Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 31

Welcome to another Wednesday briefs. This week we see how Toby’s date with Tara goes.

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Prompt used:

A picture of a red sign reading – Keep calm and don’t shoot the messenger

Chapter 31


Toby sat across from Tara and silently panicked. What did he have in common with a Mistress? What should he talk about? Should he let her start the conversation?

To try and disguise his nerves he reached for his water glass knocking his fork to the floor on the way. Huffing a laugh, he bent to retrieve his utensil only to hit his head on something hard when he bobbed back up. Rubbing his head, he looked up fully to see a red faced waiter covered in what looked like tomato soup—at least Toby hoped that’s what it was.

“Oh…Um…Did I…?” Toby looked to Tara for help, only to find her obviously trying not to laugh.

“Yes, you did,” she said with a grin. Turning to the waiter she added, “Add the damages to our bill and send someone to take our order please.”

“Of course ma’am.” The waiter bowed as he left.

Tara turned her attention back to Toby and he tried not to gulp audibly at the intense look.

“So, I hear your good at acting.” Tara had a warning gleam in her eye. “So, can you do different voices?”

Toby narrowed his eyes and thought hard, but he couldn’t see any harm in playing along so. He flicked through his usual repertoire and settled on a few of his favorites.

“My Precious,” he hissed, causing Tara giggle, which made him surprisingly happy. “Great Scott!” he exclaimed making her jump. Then for his final one he grinned. “Life is like a box of chocolates, you’re never sure what you’re going to get.”

“Wonderful,” Tara cheered, even clapping her hands with apparent glee.

Waving his hand Toby muttered, “Oh, it’s not that hard to do, I—” Toby groaned as he knocked Ver his water glass. Fortunately, the glass didn’t have much in it and he mopped up the small puddle with his napkin, feeling his face warm. He tried very hard not to meet Tara’s eyes.

He finally looked up at the sound of a throat being cleared. A waiter stood there with a clean napkin for him and a pencil poised ready over a pad to take their orders.

“Ladies first,” Toby smiled and nodded to Tara—he didn’t dare to move his hands in case something else got in the way.

When they’d ordered their food they chatted about little things and Toby started to relax. After they’d finished eating he excused himself to head for the toilet.

Washing his hands, he cursed himself silently. God, what must she think o me? First I knock food all over a waiter. Then, I knock water over the table. What else can go wrong?

Walking back to the table Toby was sure he could feel eyes on him, and he was even more sure he could hear whispers following him as he passed tables.

As he arrived at the table he turned to ask Tara if he was imagining things, only to see she was trying very hard to stifle a giggle.

“What have I done now,” he demanded, hating how he sounded like a whining child.

“You got something stuck to your shoe,” Tara stuttered out between giggles as she pointed to the floor.

Looking down Toby saw a trail of toilet paper fluttering from the edge of his shoe. Carefully checking around him first, he bent down and pulled it off.

“I give up,” he muttered to himself as he straightened, just missing another passing waiter holding a tray of drinks.

Seeing the check on the corner of the table he grabbed it and pulled out his wallet without sitting down. Instead of waiting for a waiter to come and pick up the money he moved to the nearby till and handed the check and some cash to the girl standing nearby.

Telling her to keep the change he moved quickly towards the exit. He really didn’t want to face Tara anymore. This date couldn’t have gone anymore wrong.

He yelped when a hand grabbed his arm. He just stopped his instinctual reaction when he realized who it was.

“You know a date usually finishes with a kiss. Not someone walking out. well, unless I was that much of a bad date.”

“No,” Toby hastened to reassure her. “You were great. I just didn’t want to embarrass you any more than I already had.”

“This has been the most fun I’ve had in months.” And so saying she grabbed his face and kissed him, hard…

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