Wednesday Briefs – Chapter 33

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Welcome to another Wednesday briefs, sorry about missing the last two weeks but work has been manic. I can’t promise to post every week but I will do my best to.

Just a short one today, I hope you enjoy it.

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Chapter 33


Daniel looked at the big screen in a daze. The Cinema! Carlos had brought him to the cinema.

The light from the action on screen flickered over Carlos’ face as Daniel stared at him and tried to understand him. Why would his master bring him to watch a movie? What was the lesson he was supposed to be learning? How was he meant to be serving his master?

“You’re thinking too loud. I can’t hear the movie.” Carlos’ voice startled Daniel out of his thoughts and made him turn in his seat.

“Master? What—” He didn’t any further when Carlos dropped his arm around Daniel’s shoulders and pulled him onto a firm chest.

“Shhh, watch the movie and relax.” There was some rustling and a carton was thrust in front of Daniel’s face. “Have some popcorn.”

Daniel took a small handful of the sweet treat and munch on it while he tried to work out how much of the film he’d missed while his thoughts had rambled.

Carlos held for the remainder of the film and only let go when the lights came up.

“Come on, we have reservations for dinner next.” Carlos pulled Daniel up by his hand and Daniel followed meekly. He was too stunned to say anything.

Finally, when they were outside Daniel found his voice. “Why, Sir?”

Carlos frowned down at him. “Why what?”

Daniel gestured back at the cinema. “Why all this? The movie. Dinner.”

Carlos’ frown deepened. “Why not? You’re my Boy. I wanted to treat you to something nice.”

“But, I’m meant to serve you, Sir.”

“And I’m meant to look after you.”

Daniel looked helplessly at Carlos. Why didn’t the man seem to get it? Masters were meant to give orders. They were meant to be served. There were not meant to do things for their subs to make things nice.



Carlos watched as Daniel struggled. He was fairly sure he knew what his boy was thinking. Probably along the lines of the master gave the orders and the sub obeyed. Nothing else was supposed to happen.

Well, Carlos was going to show Daniel that lot more could happen between master and sub. He wanted to get to know his boy. He wanted a chance at more than just master and sub. He knew he would have to take things very slowly. But, he also knew Daniel was worth it. His sub was worth anything it cost to make him happy.

Daniel spoke softly. “I serve you. I will go wherever you decide I am to go.”

Oh, no, that wouldn’t do. “We went to the cinema because I found out from your brothers that you liked musicals. We are now going to a nearby restaurant that I am assured serves the best spaghetti bolognaise we will ever taste. After that I am going to make sure you are home safe and by a reasonable time—I got a warning from Toby and I don’t want to be on the wrong side of that man, ever.”

Daniel was silent for so long Carlos thought he was going to demand to go home straightway. Then, he smiled. Carlos smiled back and held out his arm. After Daniel had wrapped a hand around it Carlos led the way down the street.

He felt like crowing in victory. This battle he’d won. He also intended to win the war, especially when Daniel was the prize.

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