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Title: Age is Just a Number
Authors: Eric Gober, Layla Dorine, Lily Velden, Dale Cameron Lowry, Eddy LeFey, Asta Idonea, Louise Lyons, Kassandra Lea, Carol Pedroso, Aimee Brissay
Genre: Gay, Romance, May/December Romance, LGBT
Publisher: Wayward Ink Publishing


There’s something to be said for life experience, a little gray at the temple…

And then there is the appeal of youth.

When it comes to what the heart wants, Age Is Just A Number.

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Stories Included


Eric Gober

An alien encounter…
An unfortunate misstep…
A lightning fast journey through space…
The laws of physics are about to wreak havoc on Walt and Michael’s May-December love.

My Review

This is a funny short story. Aliens learning seventy’s slang and smoking pot. It also puts a new spin on the phrase ‘Forty Winks’.

Love the storyline and thought it a fun read.


Layla Dorine

When James spotted Rogue, a young man for whom wandering is like breathing, half-dozing on the hood of his car, he never expected that warning him about the dangers of sleeping out in the open would lead to a weekly visitor at his door.

My Review

A well written and thought out story. It kept me intrigued and interested all the way through.

The feeling of always looking for something, but never finding it really comes through. Then when he finally finds a home it’s a wonderful thing to read.


Lily Velden

Upon the death of his grandfather, up and coming Fantasy author, Thomas, returns home.
A place he left four years earlier to get over his unrequited love for Sam Fletcher, his older, straight, and very much married neighbor.
Thomas soon discovers, however, that things are much changed with Sam…

My Review

This one made me shake my head at all the girls out there that think they can turn a gay man straight.

Sam had it hard and has tried to make the best with what life has thrown at him.

I did feel a bit sorry for Troy – although, I am not excusing his behaviour, he needed his mouth to be washed out with soap. But, his world was turned on it’s head and that would be hard for any young person.

A thought provoking read.


Dale Cameron Lowry

Baking is a way of life for Joey, a young pastry chef vying for first place in the popular reality show American Master Bakers.
But the judges have been showing favoritism to Terence, an aggravatingly attractive older man with more experience under his belt.
When the competition gets hot, so do the two men. Can a relationship that started in hatred end in love?

My Review

What probably started as a ratings booster, turns into a great way of throwing two blind idiots together.

The young man doesn’t want to admit he admires his working partner, but in the end even he can’t deny it.

The tension is well written and the climax (pun intended 😉 ) is spectacular.


Eddy LeFey

A young Omega shifter meets a much older Alpha.
Will Elliot let Issac help him be who he is too afraid to be?

My Review

This was a longer story and had a lot going on. It really pulled me into the character’s feelings and I found myself wanting to kill the older brother for the omega.

The main thing I took from the story was, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover, or a person by their looks, station, sexuality, etc. The world would be a much better place if more people remembered this.

A highly recommended story.


Asta Idonea

Necessity has forced former soldier Captain Keen to assume the occupation of gentleman highwayman. His fortunes take a turn, however, the night he stops the Marquis de Beaumont’s coach and gets more than he bargained for when he utters the words “Stand and deliver!”

My Review

Haha, I had a good laugh at the gay highway man that had to fight off the women throwing themselves at him.

A wonderful short historic story that will leave you wanting to hear more about the MCs.


Louise Lyons

The loss of his best friend leads Phil to find love.

My Review

You will need tissues when you read this story.

It is a sweet, beautiful tale and is a must if you’re a dog lover.


Kassandra Lea

There’s only one thing Kit Conley likes more than horses and that’s Roman Meadery.
But will the elite rider ever notice him?

My Review

Short and sweet. This little story will pull on your heart strings and leave you going, awww.


Carol Pedroso

Gus is under the thumb of a controlling father. Can meeting his mate give him a reason to make a break for freedom?
Nelson is twice Gus’ age, and very protective of what is his.
What will happen when Gus’ father tries to split them up? And what surprises does Nelson have up his sleeve?

My Review

Since this one is mine I will refrain from making any comment, except, I would love to hear everyone’s comments and suggestions.


Aimee Brissay

A few seconds, that’s all it takes to make a difference between life and death.
Between killing someone and stopping on time.
But is it enough to turn yourself around when you’ve hit bottom?
Or to make you recognize something good when you have it?

My Review

This story hit very close to home. My father works on the trains in the UK and has for over thirty-five years. I have met train drivers who have had people jump, unfortunately they were too near and they didn’t miss. I don’t think anyone ever really gets over any event like that.

This story deals with a very sensitive issue very well. Adding the romance side as well rounds it out into a great story.

Book Trailer

Excerpt From Cruising with Love By ME 🙂

“What happened to your face?” Nelson demanded when he met Gus on the deck that night.

“My father didn’t like me not being where he wanted me to be.” Gus shrugged. “Oh, and I may have mouthed off. Don’t worry about it, I—”

Gus stopped talking when Nelson covered the bruise with gentle kisses. Nelson couldn’t believe a father could treat a son and heir the way he had seen St. John treating Gus. He heard the gossip from the staff about how St. John was always ordering them around and nothing was ever good enough for him. He had also heard reports about shouting coming from the suite the family shared.

“I will kill him if he puts his hands on you again.” Nelson growled against Gus’ skin and pulled his mate closer.

“So this is where you’ve been sneaking off to.”

Both men spun around, but before either of them could say anything, Nelson felt a blinding pain and everything went black.


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