Monday (Evening) Update

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One more week and the kids go back to school. If you can’t hear me cheering then you must be on the other side of the universe. I love my daughter dearly, but trying to write whilst also trying to keep a hyper active eleven year old occupied, and keep a volunteer job going, has been a real challenge.


Anyway onto a short update.

The Wednesday briefs story is moving along slowly but surely. I have a rough outline, but these characters seem to have a mind of their own and keep changing things on me.

I have re-edited my Help! My Lover’s an Alien story just to tidy up a few obvious typos I found and two or three inconsistencies.  It is now available on kindle, kindle unlimited, and amazon paperback. I was unable to put it up for free (especially the paperback) and so all money I receive is going straight to a UK charity called Stonewall that helps LGBT teens.

I am working on a submission for Wayward Ink’s latest call. I should finish it in time, but no promises.

Lastly I am almost finished with the rewrite of Jamie and Andrew’s story (Unison Island book 1). It should soon be ready to send to my faithful beta readers.

That all for now.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.


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