Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 28

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Welcome to another Wednesday Briefs. Only two more weeks of the School holidays to go and I should get back to my regular writing schedule. Meanwhile here’s a short chapter to keep you going.

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Chapter 28


Silas left Anna’s office and stormed down the street as fast as he could. He didn’t know where he was heading, as long as it was as far away from that meddling woman as possible.

How dare she! How dare she say it was okay he wanted the pain! How dare she say he should accept himself as he was! He was a freak! Plain and simple!

When he was finally tired of walking he found a small coffee shop and slipped into a quiet corner with a mocha latte. Sipping his drink, he let his mind go back over everything Anna had said—albeit a little more calmly now.

She had insisted that he wasn’t a freak for being aroused by pain. She had even given him links to few websites on the subject. The other shrinks he’d seen had all been about drugging him up to the eyeballs and helping him to get better. Anna was the first to say he didn’t drugs. She’d said what he needed was a good hard flogging and she knew a club where he could find one. He’s refused until she’d talked Danny into going and he’d had no choice but to follow.

Then in this latest session she just had to get him to talk about Oliver. He’d even kept slip how the urges were changing now Oliver was around. God, why hadn’t he just kept his mouth shut. Now she wants him to spend more time with Oliver and see what the long term effects are.

“Hey, Bro, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Silas startled and glared at Toby as he sat opposite him.

“Ever thought maybe I didn’t want to be found?” he growled.

Toby slapped a hand down on the table. “Do you even remember that there’s a killer out there? And that he may be targeting us? Not wanting to be found is not a luxury that you possess at the moment.”

Silas felt the guilt starting to sneak in, but he pushed it away ruthlessly. “If you keep guarding us so well, how is this killer ever going to be caught? If he can’t get near us he will probably lose interest and move on to another target. Then how will you find him before he kills again?”

Toby stared at him. “You think I’m using you and Danny as bait? I am only guarding you both because my sources tell me this bastard won’t give up once he’s chosen a target. If he decides to kill someone else…well, of course, I would feel sorry for the victim and their family. But, I would also be glad you and Danny are alive. You’re all the family have left and I will do anything to make sure you stay safe.

Come on, bro. What’s really bugging you. You been getting quieter and quieter recently. Has Oliver done something? I can have a word with him it you want. Or I can get Tara to find you a new master—”

“NO!” Silas shouted and clapped his hand over his own mouth as everyone turned to stare for a long moment.

Toby stared at him and, right as the knowing smirk started to show on his brother’s face, he hated how well they all understood each other.

“So, just how well is Oliver managing you?” Toby drawled, sitting back in his chair and grinning.

Silas scowled. “He is not managing me. He is…Well, he’s…That is he’s…” Silas gave up trying to find the words as Toby burst in to laughter.



Not far away Oliver sat in his office scowling at the current accounting sheet he was trying to get to balance on his computer screen. Computers were meant to make things easier, not make him want to throw the newly repaired machine across the room.

His gaze was drawn to the floor at the side of his desk. Would Silas have realized by now what he was doing wrong? Would he have been trying to repress himself from interrupting Oliver’s work? Or would he have finally have just told Oliver what he was doing wrong and damn any no talking rules?

Leaning back on his chair he rubbed at his temples trying to ease the headache pulsing there. How had Silas gotten under his skin so quickly? There was something about him that drew Oliver in. Under all the bluster and the snarky comments, was a vulnerable young man that Oliver wanted to wrap up and protect.

Now, the question was how did he win Silas over without scaring the sub away first?


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