards? He was never alone at the club and he could hardy approach the boy on the street.

Sinking down in his chair, he steepled his fingers and watched the screen, deep in thought. He needed a plan…

**** Carlos

Carlos couldn’t believe everything he’d heard so far. He knew there was a lot the three men weren’t telling them. But, he didn’t need details to know the men were survivors, all of them.

He watched the brothers as they all exited the office and headed back for the bar area.

“They’re all special men,” Oliver murmured from beside him.

Carlos nodded, but his reply was forestalled by them entering the bar area. He caught up with the brothers and tapped Daniel on the shoulder. “We need to take our time behind the bar, boy. Are you up to working?”

Daniel gave him a small smile. “I’ll help wherever you think I’m needed, Sir.”

Carlos huffed. His boy was so selfless, he needed someone to look out for him. “I think you’ve had enough this evening. I’m going to ask Master Gordon to cover for us. His Boy could use the extra practice for when they open their bar next year. Meet me at our normal table in fifteen minutes.”

“Yes Sir.” He hugged his brothers and headed away.

“See you all later,” Carlos said as he too headed away.


Oliver watched his friend leave before turning to Silas. “We have accounts to finish, Boy. I’m going to talk to Tara and I expect you to be in my office in twenty minutes. Understood?”

Of course, Sir.” Silas was grinning. He gave his brother a quick hug and sped off.

Oliver turned to Toby. “Carlos told me about what happened. Him and I are not those bastards that hurt your brothers. I won’t say we’ll never hurt them, because even in a vanilla relationship things get said and done that hurt one of the people in it. But, I can say that we will both do everything we can to help those boys heal and move forward in their lives. Whether those lives include me and Carlos or not. One is the loneliest number.”

He didn’t give Toby a chance to reply before he went looking for Tara.


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