Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 29

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Just a short chapter today, but the kids go back Monday and so I should be on time to write a longer chapter for next week.

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Prompt Used:

Pardon me, Your Majesty.

Chapter 29


“So, the boys told you their story? I’m glad you and Oliver gained their trust. They need more friends. Or maybe more?”

Carlos smiled into his beer. “It was hard to hear what they went through and probably ten times harder for them to tell us. But, I think it will help a lot going forward.

“Also, I think we should partner Toby up with someone. He’s left to his own devices a lot at the club and that leaves him vulnerable, you never know what may happen. I know he thinks he can look after himself with all his government training. and, of course, he did kill Harold to rescue the others, but—”

“WHAT!” Tara screeched. “What do you mean he killed someone? And who is Harold?” Tara couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “All I know is the boys were with an abusive Master and Toby took them away from him. I think you’d better fill me in.”

“Um…Well…” Carlos look supremely uncomfortable. “Ah, you remember what you said about it not being your story to tell?”

He had a fucking point, why did he have to be so…so…argh!

Tara sighed. “Okay, you got me there. But, as soon as you can I want to know everything.”

“Of course, Your Royal Highness,” Carlos said with a flamboyant bow.

“Fuck off,” Tara retorted giving him the finger.

“Pardon me, your majesty.” He grinned then danced out of reach as she went to punch him.

“I’ll catch you sometime. You won’t expect it.”



Toby sat at the café table as watched Silas ordering another drink at the counter. He was meant to be meeting Tara for lunch soon. Should he cancel? Or would Silas agree to go home?

Sighing he took out his phone to text and cancel as Silas returned to the table. He paused when he saw the to go cup.

“Not staying?” He raised an eyebrow in query.

“Actually, I just want to go home and crash. I may grab some popcorn and chips, then veg out with a stack of DVDs.”

“Well, I need to go home and change. Why don’t I give you a ride?”

Silas gave him a suspicious look, but agreed and they headed out together.

An hour later Toby was standing in front of his closet trying to decide what to put on. What did one wear to meet a Domme for lunch? He’d never moved in these sort of circles before and, though of course he’d spoken to Anna when she’d recommended the club, he didn’t really have any firsthand experience of the lifestyle like his brothers did.

Hmmm, red shirt to match his hair, with tan slacks? Or maybe, a tan shirt to bring out the light specks in his brown eyes, with dark slacks?

“Who’s the lucky lady? Or have you come to your sense yet, and decided to join Danny and I’s team?” Silas’ voice made him spin, almost tripping on the slacks he was holding.

Scowling he straightened. “None of your business. But, if you must know I have a lunch with Tara. I promised to keep her up to date with the investigation.”

Silas snickered. “Wear the tan shirt with dark blue—not black—pants. Oh, and make sure you’re back by curfew, there’s a good boy.”

He ducked out as Toby sent a cushion at him and it slammed in to the closed bedroom door.

Sighing he picked up the tan shirt and navy blue pants before heading for the shower.



He’d nearly had him. Why did that damn brother have to turn up at that moment? If Silas listened to him and stayed with others he’d be even harder to get to.

He would get him. He had to get him. No one else would be able to take the pain he dished out. no one else would be so perfect for the role he needed filled.

Why did it have to be so hard?

Maybe he’d get another chance at the club on Saturday.

Until then, he would plan. He wanted to be totally ready when he finally got his hands on his prize.

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