Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 27

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Welcome to another Wednesday Brief. In this chapter we find out a little more about Silas’ feelings.

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Prompt Used:

A picture of a sandcastle.

Chapter 27


A few days had passed since what Silas had dubbed the ‘big reveal’. Tension was still high at home, but it was slowly getting better.

He was on his way to an appointment with Anna. He hated these appointments. How did talking about things help? He would still be a freak who got off on being hurt.

He just wanted to leave the past in the past and move forward with his life. But, Anna had to find out he had been hurting himself when the urges got too bad. She had to recommend the club to Danny, and he had grasped onto the idea. Anna knew full well that it would be a cold day in hell before Silas—or Toby for that matter—would allow Danny to go to a BDSM club on his own. So, like the good brother he was, Silas had agreed to accompany Daniel and keep an eye on him. He’d been skeptical, no matter how well recommended the club had been. So, he’d been surprised when they arrived at the club. The owners hadn’t just let them in and left them to the Doms’ mercy. Tara had sat down them down and asked lots of questions. It had taken over two hours, but she had written out contracts for both of them that outlined exactly what they would and wouldn’t allow a Dom to do. It also stated their safewords and a few other things Silas wouldn’t have even thought of putting into such a contract. They’d both been taken on as house subs on Tara’s recommendation. That meant they could meet the Doms but all activities they took part in had to be approved by Tara until she was satisfied they could make good decisions for themselves. Of course, Daniel agreeing to the work with that strange Dom without her approval meant they had now been given to Oliver and Carlos—for their own protection.

Tara had done well with finding Silas Doms to help when his urges got the better of him and so, instead of cutting himself, he had a safe outlet for his need for pain. However, what he hadn’t told anyone was the urges had been getting worse. The whippings hadn’t been having a lasting affect like they had done at the beginning. Oh, he came in the end, but there was no satisfaction in it and he was feeling empty.

He’d gone from once a week to taking up the offers of every Dom who approached him. That was until Oliver. He really didn’t want to admit it but it had now been almost two weeks since the whipping Oliver had given him and the urges had yet to return. Shit, he had even passed out from the orgasm. Then he’d gone and ruined it by having a panic attack. God, Oliver must have thought he was a weak idiot.

Snapping out of his thoughts he realized he was in front of Anna’s office with no recollection of walking there. He shook his head, he really needed to be more careful. Toby would have a go at him for going alone as it was, let alone zoning out and not taking notice of his surroundings.

Making his way to the reception he waved to Sophia before pulling a book out of his bag and flopping into a seat. He’d found that reading—or at least looking like he was reading—was a good way to deter people from talking to him.

He was in the middle of reading a scene where the mc’s child was building a sand castle on a remote beach, wishing he was on a remote beach somewhere rather than in a shrink’s office, when he heard his name being called.

Anna appeared in his peripheral vision and he lowered the book.

“Silas, you’re in a world of your own again.” Anna had a fond smile on her face as she spoke.

He shrugged. “Better than being in this world.” Then regretted the words when it garnered him a raised eyebrow from Anna. “Let’s get this over with,” he said and rose to put his book away.

Anna turned and headed back to her office and Silas trailed behind her, feeling like he was heading for the principal’s office, just like he did many times in school.

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